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The Secret Angel

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18yo+....... Descriptive sex scenes, abuse, adult themes, violence. Adults only.... This series is copyrighted! This is book 1 in the series... Nate whispers to me “Mommy that’s him... that’s the man!” “Baby which man? The one from your dream? Are you sure?” “Yes momma, the one that’s gonna save us.” “Sweetie, no one will save us, unfortunately. I promise though I will find a way out of this mess.” “Momma, we have to pray that he will.” I am so focused on Nate that I don’t see that this man has now stopped right in front of us. I slowly stand up trembling, and look up at him since he’s quite taller than me and very broad shouldered. I thought my boyfriend Scott was in good shape, but this man has to be engineered. I start scanning around quickly making sure Scott hasn’t come home yet. If he caught me even glancing towards another guy, it wouldn’t end well. I start getting nervous praying that I don’t get caught. “Can I help you Sir?” “Look I am not going to get involved, but here take my card. All it has is my phone number. Put it in your phone under Angel. When It gets too much, and you’ve had enough text the number with 911 and I’ll get you out.”

Romance / Drama
Melanie Gomez
Age Rating:

The Lonely Life

Ch 1

Caden pov

What kinda life do you have when your a millionaire, and you can’t find a decent fucking girl. A very lonely one I think. Sure at six foot six inches and at two fifty, I’m built like an ox. Anytime I go out I get girls that throw themselves at me. They are ok but they aren’t even decent girls. They are trashy as hell, and the clothes they wear match. They only do it because of who I am. Tan skin, jet black hair, baby blue eyes, sharp jaw lines, and no girlfriend.

Well I had one, or at least I thought I did. So let me break this shit down for you. I took my girl Natalia who I’d been dating for about five months on a nice date. Decent girl and never caused me any drama. Took her out to dinner and decided to head back to my place. Now we’ve done this plenty of times, no issues....well until last night. Last night it started getting heavy quick, and before I knew it I was pounding into her like an animal. She was moaning loudly and obviously enjoying it, I was growling like a fucking wolf until...... she yelled some other dude’s name.

Yep that’s right she yelled out Rick. Man I shut that shit down real quick. The look on her face was like a deer in headlights. I threw back on my clothes and quickly threw her clothes at her. While she was preoccupied by getting dressed, I grabbed her phone and looked in her contacts. Sure enough there’s a fucking Rick in there. So you bet your ass I called the fucker. He picked up asking if she missed his dick. She’s screaming at me to hang up, while he wants to know what’s going on. I said the nicest thing I could...

“Your slutty bitch is on her way to you walking down 5th Avenue. You can keep her nasty ass!”

I quickly hung up the phone, and threw it at her. I told her to get the fuck out, and don’t ever talk to me again. She was trying to give some sob story, about how she wants to be with me and not him, blah blah blah.

“How long have you been fucking Rick?”

She looked at me and gave me no answer.

“How fucking long have you been fucking him?”

“A year.”

“What the fuck, you were already in a fucking relationship? Why did you even go out with me then?”

“Well he doesn’t have money, but you do so I will cut him off I swear!”

“Shit you think that would solve the problem? Think again sweetheart... you need to leave..... NOW!”

So I kicked her ass out, and she got picked up by you guessed it, Rick. So now I’m sitting in my office which is under my flat above since I own and live in the Maxwell Industries building on 5th Avenue. We aren’t a tall building, only 30 floors, but my residence is on the top 2 floors. It has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a game room, entertainment room, and gym. I have a lot of guards that stay here at all times. Most stay at the mansion outside of the city. I only go there usually on the weekends when I need to decompress from work.

Sitting here just staring out the window thinking about how I’m now twenty-eight years old, and single yet again. I think about my next move when I’m interrupted by my secretary Connie.

“Mr. Maxwell, there’s a Mr. Canton on the phone.”

“Alright, thanks Connie.”

“Jack buddy what’s going on man! I haven’t talked to you in months! How are you?”

“Good man you?”

“Oh you know, same shit different day.”

“Still dating that Natalia chick?”

“Hell no man, that’s a fucking wrap!”

“Man, I’m sorry! Why don’t you come by later today, and we can chill with some beers on my porch! Just like old times!”

“You got it man! You know I’m down!”

“Sweet, see you later!”

I hung up the phone, and I can’t wait to see Jack! We always sit and bullshit for hours. We always end up going inside and watching the football game. I try to get my mind on track when I go out to Connie’s desk.

“Is everything ok Sir, are the phones not working again?”

“No, no it’s fine, do we have any blank business cards by chance. Like with nothing on it?”

She searches around for a minute. “Sure, here are some, but you want them blank?”

“Yep, just blank.”

As she hands me the cards, I hear Natalie’s voice come from behind me.... I slowly turn towards her and can instantly feel my stomach turn.

“Baby I’m so sorry, can we please talk about this. I didn’t mean it!”

“There’s nothing to discuss, I told you to not contact me again. Now you can either leave with what pride you have left, or you will be escorted out of this building by security.”

“You know what, it was…”

“Security it is then! Connie, please call security to take the trash out.”

“Gladly Sir!”

Within minutes security arrives and marches over to her.

“You can’t fucking do this Caden!”

“I just did!”

I walk back into my office slamming my door shut. That bitch has some fucking nerve showing up here. What the hell, does she seriously think I’m going to take her back? Man do I need that beer. I slowly manage to get through the rest of the day without any more drama. Right before I’m about to head out, I head into my bathroom and change into some jeans and t-shirt. I place my guns on my holsters on my hips and head out. My shirt covers them perfectly so I don’t draw attention to myself.I grab my cell, keys and the blank business cards. Can’t remember why I even asked for them, but maybe I’ll remember after a few beers. I head out of my office, and towards the elevator to make my way down to the car. My boys Tank and Frankie have been my best friends since we were kids. They are my right hand men, and go everywhere with me. They are trained assassins and are always packing. I always have one or two weapons at all times as I have plenty of people who want to take me down. Hence the security.

We head out to my suv and I jump in the back while Tank drives. He lives up to his name. I’m a big fucker but Tank, he is a beast. Frankie isn’t too far behind and is intimidating in his own right with his scar going down his face. He’s in the passenger seat. We back out and leave my building to head out of the city to Jack’s house. It takes about 30 min to get there, and when we pull up Tank and Frankie get out to scope out the area. They take their job very seriously and get paid good fucking money for it. I take care of them, and their families who live at the mansion. I even moved their parents onto the estate and had in-law units built just for them. They get round the clock care by my staff, and just love their houses.

Tank comes over and opens the door meaning it’s clear to come out. As I exit the suv I see Jack standing on his porch with the beers. I stride up and give him a big hug. I grab a beer from him taking a seat on the porch. He hands a beer to Frankie and Tank, and they stand on the steps watching the street.

“Damn man, it’s been a long time!”

“I know man, too long! How’s everything going?”

“Good, good, just going along with life.”

“Man what happened with Natalia? I gotta ask man.”

“Fuck man, she yelled out some other fuckers name while we were having sex.”

Tank and Frankie both spit out beer simultaneously and just stare at me in disbelief.

“Yep, that’s her boyfriend that she’s been with for over a year.”

“Damn dude that sucks. So now what are you going to do?”

“Dunno? I just gotta find the right girl you know. Hey what happened to Mrs. Roberts, your neighbor. Is she still over there? I don’t see her car anywhere? She makes the best cookies!”

“Naw man she passed away some time ago. Her kids have rented out the house. A couple is in there now. She’s got a little boy that’s five, but it isn’t his. Honestly though something isn’t right over there.”

“What do you mean?”

“At first they were cool, always saying hi, seemed like everything was good. She has no family and neither does he, it’s just them and the kid. But for months he’s been yelling at her, not so much the kid though. Lately I swear he’s been hitting on her. I keep calling the cops, but she keeps lying to make them leave. I don’t know man, something isn’t right.

I took a swig of beer, and just looked out towards the street, and think man that’s a shame. Who could do that to a woman is beyond me.

Minutes go by and all of a sudden I get tapped on my arm by Jack.

“Man there’s she is. I wish she had a way out to get away from that asshole.”

“I think I know what I can do...Tank give me a pen!”

I quickly grab the blank business cards and quickly write down my phone number.

“Man what are you doing?”

“She’s going to meet her angel today.”

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