The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 14

Following the smell, Gabriel found the bathroom door closed and locked to him.

Afraid that Jayne was hurt, he knocked on the door.

"Go away!" Jayne said from the other side, her voice flat and emotionless.

The smell of blood was now so strong he couldn't help but fear the worst.

Trying the handle again, fear rose in his gut when it continued to remain locked.

Banging on the door with the flat of his hand desperate to get Jayne to let him in, he finally gave into the panic and shouldered the door open, finding a scene out of his nightmares.

Jayne sat on the toilet, her face blank as blood dripped down two cuts on her arm onto the floor.

Grabbing a towel, Gabriel wrapped it around her bloody arm, slipping in the pool of blood as he pulled Jayne to him.

"Leave me alone," Jayne breathed, her voice void of emotion. "Go back to your friend."

Gabriel looked at her quizzically until he realized she was talking about Lizzy. She must have seen the other woman jumping into his arms.

Unable to tell her what happened, he turned and opened the cabinet under the sink, pulling out his emergency kit with one hand while his other hand holding the towel in place.

Jayne remained silent as he treated her arm, silent tears rolling down her cheek.

What did he care if she hurt herself? He had his blond in the purple car.

Gabriel sighed when he finally got Jayne's arm tightly wrapped in gauze.

Quickly, he washed his hands before lifting a limp and uncooperative Jayne into his arms, he carried her into his bedroom, laying her down carefully.

Without a word, she rolled to her side leaving Gabriel staring at her back.

Sighing, he returned to the bathroom to clean up the blood and gauze wrappers before locking up the house and changed into sweat pants before climbing into bed next to Jayne.

Slowly, he pulled her into his arms until her entire body was pressed against hers.

'Jayne,' he thought, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

He felt as if he understood some of her pain, having lived the life he had, but what would make someone hate themselves enough do what she'd done.

Sighing, he leaned down and kissed her gently on the cheek before burrowing in next to her, his arm locked around her waist to keep her from doing something stupid while he slept.

Gabriel woke when Jayne tried to slide out of his embrace.

Growling, he tightened his hold telling her without words to stop.

"Let me go," she said sadly, still trying to escape.

Sitting up, he pulled Jayne over, pinning her onto her back as he looked down at her.

"Just let me go," Jayne repeated, her eyes welling with tears. "I'm not your problem."

Looking down at her, with her crazy purple hair, her pale, scarred skin and her stunning grey eyes that showed so much pain.

Sighing, he let his fingers caress her cheek, enjoying the feel of her soft skin under his touch.

Leaning in, he let his lips softly brush her's.

Hearing Jayne moan, he felt her fingers twining their way into his hair, forcing his lips to press harder onto hers.

He was surprised when he felt her tongue seeking entrance to his mouth that he was happy to grant.

As the tongues wrestled for dominance, Gabriel let his hand roam up Jayne's abdomen until it cupped her breast.

Kneading it gently, he felt her nipple harden under his palm.

While his hand worked her breast, Jayne let her hands roam to his own chest muscles, her nails running over the skin rousing his groin to painful stiffness.

Maneuvering carefully, Gabriel placed himself between her legs, his body on top of hers.

Pushing up her shirt, his lips left hers only to latching onto her exposed nipple.

As he sucked, he enjoyed the small sounds of lust Jayne made as well as the way her hips moved against his own seeking to ease the building arousal he could smell wafting off of her.

Switching to the other breast, Gabriel used his free hand to push at the waist line of Jayne's pants while she worked to do the same of him.

In their frenzy, Jayne's injured arm collided with him own making her moan and hiss in pain.

Gabriel lifted his head, letting Jayne's shirt slide back down while he searched her pain marred face.

"Shit," she breathed, seeing blood beginning to seep through the gauze.

With the spell they'd been under broken, Gabriel scrambled to get off the bed, pulling his sweats back up onto his hips as he moved to grab the first aid kit.

"Dammit," Jayne cusses, slamming her hands into the mattress out of frustration.

Gabriel hurried back into the room and redressed her wound, licking the length of her arm to aid in the healing while she watched, lust still filling her eyes.

"Where were we?" she asked when he was done, holding her hands out to him, welcoming him back into her embrace.

Gabriel ran his hand through his tousled hair, sitting on the edge of the bed, his elbows coming to rest on his knees.

"What's wrong?" Jayne asked, pushing herself up to rest her chin on his shoulder. "I'm fine, it doesn't me we have to stop."

Reaching around his opposite shoulder, she began to kiss and nibble at his neck.

Moving away as if she was going to bite him, Gabriel turned to look at her, shaking his head.

Jayne was confused as he walked out of the room again.

What had she done now? she asked herself, a familiar feeling of self doubt creeping in on her before he returned with his notepad.

'I don't want to hurt you. I don't want you to hurt yourself,' his note said, as he handed it to her.

Reading the note, Jayne understood what she meant.

"You mean if things between us get complicated, you don't want me to cut myself," she said, looking up at him.

Gabriel nodded, sitting back down to be face to face with her.

Reaching up, he caressed her cheek, his face showing sincere concern.

'Let me help you stop,' he wrote.

"I don't know that I can," Jayne sniffed, admitting she had a problem.

Gabriel held up his hands, asking her to wait a minute while he left the room and came back, a folder in his hand.

'I've been reading,' he explained, showing her all of the information he'd gathered on self mutilation and the psychology behind it.

"Why do you want to help me?" Jayne asked, looking into his face.

'I care about you,' he said, sighing as he handed the pad to her.

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