The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 12

Gabriel kept her foot in the water for another ten minutes before lifting it out and putting the bucket in the bathroom to deal with it later.

Lifting Jayne's limp body, he moved her limbs around until she was laying in the middle of the mattress.

Carefully, he reached over and removed her other boot not wanting a repeat of her outburst.

Thankfully, he was able to strip the rest of her clothes, leaving on her bra and underwear, without finding any further injury excepting of course the bandage around her ribs.

Gabriel returned to his bathroom and emptied the cold water until his shower stall before refilling it with hot water.

Grabbing a rag, soap and his emergency kit, he returned to his room.

Gingerly he washed Jayne's injured ankle before placing a restrictive splint around the joint and wrapping it tightly.

Placing it on a stack of towels to keep it elevated, Gabriel washed his way down her leg until he reached her hip, then he moved to the other leg.

Several times during this process, he had to step away until he could get the uncomfortable swelling in his pants to go down.

'She's unconscious and injured,' he reminded himself. 'Just get her cleaned up so you can cover her.'

'Want!' his wolf growled, always a horn dog.

'No!' Gabriel told the animal.

Taking several deep breaths, he reached down and pulled his pants around until his erection subsided.

Steeling his nerves, he returned to sit on the edge of his bed and unwrapped the bandages around Jayne's rib cage.

With a sigh of relief, he was glad to see she hadn't done any more damage to herself there, but now that he could see most of her body, Gabriel was disturbed to see that the scars on her torso were only the tip of the iceberg.

Both of Jayne's arms, from her wrists to her shoulders, were covered with the same pale scars, as was her chest and upper legs.

'What would make her do this to herself?' he asked himself and his wolf.

'Help,' his wolf insisted.

'She doesn't want my help,' he sighed, picking up the rag to continue washing her body.

Reaching her face, Gabriel paused as he looked down at her, his eyes studying her soft features.

She was beautiful, as all were's tended to be, but even in her sleep he could see the sadness that lay underneath.

Once he was satisfied that she was as clean as he could make her, Gabriel pulled out one of his sweat shirts and pulled it over her body, gasping when her limp hand landed on his crotch sending blood painfully to his organ.

Biting his lip, he quickly removed the offending appendage and finished dressing her before covering her entire body with a quilt.

Unable to push his lust down anymore, Gabriel ran out of his house and staggered far enough away to a place he knew no one would find him, and in five frustrated strokes relieved the pressure that threatened to split his member in two.

Leaning against a tree, he panted heavily as his legs shook painfully.

Almost instantly, he was hard again, the need building at a frantic pace.

This time he was slow and methodical, stroking his full length again and again as images of Jayne's naked body flashed through his mind.

Grunting loudly, he came with such force that his semen shot several feet away from his tip.

Wiping the sweat that suddenly appeared on his forehead, Gabriel wondered if he shouldn't have taken Lizzy up on her offer.

Jayne woke up with an urgent need to pee.

Trying to push herself up, she fell back suddenly as the room began to spin around her.

Hearing someone moving towards her, she turned her head and saw Gabriel rising from a chair in the corner of the room.

Reaching her, he stood looking down in concern.

Biting her lip, Jayne wished there was any other way to do this without telling the large man standing over her.

"I need to use the bathroom," she said, her cheeks burning so red she was sure they would've glowed in the dark.

The concern on Gabriel's face morphed into a small grin he couldn't see to suppress as he scooped her off the bed and carried her into the bathroom.

Freeing her legs first, he made sure she could support herself before stepping out and closing the door.

Pulling down her underwear, Jayne realized for the first time that other than her bra, panties, an over-sized tee shirt and a professional looking ankle brace, she was naked.

Dealing with the pressing issue, she pulled her meager clothes to rights before washing her hands.

Pulling the door open, Jayne glared at Gabriel when she saw him standing just outside the door.

"Did you undress me?" she asked, her eyes accusing.

If he had, the he'd seen the scars she worked so hard to conceal, going so far as to wear long sleeved shirts and jeans even in the summer months.

Nodding sadly, Gabriel reached to lift her again.

"No thank you," Jayne said, hopping past him on one leg.

Barely making it three feet, she felt him lifting her off the ground, her body pressed into his chest.

"Put me down," she ordered, looking up at his stony expression.

Tired of the she-wolf's behavior, Gabriel dug his fingers into her skin, making it clear that she needed to stop fighting him.

"Fine," Jayne pouted, blowing her hair out of her face. "Now what?"

Growling, he carried her out into the main room before depositing her on a worn, but comfortable couch.

Lifting her leg so he could tuck a pillow under her foot, before covering her with the same quilt from the bed, Gabriel silently turned his back and walked into his small kitchen.

While she stared after him, Jayne watched as he scooped some sort of stew into a bowl before wrapping it in a towel to protect her hands from the heat, bringing it to her with an entire tube of saltine crackers.

Holding it out, Jayne took it feeling grateful for his efforts.

"Thank you Gabriel," she said softly before lifting a spoonful of the spicy smelling broth to her lips.

Blowing on it, she sipped the liquid, her eyes widening at the unexpectedly delicious flavors that rolled over her tongue.

"Oh my Goddess," she said, scooping another bite into her mouth. "This is so good."

Gabriel smiled to himself before filling his own bowl and sitting on the floor next to her.

They ate in companionable silence, enjoying just being in each others presence.

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