The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 33

"You have a beautiful and healthy baby girl!" Healer Joan exclaimed, handing Jayne a pink squirming baby bundled in a clean blanket.

In the ten minutes since her birth, the infant had been scrubbed clean by the nurses, had gooey gel squeezed into her eyes, and blood drawn from the sole of her foot.

Needless to say, Jayne's daughter was not happy, but once she was placed in her mother's arms, she calmed down almost instantaneously.

"You're finally here," Jayne sighed, looking into the babes bright blue eyes, just like her fathers.

Pulling the blanket open, she marveled at how perfect her ten little toes and ten little fingers were.

With a smile plastered on her tired face, Jayne turned to beam happily at Gabriel only to see he'd left the room.

"Gabriel," Jayne breathed, her voice barely above a whisper as a tear escaped, rolling down her cheek.

"Alpha said he had pack business to attend to," the healer said absently.

"Oh," Jayne replied, her heart aching as if it were being crushed, her teary eyes returning to their daughter.

It took everything in her to not break down in front of the healer and nurses as her chest constricted tighter and tighter.

He really didn't care about her or the child they'd created.

"Well, Gabby," she sniffed, tucking the blankets back around the baby's little body, "I guess it's just you and me."

Wincing at the ache that radiated from her abdomen and between her legs, Jayne inched her way to the edge of the bed, the baby cuddled in her arms.

Sliding to her feet, she grunted in pain, but her resolve to leave didn't diminish. If Gabriel didn't want her here, then she wouldn't stay.

Placing Gabby on the bed, Jayne hurried to the bathroom, taking the hygiene pad the nurse had provided and spare clothes from her backpack the guard had left by the door.

Dressing as quickly as she could, her only real struggle being when she tried to pull on her socks and shoes, Jayne looked through her bag again until she found the few baby outfits she'd brought with her.

While she hadn't planned on giving birth so soon, she'd always been one to prepare.

Once Gabby was dressed warmly, she wrapped her in her blanket once more and, pulling on her backpack, Jayne pulled the door to her room open to leave.

Gabriel shifted into his wolf as soon as he was out of the clinic, the need to escape burning inside of him.

Why had Jayne come to him? Was it to punish him by showing that she'd already moved on to another? They'd only been apart for a little over eight and a half months, yet here she was having a baby.

His thoughts were interrupted by an urgent mind link.

'Alpha!' Healer Joan called over the link, 'the rogue is trying to leave. She has the baby and is demanding we let her out of the clinic despite my advice to stay at least for the night.

'Should we let her go?'

'Keep her there,' he ordered, turning back.

Shifting back to his human form, Gabriel grabbed a pair of sweatpants from one of the many hidden stashes and pulled them on before entering the clinic.

He could hear Jayne's voice raised, demanding that she be allowed to leave.

"Jayne," he called over the mind link, but she didn't even flinch as she continued to argue with the healer.

'No link,' his wolf informed him, as if he hadn't already figured that much out for himself.

Sighing, he walked towards the two women.

"Listen to me," he heard Jayne seethe that the good intention healer, "if I can suffer through nine months of pregnancy, then I think I can manage to make it back to my car! Now get out of my way!"

Nine months? Then, the baby was his.....

As the realization dawned on him, Gabriel hurried his step, scooping Jayne and his daughter into his arms.

"Let me down," Jayne demanded, struggling to escape his grip.

Ignoring her, he buried his nose into her neck inhaling her wonderful scent.

In a flash, his wolf took over and quickly nipped into her flesh, just enough to renew their bond.

"Jayne," Gabriel said, pulling his face away to look at his beautiful mate, "don't go!"

Jayne's breath caught in her throat hearing his voice once more.

"We have a little girl," she whispered, holding up the baby for him to see.

Seeing his beautiful little girl, Gabriel felt his knees go weak.

Hastily, he carried Jayne back to her room and placed her on the bed before climbing in next to her unwilling to separated from her ever again.

The pair shifted uncomfortably in the small bed until they were laying facing each other, their daughter nestled between them.

"She's beautiful," he sighed, trailing his finger across the baby's soft cheek. "Just like her mother."

"She has your eyes," Jayne offered, her fingers follow the path his took until they met and intertwined.

"I went back for you," Gabriel told her, looking into her soft, tired eyes, "but I was too late.

"I didn't know where to look."

"I finished my study," Jayne sighed with a shrug, tightening her grip on his hand. "I thought about staying, but I knew you were probably already mated by then..."

Suddenly remembering the woman who his father had insisted he mate, she withdrew her hand from his. After all, he was no longer hers.

"Does she make you happy?" she whispered, looking away from him, unable to face him any longer.

"Jayne," Gabriel sighed, hooking his finger under her chin, lifting her face up, "Angelica and I are not mated."

Seeing the confusion in her face, he caressed her cheek tenderly.

Slowly, he told her all that had happened after he and his father had returned to the pack. How he'd wanted to return to her immediately and bring her back as his Luna, but couldn't because of the continued rogue attacks. Then how the problems seemed to keep popping up every time he thought about getting her.

When his story was finished, Gabriel looked at her with earnestness in his eyes.

"The only mate I want in this world is you," he told her, leaning over their sleeping daughter to kiss her tenderly. "Will you have me again."

Before she could answer, the baby began to squirm and fuss.

Jayne smiled and maneuvered herself into a sitting position, adjusting her shirt so her daughter could feed.

"What is her name?" Gabriel asked once the infant was settled.

"Gabby," Jayne replied with a sly smile. "I named her after my mate."

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