The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 26

Gabriel watched in horror as all the color drained out of Jayne's face, her uninjured hand clawing at her chest as she cried out in pain.

With a victorious smile, Richard pushed her face first into the mud and snow he and his son had stirred up in their struggle, his face triumphant.

"Good boy," he crooned to Gabriel as if he were a five year old, kicking Jayne in the ribs. "Now go pack a bag. We're leaving in five minutes."

Ignoring his father's order, Gabriel rushed to scoop Jayne off the forest floor taking care to avoid jarring her broken wrist.

"Jayne," he called through the mind link, his hand caressing her cheek. "Jayne, open your eyes."

"Leave the whore," his father called over his shoulder, already moving towards the cabin, "before I change my mind and end her anyway."

"No!" Gabriel replied hotly, lifting his former mate in his arms. "You may have forced me to reject her, but I'll be damned if I leave her out here to die."

Richard rolled his eyes at his overly dramatic son before nodding his approval of his sons plan.

He knew it would be easier to make the younger man comply with his demands if he was sure his little freak was 'safe'.

Carefully, Gabriel cradled Jayne into his arms, begging her again and again to wake up for him, but her eyes remained closed.

Even as he carried her into their cabin and settled her onto their bed, she stayed unconscious.

"She's inside," his father said leaning on the door frame, "now pack a bag so we can leave."

"How can you be so heartless?" Gabriel demanded over his shoulder. "To make me give up the woman I love. A woman who would make an amazing luna."

"I refuse to let our bloodline be polluted by that freak of nature," Richard spat, pushing off the frame. "Besides, love has nothing to do with producing strong alpha born children.

"Do you think love had anything to do with your birth?" his father asked, opening random drawers of the dresser and poking around at their contents. "Of course it didn't.

"I mated with your mother because she was from a strong bloodline herself," he continued, turning up his nose at Jayne's underwear drawer. "How disappointed I was when you were born!"

Growling in anger at his father's words, Gabriel turned sharply to look at him, his eyes flashing a dangerous gold.

"Don't," Richard said calmly to his son pointing at Jayne's lifeless form. "If any more harm comes to me, the wolves I have surrounding this cabin will tear both of you apart starting with her.

"They will make sure you watch as they each take turns with her before ending her miserable life."

Turning his head to listen, Gabriel heard, for the first time, the sounds of several wolves circling the building.

Failing to suppress the sob that forced its way past his lips, he reach over and picked up his note pad.

'Jayne, my love, my life,

These few weeks with you have been the happiest in my long, empty life. With you, I have known more laughter and joy than I thought possible in this world, but I couldn't let you die because of me.

I know there are no words I can say this will ease the pain you feel right now, but please know that I will always love you, and cherish the memories of the times we spent together.

Please don't go back to hurting yourself. You may think your worthless, but I want you to know that I would have paid any price to have ha just one more second at your side, to see one more smile on your face, or to have one more kiss of your lips.'

On a second sheet of paper he wrote out all instructions on how to access his bank account knowing she had nothing to her name but her grant money and once Alpha of his father's pack, he would not need what he'd saved.

Before leaving, Gabriel made sure that Jayne's broken wrist was splinted and wrapped, hoping she would open her eyes so he could see their sparkling beauty once more and fix their exact color into his memory.

"Enough," Richard barked, getting irritated at his sons numerous delays. "You've just severed the mate bond, literally cutting her heart out. The whore won't wake up for at least another twelve hours and I am tired of waiting."

Swallowing the lump the formed in his throat, Gabriel tucked his note into Jayne's hand, kissing it before placing it on her chest.

'I love you,' he told her, running his fingers against her cheek one last time.

Without glancing back, he left making sure the cabin was secure from outside intruders.

Outside, he found twelve wolves waiting for him and his father.

'Father,' Gabriel called through the link, 'if any harm comes to her I will burn your pack to the ground and piss on its ashes!'

Glad to see that his son had finally grown some balls, Richard nodded.

"The freak of nature in that house is to come to no harm," he told his men, setting the timber of his voice to that of command.

'Satisfied?' he asked Gabriel.

Instead of replying, the young alpha simply walked towards the darkened treeline shouldering his father as he passed him.

Dropping to his knees in the darkness, Gabriel howled with such sadness and anguish as he shifted to his wolf form that his father's men grew still until he was done.

Once again his father had ripped him from his home and his happiness forcing him into a world he was not prepared to face, but face it he would, for Jayne.

For her and her alone he would embrace his new hell in hopes that one day he would be able to see her again. In hopes that one day she would forgive him.

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