The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 18

"Okay," Jayne challenged, typing furiously on her keyboard, "try this one."

Selecting a file, she clicked the play button and watched Gabriel's face for any sign of recognition.

As the music began to play from the speakers, Gabriel's eyes lit up the recognition and he began to write furiously on his note pad.

"Tiny Toon Adventure's," Jayne read, nodding as she giggled.

"That's fifteen out of fifteen!," she continued, looking up at his amazing smile. "You definitely spent way too much time watching cartoons as a kid."

'You knew them too,' he wrote back, adding a smiling face sticking its tongue out.

"Fine," she acknowledged, "I admit it. I liked early morning cartoons."

Looking smug, Gabriel smiled as he let his fingers trace down her cheek.

Catching herself leaning into his touch, Jayne jumped up and pulled on her jacket.

"I need a smoke," she said quickly before hurrying outside.

Gabriel watched her go confused by her sudden exit.

Rising he found her sitting on his front steps, fumbling to open the pack.

"I'm okay," Jayne said as if sensing his closeness, "I just... I just don't...

"I don't fucking know what I don't want," she sighed, finally managing to pull out a cigarette and lighting it, taking long, desperate draws from it.

"It's so pretty out here," she sighed, looking up. "I haven't seen skies this clear since home."

Gabriel settled down next to her ignoring the rancid smell of the burning tobacco.

"I think it's best if I go back to my own cabin tonight," Jayne finally said as she put out her smoke. "I mean, my foots better, and I've got over a week of video capture to catalog..."

Unable to say anything else, she simply sighed and looked to see how Gabriel had taken the news.

'Stay tonight, please,' he wrote finally.

"I don't think it's a good idea," she sighed, leaning against his shoulder as she wove their fingers together.

Reaching over, Gabriel pulled her onto his lap so that she was straddling his thighs facing him.

Wrapping his arms around her small frame, he held her close, enjoying to feeling of her body against his.

In truth, he wanted to beg her to stay even if she was annoyingly talkative and vexing. He could even learn to overlook the smell of stale cigarette's if she'd just stay.

Jayne was unlike any woman, human or wolf, he'd ever known.

Gabriel had to admit that over the last week he'd come to enjoy having her around. She was the first person in a really long time that he'd been able to share himself openly with, not just sexually, but emotionally as well.

Releasing Jayne so he could write a message, he passed it to her.

'One more night. It's my turn to share my story,' he wrote.

Smiling sadly, knowing she owed him that much, Jayne agreed.

After a a dinner of toad-in-the-hole, bacon and fried potatoes, Jayne settled on the sofa with Gabriel resting on the floor, his head resting between her legs as they faced to fire.

She ran her fingers through his hair while he wrote several pages of notes before handing the pad to her to read.

'As you've already guessed, I am Alpha born. When my father realized I was mute, he was disappointed. He didn't think I could lead without a voice even though I could communicate with sign language, lip reading and through the mind-link.

'He promised my mom he'd give me a chance, but when I turned sixteen and got my wolf, he changed his mind. He'd been secretly hoping that getting my wolf would magically give me voice after sixteen years of silence.

'When that didn't happen he gave me two choices. Leave the pack and allow my younger brother to become the next alpha or he'd kill me and tell the pack I died in a rogue attack.

'I was too much of coward to fight for my rights. Instead I left. I packed a few things in my backpack and left. My mom gave me a handful of cash when she hugged me goodbye knowing my father meant every word when he said he'd kill me.

'That was the last time I saw them. Since then I've roamed around. The first ten years or so I spent as drunk as I could afford to be. After that, and a few months in jail I pulled myself together and started working for the forestry service.

'So here I am, an alpha without a pack taking care of a handful of cabins for researchers and scientists.'

"You never tried to go home?" Jayne asked, wiping a tear from her cheek.

Pushing himself up, Gabriel turned until he was kneeling on the ground facing her shaking his head 'no'.

Needing to offer comfort, Jayne slid forward wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling his lips to hers.

Returning her gesture, Gabriel pulled her to him hungry for her touch.

Leaving his lips long enough to pull off her top, Jayne pressed against him harder, forcing him onto his back on the rug in front of the fireplace.

Gabriel slid one hand into her beautiful, purple hair, holding her close as his other hand caressed up and down her back.

Leaving his lips, Jayne kissed a trail down his neck stopping where she knew he was most sensitive.

Licking and sucking, she smiled at his sudden intake of breath when she let her teeth rake over the area.

Growling, he rolled over pinning her beneath him as he looked down into her radiant face.

Caressing her cheek, he let his hand continue to the strap of her bra, pushing it aside before burying his face in her neck returning the gesture while his hand continued down pulling the fabric away from her soft breast.

Leaving her neck, he sucked on her perfect little pink nipple loving the way it hardened against his tongue as he teased it.

Reaching down, he pulled open the button and zipper on her pants before sliding his hand beneath the waistband of her underwear, his fingers testing her moist and ready folds.

Groaning, he raise up on his knees pulling off his own shirt and pushing down his pants needing to feel her legs wrapped around his hips.

Just a eager, Jayne pushed off her own pants and panties, kicking them out of the way as Gabriel settled between her thighs, the tip of his throbbing member nudging her dripping opening.

Lacing his fingers through hers, Gabriel pinned her hands down on either side of her head, locking eyes with her as he slowly slid into her welcoming core.

Moans escaped them both as he set a frustratingly slow pace, wanting this coupling to last as long as he could make it.

Lifting her arms above her head, Gabriel grabbed both wrists in one hand so his other could slide between their body's, his finger teasing and rubbing her delicate nub until she was crying out in ecstasy as her first orgasm broke over her leaving her shaking and panting.

Again and again he pushed her over the edge, memorizing the way her eyes rolled, and the way she bit down on her lower lip before the cry escaped.

"Please," Jayne finally begged, feeling as if she couldn't take another climax.

Satisfied, for now, Gabriel released her hands, hooking his hands under her shoulders for leverage. Thrusting harder and deeper, I pushed Jayne once more, this time following her over the edge to release, grunting as her inner walls milked him as he released against her womb.

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