The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 21

It only took Jayne and Gabriel half the morning to repack her equipment and personal belongings before loading it all into the back of his truck.

By lunch time the two had everything set up or packed away in the spaces he’d made for her the night before.

Day 19 - October 3rd, 2021

Due to unforeseeable injury I've had to postpone my research for the last few weeks.

On the bright side, before I was injured I was able to find the wolves den and plant several cameras in the area to record valuable research footage.

I plan to head back to the den sight and set up a high-hide in the surround trees and spend several days observing the pack, collecting feces samples and obtaining blood samples.

Unfortunately, I have discovered that poachers have been setting traps around the den. My plan in to trigger and collect them in an attempt to trace their owners. Hopefully, the traps along with the video evidence will be enough to provided the Rangers with enough proof to prosecute.

Sighing, Jayne leaned back in her seat, wondering how she was going to be able to tell Gabriel of her plans now that they were living together.

While their relationship was nothing more than one of mutual comfort and sexual attraction, she could feel herself more than willing to fall in love with him, deeply if she wasn't careful.

He didn't care that she had no wolf of her own, and he'd spent the last few weeks taking tender care of her even though he wasn't obliged to by any pack or familial ties.

He was an alpha while she was lower than an omega, but he still wanted to have her with him.

Hearing Gabriel returning from his day of maintenance on the surrounding properties.

Jayne couldn't help the smile that crept across her face as she stood and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Gabriel returned her embrace, burying his nose into the hair on top of her head.

Breathing deeply, he couldn't help noticing how her scent made his entire body relax.

"Are you hungry?" Jayne asked, finally stepping away from him.

Gabriel nodded, wanting nothing more than to pull her back into his arms and keep her there until he'd gotten his fill of her smell, but he had to remind himself that she was only his until the spring.

"I made grilled chicken," he heard her say from the kitchen. "I also made some rice and steamed vegetables."

Smiling at her domestic efforts, Gabriel slid behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her away from plating their food.

Turning her around, he pressed his lips to hers, his tongue easily sliding past her lips, hungry for her not the dinner she'd made.

Jayne returned his attention, dropping the serving spoon she'd been using to the floor so she could slide her arms around his neck.

Lifting her, Gabriel guided her legs around his hips as he carried her towards the bedroom.

Sitting on the edge of the mattress, their kissing continued, tongues dancing around each others while Gabriel's hands gripped her hips, grinding her sex against his already hard member.

Hearing her moan, he rolled them over until Jayne's body was pinned beneath him. Standing, he quickly pulled her pants and underwear off, and pushed his own down before sliding into her warm, moist sheath.

Bending over her, Gabriel moved his hips with slow deliberated thrusts while his hands tugged and pulled her top off giving him mouth access to her beautiful, hardened nipples.

Suckling on each in turn, he relished the moans and gasps of pleasure that escaped Jayne's lips.

Goddess he could listen to those sound for hours.

Increasing his speed, he lifted his head when he sensed her reaching climax so he could watch her face as it contorted in ecstasy.

"Gabriel," she cried out as her hands balled up the sheets in her fists.

Feeling her inner muscles clinching around his shaft, his thrusts became more fevered, his own need for release taking over.

"Stop," Jayne panted, a distant part of her mind screaming that he hadn't put on a condom.

With blood pounding in his ears, Gabriel didn't hear her words as he plunged deeper and deeper into Jayne's sex.

"Gabriel," she breathed out, trying to form the words in her sex addled brain as another orgasm built deep inside her.

Grunting in effort, Gabriel felt her muscles tightening around him again.

Jayne gave up all thoughts of protest, wrapping her legs back around his hips, pulling him deeper inside as her nails dug into his back.

"Yes," she moaned, rocking with him as they both reached their release.

Weak kneed, he collapsed on top of her, his lips crashing onto hers as his hands stroked and petted her cheeks and face, worshiping the woman in his bed.

"Gabriel," Jayne panted, pushing against his shoulders to get his attention.

Leaning back, he looked down and saw a look of mixed fear and sadness on her face.

Had he hurt her?

"We can't keep doing this," she breathed, her eyes searching his.

Seeing his concern, she caressed his cheek.

"Protection," she explained. "We can't keep having sex without protection."

Understanding flooded Gabriel's brain when he realized what she was talking about.

What would they do if she got pregnant?

Sliding out of her, Gabriel laid down next to her and pulled Jayne into his arms.

Did Jayne even want kids? Did he?

As if sensing his thoughts, Jayne turned in his arms to be able to look at him.

"Maybe we should talk about the 'what if's', she sighed. "If I did get pregnant, would you want me to have it?"

Without a moments thought or hesitation, Gabriel nodded earnestly. While he'd never thought about it before now, he knew, deep down, that he would love to have a child with Jayne.

It wasn't something he wanted right away, but if their relationship progressed further, he'd welcome the chance to build a life with her. And if it did happen accidentally, he'd be happy then too.

"Okay," she breathed, releasing a breath neither of them realized she'd been holding. "But let's try and minimize the risks, okay?

"No more heat of the moment forgetting," she said, biting her bottom lip.

Gabriel nodded his agreement, leaning down to pull her lips to his once more.

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