The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 20

During breakfast he and Jayne had made a list of things they’d need for the next few months, especially with snow due to start falling any day.

Gabriel couldn’t help the smile that tickled his lips as he drove down the winding road towards town. As his truck rolled along, Jayne sat in the passenger seat humming along, slightly off key, with the radio.

Catching him looking at her with a smile on his face, she blushed deeply and looked away quickly.

“Sorry,” she said, her voice low.

Reaching out, he caught her hand and brought it to his lip to get her attention.

Releasing it, he touched to her lips, then pointed to the radio, moving his mouth to mime singing.

Understanding that he was telling her it was okay, Jayne's pout transformed into a brilliant smile.

The rest of the drive was passed with Jayne singing along, occasionally making up her own lyrics to make Gabriel laugh.

By the time he parked his truck, his sides and cheeks actually ached from laughing and smiling so much.

Side by side they walked into the grocery store having decided to split their list, each picking up a few personal items along with basic supplies.

Stopping in the feminine hygiene aisle, Jayne quickly calculated how many boxes of tampons and pads she'd need for the next five months just in case they got snowed in longer than expected.

With that done, she stocked up on pasta, spaghetti sauce, condensed soups, just basic nonperishable. She also decided to pick up two thick steaks to make for dinner that night.

As she perused the magazine rack, she caught sight of the blond woman who'd driven up to Gabriel's cabin.

Trying to push down her growing anxiety, Jayne picked out a few issues of variety puzzle books, her favorite pastime, and went in search of Gabriel.

Walking across the back of the store, she looked down every aisle searching for him.

When she found him, her heart stopped. Gabriel and the blond stood together deep in discussion while the woman's fingers were laced intimately with his as she leaned in and whispered something quietly into his ear.

Jayne watched as Gabriel listened intently to whatever the woman was saying making no move to pull his hand away.

"Do you know who that is staring at us?" Lizzy asked him, calling his attention to Jayne.

Looking around, Gabriel saw Jayne's ashen face.

Blinking away her tears, she abandoned her cart and hurried towards the exit.

She'd been so fucking stupid to think she'd found someone who actually cared.

Of course he'd listen to her spill her guts about her emotions. As long as he could get between her legs, he'd do just about anything.

He was an alpha after all. An alpha with an alpha's libido. Being stuck out in the wilderness without access to female companionship unless he went into town, it was no wonder he'd found a way to get her into bed.

Reaching the sidewalk she turned right intent on hiking back to her cabin and gutting herself.

"So fucking stupid Jayne!" she cursed herself as she moved, her chest aching.

Before she could reach the end of the block, she felt a strong arm wrapping around her waist, lifting her off the pavement.

"Let go of me," she spat, thrashing furiously to escape.

Placing her on the ground, Gabriel pinned her shoulder's to the wall of the store behind her.

"Let go," Jayne hissed, struggling to pull away.

Before she could say another word, he grabbed her face and pulled her lips to his ignoring her futile attempts to hurt him with her fists.

Forcing his tongue between her lips, Gabriel poured his emotions into the kiss, needing Jayne to know how much he cared about her.

Slowly her arms quit swinging as they wrapped around his neck pulling herself closer to him.

Releasing her cheeks, he slipped his arms around her waist hugging her tightly.

Lifting his lips from her's Gabriel looked down at Jayne's flushed face.

"I overreacted didn't I?" she asked slightly breathless, looking up into his eyes.

Stepping back, he pulled out his notepad.

'Lizzy and I had a relationship. It ended months ago. She was apologizing for somethings she said when we last spoke.' he wrote handing her the paper.

"I'm sorry," Jayne sniffed, burying her face into his chest in shame. "I know I don't have any claim to you, but when I saw how closely you two were standing together I let the evil voice in my head make me believe the worst."

'I won't apologize for having relationships before I met you, just like I won't ask you to apologize for your past either. I am with you now.'

Reading his words, Jayne wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Can we pretend I didn't just act like a petulant three year old?" he heard her mumble against his chest.

Shaking his head in resignation, Gabriel made her look up at him.

Seeing how ashamed she really was at her own behavior, he nodded his consent, but he held up his finger for her to wait.

'If you wonder about something, ask me. Don't just jump to a conclusion. No more listening to your 'evil voice'.'

"Okay," she sighed, offering him a weak smile after reading his words.

Hand in hand they returned to the store and finished picking up their supplies.

At the checkout, Jayne offered to pay for half of the total bill, but Gabriel steadfastly refused.

"Fine," she hissed under her breath, not willing to give in, "then I get to buy lunch before we head back."

Seeing it as a decent compromise, he agreed.

After grabbing a quick bite, they headed back up the mountain making plans to move Jayne's things the next day so she could get back to her study by the weekend.

After getting everything put away, Jayne began to cook up their steaks with some onions and potatoes while Gabriel moved furniture around to make sure she had a work surface for all of her supplies.

After dinner, they cuddled on the sofa in front of the fire enjoying the silent embrace they shared.

When Jayne began to nod off, Gabriel picked her up and carried her into their room.

'Their room'... he liked the sound of that.

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