The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 13

“Dammit Gabriel,” Jayne protested when he looped his massive arm around her waist and pulled her off her feet having caught her trying to sneak out the front door.

“I need to get my things!!” she explained, leaning back into his muscular chest as he carried her back inside, irritation at being man-handled warring with arousal at having his strong arms around her again.

After a week of his constant attention and care, she’d tried to ignore the growing attraction she felt for him, but every time he was near her all she could think about about was how his embraces would feel if they were both naked.

Depositing her back on the sofa, Gabriel left her side to get his note pad while she tried to clear her mind of her lustful thoughts.

‘Too hurt,’ he wrote, his expression angry at her escape attempt.

“I know my ankle is still injured,” she sighed, gesturing to her leg as her forced a pillow under her foot. “I couldn’t miss it.”

Growling, Gabriel looked down at her.

“I need my laptop,” she responded with her own exaggerated growl. "hurt or not, I still need to work on my study.

"I’ve given up so much to get to this point. I can’t fail now," she admitted.

Seeing her sadness, Gabriel sighed, moving to leave.

“Where are you going?” Jayne called, craning her neck to watch him go.

Moving his hands in front of him, Gabriel mimicked typing before thumbing in the direction of her cabin.

“Thank you,” she breathed, smiling brightly.

While waiting for others to do things for her was not one of Jayne's more redeemable traits, she decided to endeavored to be patient.

In Gabriel's absence, she had time to think about the disturbingly increasing pull Gabriel seemed to have on her.

Hearing the door open, she turned to see Gabriel returning with not only her laptop bag, but also all of the notebooks she'd had sitting on her table and her backpack, the one she'd left tied in the tree.

Gabriel must have gone back to get it for her

Excited, Jayne swung her legs off the couch, but accidentally put her foot down to hard on the ground making her collapse onto the floor, crying out in pain.

Moving around the couch, Gabriel dropped her things in spot where her legs had been before kneeling down in front of her.

Searching her pained face, he gently wiped the tears from her cheek.

Jayne sighed, leaning into Gabriel’s touch, her eyes slowly moving to meet his gaze.

Unable to resist the feeling deep inside, he leaned forward, his lips crashing into hers as his arms snaked around her waist, pulling her tightly to him.

Taken by surprise, Jayne felt his hardened member against her core while his tongue pushed for access.

She couldn't help the groan of need that escaped her mouth as she slid her fingers into his long hair, opening her lips for him.

Feeling Gabriel's arms pull her even closer, she began grinding her hips against his groin, enjoying the friction it provided.

Suddenly, she felt Gabriel gripping her upper arms painfully, pushing her away from him.

In a single move, pushed her back into the sofa while he backed away looking shocked and dismayed.

Hearing car tires crunching on the gravel road, Gabriel sighed and hurried outside to see who it was.

Jayne watched him go, her heart still racing, her lips still tingling.

Cursing whoever had interrupted their moment, she pushed herself to her good foot and hopped to the window to see.

There was a little purple Suzuki Samurai parked behind Gabriel's truck.

As she watched, a leggy blond girl climbed out and ran to him, throwing her arms around his neck, her lips pressed to his.

Jayne bit her lip, her gut clinching in self loathing.

She couldn't believe she'd been so stupid to think he'd want her the way she wanted him.

Gabriel was Alpha born and she was nothing. He was the embodiment of perfection, a man who could have any woman he wanted, why would he want someone as homely and repugnant as her?

Feeling sick, she reaching blindly for her laptop bag, her heart jumping in delight when her fingers brushed across the small knife she kept there.

One day someone would love her she thought, as she wrapped her hand around the blade pulling it free.

Hopping to the bathroom, Jayne locked the door before sitting on the lid of the toilet. Flipping the knife open, her eyes delighting at its sharpness.

Closing her eyes, she let its razors edge slice into her flesh, her breath hitching when the searing pain burst behind her eyes and she felt her emotional walls beginning to rebuilt themselves.

After Allen and everything that happened after her sixteenth birthday, she'd told herself she would never again let herself love a man, but in college she'd broken that rule and had an affair with one of her instructors only to find out he was married with three kids.

And now she'd allowed Gabriel to worm his way into her heart.

Lifting the blade, she cut another line up her arm, wanting to make sure she remembered that she was on her own. No one wanted her.

Surprised to see Lizzy's little SUV, Gabriel walked towards her, hoping he could convince her to turn around and head back to town.
Before he could even get his notepad out, Lizzy through herself into his arms, her lips pressing into his as she forced her tongue into his mouth.
"I missed you baby," Lizzy exclaimed, finally releasing her hold on his neck.
As gently as possible, he pushed the young woman away.
"What's wrong?" she asked, her hand trailing down to his engorged member. "I can tell you missed me."
Gabriel shook his head, continuing to try and extricate herself from her octopus like arms.
Pulling out his notepad he quickly scribbled a note.
'Why are you here?' he asked.
"Why am I here?" she laughed, her nasal voice grating on his nerves like nails on a chalk board.
"I came to see you silly," she added, ticking him on the nose.
'Go home. I don't have time for you right now,' he wrote, not caring if he hurt her feelings. He'd tried to be nice, but he was done with that.
"Go home?" Lizzy asked, her expression changing from lust to anger faster than he could blink. "You don't have time for me?"
"Fuck you Gabriel!!" she spat, shoving away from him.
He watched as she jumped in her car and drove away, her hand out the window flipping him the middle finger.
Gabriel waited until her car disappeared around the last curve before returning to Jayne.
Stepping back inside, his nose caught the coppery smell of fresh blood.
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