The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 17

After another three rounds of mind blowing sex, Jayne and Gabriel sat in the kitchen enjoying rubbery pancakes for lunch.

Unable to look at Gabriel without blushing, Jayne tried to concentrate on her plate.

Gabriel on the other hand couldn't help but stare at Jayne's beautiful blushing face, with her kiss swollen lips and wet hair from their shower.

"What?" she asked, catching him staring at her.

Gabriel only smiled, reaching out to wipe peanut butter from her mouth.

Licking it off his finger, his smile grew wider.

"Stop," Jayne laughed, blushing even deeper.

When they were finished eating, Gabriel motioned for her to stay seated while he did the dishes.

Unable to stop herself, Jayne grabbed her laptop and pulled up the footage from her field cameras.

As she ran through the footage, she saw a man in hunting clothes approaching the wolves den area with spring traps slung over his shoulder.

"Fuck me!" she cussed, scrolling through the images to see the same man leaving without the traps.

Hearing her, Gabriel moved to stand behind her while she scanned the videos looking for the time stamp.

"This was early this morning," she said, pointing to the digital clock on the screen.

Pushing herself up, she hobbled towards the bedroom.

"If I leave now, I should be able to make it to the den area in about four hours," she said to herself, making the mental calculations trying to take in to account her injured foot.

Before she could make it more than five feet, Gabriel took her shoulders and turned her to face him, shaking his head in the negative at her.

"I have to go Gabriel," she breathed, her eyes begging him let her go. "We both know what those traps will do to them."

Taking a deep breath, he looked at the determination on her face and nodded his approval.

Thankfully, Jayne still had the clothes she'd been wearing when Gabriel found her. Changing quickly, she grabbed her boots.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she took several deep breaths before forcing her injured foot into it, groaning in pain as she tied it closed.

Thankfully, the other boot went on without a hitch and she was ready to go.

Seeing that Gabriel had already readied a pack for her, she looked around the cabin but didn't see him.

'Maybe he stepped outside,' she thought, pushing open the back door.

Stepping out, she saw Gabriel's large wolf waiting for her.

Looking at him confused, Jayne watched as the animal lowered itself for her to climb on to.

"You want me to ride on your back?" she asked.

The creature nodded its scruffy head and waited patiently.

Pulling her borrowed backpack into place, she did as the animal wanted. Settling on his back, she leaned forward and took fistfuls of his fur in her hands.

Never had Jayne never though she'd know what it was like to run like a wolf, but lifting her face into the breeze caused by Gabriel's long strides and looking around at the passing scenery, she knew she'd never be any closer than she was at that moment.

Locking her knees, she pushed herself up to a sitting position letting her hips rock to the large animals movements while she spread her arms and laughed in delight.

Falling back onto his back, she snuggled down and enjoyed the ride.

In less than an hour and a half, Gabriel's wolf had covered the distance it would have taken her most of the day to cross.

Pulling up short, he lowered himself to the ground and Jayne stumbled off, her hips, already sore from their morning exercise, protested at her movements.

Chuckling to herself, she head the telltale sounds of Gabriel shifting.

Sliding off her pack, she opened it knowing instinctively that he'd put clothes inside it.

While nudity wasn't a bad thing in the werewolf community, it was just considered bad manners not to cover up when in mixed company.

The two of them approached the den area checking for signs of wolves or humans.

Scenting the air, Gabriel nodded his head indicating that it was safe to proceed forward.

As he continued to smell, he led the way to the first of the traps.

Using a long branch, Jayne sprung it before Gabriel picked it up and bent it out of shape until it was useless.

Again and again they disarmed and destroyed the traps until Gabriel sensed the pack was returning.

"I hope we got them all," Jayne breathed as they moved out of the area.

Gabriel nodded his agreement.

Again he shifted and Jayne climbed onto his back once more.

This time, he didn't head back towards the cabin. Instead he headed west, down into the valley.

"Where are we going?" Jayne asked, looking around trying to figure out what their destination was.

Instead of answering, Gabriel kept running until they reached a large body of water.

Letting her slide off, he shifted, but shook his head when she offered him his clothes.

With a wink, he took off running and dove into the water.

Laughing at how childish he looked bobbing around in the water, Jayne walked slowly toward the water.

Dipping in her finger, she couldn't understand how Gabriel could stand swimming in the icy water.

Finding a rock that wasn't wet, she sat and watched him swim.

When he waved for her to join him, she shook her head.

"Not a chance," she yelled, laughing.

Seeing a mischievous look in his eyes, Jayne stood to move away, but he was faster than her.

With a big smile on his face, he scooped her up and moved towards the water.

"No Gabriel," she begged, struggling in his arms, all her laughter gone. "No, please."

Pausing, he looked at her concerned.

"It too cold for me," Jayne explained, "I don't have a wolf to help me stay warm."

Realizing his thoughtlessness, he lowered her to the ground, cupping her face.

He began planting kisses over her cheeks and forehead trying to apologize.

"Hey," she said, taking his face in her own hands. "It's okay, I'm not sad. It was fun to watch you play around, but we should get going soon."

Nodding, he kissed her deeply, his hands grabbing handfuls of her clothes to pull her closer.

Stepping back, he shifted back to his wolf and let her climb on before heading back up the mountain towards home.

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