The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 16

After enjoying the delicious stew that Gabriel made, the pair cuddled up together on the sofa while Jayne pulled up her Netflix account.

"So," she sighed, looking at the screen, "romance, comedy, mystery, thriller? What are you in the mood for?"

Not ever being one to waste time with television, he motioned for her to chose.

Smirking, Jayne looked through her saved movie until she found a pointless comedy before hitting play and setting her laptop on the coffee table so they could both see it.

The next two hours were the most pleasant either of them could remember having in years.

Having stayed out of society on purpose for almost two decades, Gabriel had a little trouble following some of the story line, but he found himself chuckling at the antics of the main characters during the whole movie.

When it was over, he carried Jayne into the bathroom so she could take care of her nightly needs before moving her to the bed.

While he stepped into the bathroom to brush his teeth and get ready for bed, Jayne managed to shimmy out of her clothes and pull on a pair of boxers and an oversized shirt Gabriel had given her the first night he brought her to his cabin.

Sliding under the covers, she shivered at how cold the sheets were.

The feeling of cold didn't last long when Gabriel climbed in and pulled her against him.

His body, always warm, soon had her feeling other things besides the cold.

"Good night," she breathed as he reached to turn the light off.

Gabriel pressed his forehead against the back of her head, his way of saying good night to her.

After a day of baring her soul, Jayne fell into the most restful sleep she'd had in many years. Her dreams free of torment and constant teasing.

The next morning, Jayne woke up with such an urgent need to use the bathroom that she couldn't wait for Gabriel.

Sitting up, she swung her legs over the side and pushed herself to her good foot.

Hopping along the wall, she stumbled over the edge of a rug she'd forgotten and ended up having to put her injured foot down.

Expecting agony, Jayne's hand flew up to her mouth to muffle the impending scream, but she was surprised when all she felt was a manageable pain.

Testing her weight again, she found that she could step on with only mild discomfort when compared to the blinding pain she'd experienced when she'd first hurt it.

Hobbling happily to the bathroom, she hurried back to bed, eager to share her news with Gabriel, but as she climbed back under the covers, a better idea occurred to her.

Smiling to herself, she snuggled back into his embrace, impatient for morning to arrive.

Unable to go back to sleep, Jayne simply rested happily under Gabriel's warm arm, her fingers playing gently with his.

When the first rays of sunlight started creeping through the bedroom window, she slowly crept out of bed and moved as quickly and quietly as she could to the small kitchen.

Working quietly, she used her laptop to find a recipe for pancakes and began mixing up a double batch remembering Gabriel's usually ravenous appetite.

Thankfully he didn't stumble out of the bedroom until she was almost done stacking the saucer sized slices of fluffy goodness onto a plate, ready to present his with a thank you meal for taking such good care of her.

While Jayne held out the plate, Gabriel simply stared at her.

"Don't you like pancakes?" she asked, hobbling towards him with the plate.

Gabriel simply pointed to her foot, his eyes asking how she was walking on it.

"Ohh," she laughed, putting the pancakes on the table where she'd already set out the small tub of butter and bottle of maple syrup along with plates and utensils. "I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and tripped. I found out that I could put weight on my foot."

A huge grin spread across Gabriel's face before her swept Jayne into a spinning hug.

Jayne laughed as he spun her around, her arms locking around his muscular neck.

When he stopped moving, he still held onto Jayne, their faces at the same level.

Using her arms as leverage, she pressed her lips to his.

Gabriel moved one of his arms from Jayne's waist and slid it into her hair, pulling her tighter into the kiss.

As their tongues intertwined, she wrapped her legs around his waist, settling her weight comfortable onto his hips and his other hand slid down to cup her buttocks.

Breakfast forgotten, Gabriel carried her back to the bedroom. Laying her back on the bed, he slid to his knees and began tugging her sleeping pants and underwear from her hips.

Careful with her foot, not wanting to re-injure it, he threw the clothes across the room while his eyes devoured Jayne's manicured groin.

Looking up at her, she blushed deeply when he raised a questioning eyebrow at her.

"What?" she asked, barely able to contain her nervous giggles. "A girl can't take care of herself?"

Shaking his head, Gabriel hooked his arms under her thighs and lifted her hips to his hungry lips.

Smiling at the small gasp that Jayne's lips, he buried his mouth into her folds, letting his tongue and lips explore her sweet opening.

Jayne reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, her nails digging in when he locked onto her nub and began to tease and suckle it.

Soon she was gasping for more, but he wasn't done yet. He wanted her to beg.

Propping her left leg on his shoulder, he moved his free hand to her folds and slowly slid his finger deep inside her dripping core.

Gasping, Jayne moaned his name.

Enjoying the feeling of her grinding hips, he slowly added a second finger, then a third, curling them around until her found that special place that made her buck frantically.

His smile growing wider, Gabriel locked eyes with her as he began to rub tortuously over the spot loving the cries and pants she made as he felt her inner muscles contracting around his digits.

Coaxing her over the edge with his mouth and fingers, Gabriel felt Jayne's release as his mouth flooded with her fluids as her eyes rolled up into her head.

Gulping them down, he kept teasing and sucking until he heard her begging him to stop.

With a last lick of his tongue, he withdrew his fingers and lowered her hips back to the bed, he used the back of his arm to wipe his mouth clean before standing and pushing his own pants down.

With shaking hands, Gabriel fumbled with the drawer of his nightstand, pulling out a condom before tearing the package open and sliding it into place.

Unable to wait any longer, he crawled on top of Jayne and thrust into her still contracting core, growling at how wonderful it felt to be inside her.

Rolling, he pulled up to straddle him, his hips thrusting as he pulled frantically at her shirt, wanting, needing to suckle her breasts.

Eager to please, Jayne pulled her top over her head and leaned in offering him what he wanted.

Setting a frantic pace, she rode him hard until they both came together, her cries of pleasure mixing with his own grunting growls.

Panting and exhausted, Jayne fell to the bed next to him, laughing to herself.

When she saw Gabriel turn his head to look at her, confusion on his sweat covered face, she smiled at him.

"I was thinking I should make breakfast more often," she explained before returning to her frantic panting.

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