The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 22

Chewing a piece of dry chicken, Jayne worked up the courage to tell Gabriel about her plans.

"Gabriel," she began, coughing to clear a sudden blockage in her throat, "on Monday I'm planning on heading out to the wolf's territory and setting up an elevated research platform to watch the pack."

Seeing his fork pause halfway to his mouth, she steeled her nerves and pushed forward.

"I also need to collect samples and identify each member of the pack," she continued. "It's why I'm here."

Placing his utensil of food on his plate, Gabriel reached out and took her hand in his giving it a squeeze before pulling out his notepad.

'I'll miss you. How long will you be gone?' he wrote, sliding it across the table.

"A week or two," Jayne replied, sliding the pad back to him.

'I can go with you and help,' he offered.

"What about your work here?" she asked, knowing there was always something that needed to be fixed.

'I want to go with you. What if the poachers come back?' he wrote.

"Gabriel," Jayne sighed, reaching out to take his hand, "you have your work here.

"Look," she added, squeezing his hand when she saw his face cloud over with sadness, "I know I'm a train wreck, mentally, but I have worked my entire life for this kind of chance. I won't be gone more than a week, I promise."

Forcing his own feelings aside, Gabriel returned her gentle squeeze with one of his own.

"What am I going to do with you?" she chuckled, leaning over and pecking the large man on his cheek.

'Stay with me,' he thought, but only shrugged his shoulders in response to her question.

"You know," Jayne sighed, looking down at her less than appetizing dinner, "we're going to have to learn to eat when the food is still edible before sneaking off to the bedroom."

Gabriel nodded his agreement with a chuckle.

'I couldn't resist. You smelled so delicious,' he wrote sliding the notepad to her as he stood and collected their mostly full plates.

"That was dinner that smelled so good," Jayne sighed, pulling her foot onto her seat to rest her cheek against her knee while she watched Gabriel clean up after their half meal, "not me."

Gabriel dropped the dish in his hands and looked at her, giving a low growl.

"Did you just growl at me?" Jayne asked, realizing it was the first time he'd done so since one of their first interactions.

Turning off the water in the sink, Gabriel stalked across the small space the separated them and pulled Jayne into his embrace.

"Gabriel," Jayne laughed nervously, slightly afraid of the sudden change in his mood.

Placing his nose into her neck, he inhaled deeply before setting her on the tabletop.

'You,' he wrote underlining the word several times.

"What do I smell like?" Jayne asked, craning her neck to sniff her own armpits.

'Summertime,' his note read.

Jayne couldn't help giggled at the idea.

"If anything," she laughed, looking up at him with mirth, "I would have thought I smelled of rain clouds and depression."

Gabriel's hands shot up to cup her face, forcing her to look at him while he shook his head.

Gently, he used his fingertip to brush Jayne's hair out of her face, slowly closing the space between them to kiss her tenderly.

'No more rain clouds. No more depression,' he wrote.

Reading his words, Jayne looked up at him and noticed how sincerely he meant his words.

"Okay," she agreed, wrapping her arms around his waist, burying her nose into his chest.

Inhaling deeply, she tried to decide what Gabriel smelled like to her. If she had to put a name to his scent, she would have to call it nothing short of manly.

With a kiss to her forehead, he returned to the dishes while she collected the puzzle book she'd purchased in town.

Snuggling into the sofa, she flipped through its pages until she found a page of crypto-graphs. Sighing, she worked on the puzzle until Gabriel joined her.

'How can you do those?' he asked passing her his notepad.

"I don't know," she replied honestly. "I've just always been able to see the pattern in the letters."

'Gives me a headache to look at,' he wrote shaking his head.

"Well," Jayne grinned, putting her book aside, turning to cuddle against his side, "is there something else you'd like to do?"

Looking down at her with a lusty gaze, Gabriel pulled her into his lap, her legs straddling his muscular thighs.

"Again?" she gasped, feeling his member, already hard, pressing against her sex.

Grinning devilishly, Gabriel snaked his hands up her back and threaded his fingers into her hair, pulling her lips down to his.

If Jayne was going to leave him alone for two weeks, he was determined to make the most of the time he had left with her.

As their tongues battled for control, Jayne let her hands glide along his strong shoulders until her fingers were digging into his own hair, tugging his head back.

Holding his lips away from hers, she slowly kissed a line across his jaw, down his neck stopping her movement when she heard his breath catch.

Knowing this was where a mate would mark, and that it was also one of the most sensitive places on his body. Jayne parted her lips, nibbling and gnawing at the spot making Gabriel growl, his fingers tightening in her hair, pressing her teeth in harder as his hips thrust harder into her seeking to relieve his growing passion.

Unable to control himself, he released Jayne's hair and cupped her buttocks, rising to carry her into their room.

Placing her back on the floor, their bodies separated as they began to disrobe, their eyes locked on each others.

Finally naked, Gabriel rolled on a condom before crawling on top of Jayne and thrusting deeply into her folds, moaning as the tip of his shaft collided with her womb.

Again and again he thrust, drawing out cries of pleasure past Jayne's lips until her voice started to grow hoarse.

"Oh, Goddess! Gabriel!" she screamed, reaching her climax, her nails digging into the muscular flesh of his butt cheeks.

Determined to make sure she wouldn't forget him while she was away, he spent the night taking her over and over again until both of their bodies were drenched in sweat.

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