The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 23

Jayne gasped for air, her heart pumping frantically as she rode the crest of her latest orgasm.

"Gabriel..." she begged, looking into his sweat drenched face, sure she couldn't handle another round of sex without completely blacking out.

Reaching up, she placed her palms against his cheeks, pulling his lips to hers.

Opening her mouth to allow his tongue access, she felt a sharp stinging sensation as one of his extended canines cut into her lip.

Pulling back, she saw that Gabriel's eyes glowing gold in the darkness of their bedroom.

Before she could say anything, he burrowed his face into the hollow of her throat, burying his teeth into her flesh.

Crying out at the initial burning pain, Jayne tried to pull away from Gabriel's teeth, but soon she was groaning in a renewed sense of ecstasy that flooded her body.

Feeling his manhood hardening deep within her, Jayne moaned and wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him deeper into her pulsing core.

"Gabriel," she gasped, as his hips began to thrust with renewed vigor.

Retracting his teeth, he licked to wound to begin the healing process, Gabriel lifted his head to look into Jayne's eyes as he plunged into her, wanting to see her beautiful face when she climaxed.

He didn't have to wait long before her nails dug into his back, and her chest arched up into him as she cried out in absolute pleasure, her inner walls clamping down tightly around him, making him orgasm with her.

Rolling to the side, Gabriel pulled Jayne to his chest, wrapping his arms protectively around her.

She was his now, marked and mated. She was his, and no one could take her from him.

Jayne woke the next afternoon still cuddled in Gabriel's arms. Turning her head to look over her shoulder at him, she hissed at the sharp pain that radiated down her neck and shoulder.

It took her a moment to remember that he'd marked her the night before.

"Fuck," she breathed, suddenly feeling claustrophobic.

Wriggling free of his strong arms, she hurried to the bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

"Oh Goddess," she choked, seeing that her fears were real. Gabriel had marked her.

"What's wrong?" she heard a man's voice ask in her mind.

Screaming in fear, Jayne nearly fell on her backside, but she was caught by Gabriel.

"Gabriel?" she asked aloud, looking at him with tears in her eyes.

"Yes love," his said through the mind-link.

Jayne couldn't hold back the tears that welled up in her eyes hearing him speak for the first time. His voice was just as rich and smooth as she'd imagined it would be.

Slowly, she reach her hand up to caress his cheek, then, remembering that he'd marked her without her consent, she pulled back and landed a solid bitch-slap across his face.

"You dick!" she spat, escaping his grip, pointing at her neck. "You marked me!"

At least Gabriel was smart enough to look ashamed of what he'd done.

"I couldn't help myself," he said, daring to look at her through his bangs. "I love you."

"What?" Jayne breathed, stunned by his confession.

"I love you," Gabriel repeated in her mind, reaching out to cup her blushing cheek. "My whole life, I've never felt this way about anyone."

"That doesn't give you the right to mark me as your mate without my consent," she hissed, pushing his hand away.

"I'm sorry," he said, sadness replacing his shame. "I thought, after everything we've shared, that you felt the same way about me."

Without another word, he backed out of the bathroom and left her alone.

Closing her eyes, she listened to him moving around the bedroom, probably gathering his clothes, before the door opened and he went into the living area.

Shaking her head in anger, not at Gabriel, but at herself, Jayne hurried to follow him.

"Gabriel," she called, catching him sitting on the sofa as he laced up his heavy boots.

Seeing the sadness and dejection in his eyes, her heart ached painfully.

Quickly, she moved to kneel between his legs taking his face in her hands.

"I love you too," she breathed, pulling his lips down to hers.

As they kissed, she could feel the wetness from his tears roll over her hands.

"I shouldn't have done it," Gabriel said in her mind as his lips left hers and he pulled her to sit on his lap while he continued to weep. "I just wanted you to be mine so much I couldn't help myself."

Tucking her head into the crook of his neck, Jayne wrapped her arms around his chest and held him while he held onto her and sobbed.

"I've never done anything so selfish, but you are the first good thing to come into my life in a really long time," he explained, rubbing his thumb in circles on her hip. "I want you to be part of my life forever.

"I will go wherever you go," he continued, forestalling her response. "I know you've worked hard to get where you are, and I won't try to hold you back or stop you from pursuing your dream.

"I want you to be my mate, and mother to my pups."

Jayne let her own tears fall hearing his words. She'd all but given up hope of finding anyone, man or wolf, who would accept her as fucked up as she was, but here was this amazing alpha promising her everything her heart desired and more.

"I want that too," she admitted in a low whisper.

"Really?!" he asked, leaning back so he could see her face.

Nodding, Jayne kissed him, pouring her love into him through her lips.

Gabriel laid them down on the sofa, spooning Jayne into his embrace, burying his nose into her hair while she held his hand to her heart.

"I still need to head out on Monday," Jayne sighed finally.

"I'll help you get set up," Gabriel promised, kissing the back of her head. "A bonus is that if you need help, you will be able to mind-link me for help."

"Does the mind-link work that far away?" Jayne asked, shuffling her hips so she was facing him.

"Perks of being an alpha," Gabriel replied with a smile, leaning down to gently kiss his mate.

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