The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 34

Leaving the pack clinic, Jayne felt happier than she had in months.

Gabriel was at her side carrying her backpack while she held their daughter.

Once they stepped outside, they were both surprised by the crowd of people waiting for them.

A sudden chorus of cheers was heard as almost the entire pack began clapping and calling out well wishes to their Alpha and his Luna.

Feeling more than a little uncomfortable with so many people surrounding her, Jayne turned into Gabriel's embrace.

The pair stood there until the crowd began to quiet down.

"Thank you all," Gabriel said, his wolf purring at the reception his mate was receiving. "I had planned on a more formal ceremony to introduce your new Luna and our daughter, but I guess now is as good a time as any.

"May I introduce your Luna Jayne and the newest addition to our pack, Gabby," he continued, his face radiant with pride.

As a group, the gathered wolves bowed with respect to Jayne and Gabriel.

Feeling her mate nudge her, Jayne looked out at the gathered people and cleared her throat.

"Thank you all for such a warm welcome," she said, hoping her voice carried far enough to be heard by the people further back. "I promise to do my very best as Luna to provide council and care for you all."

With another round of cheers, Gabriel wrapped his arm around her shoulders and began leading her through the throng of people towards the large pack house.

As they walked, young pups ran up to Jayne and handed her fistfuls of wildflowers.

Taking them all, she couldn't help but feel her heart swelling with pride and joy. This is what a pack should be, not just to their Alpha and Luna, but to everyone.

As if reading her mind, Gabriel kissed the top of her head tenderly.

"No one will be mistreated or forgotten in our pack," he promised her.

Reaching the porch of the pack house, the pair turned to wave once more at the gathered people.

"Thank you all again for such a warm welcome for your Luna," Gabriel told the crowd. "In a few days we will hold the ceremony to make it official, and you are all invited to join us afterwards for a barbecue cookout."

With one last cheer, the pack members bowed their respect before returning to their usual pursuits.

Once inside, the pair was stunned to see a mountain of gifts waiting for them.

"Gabriel," a feminine voice called, running down the stairs towards the trio, "I'd planned to have everything done before you guys got here!

Feeling Jayne's body tense, Gabriel made small circles on her back with his hand.

"Jayne, this is Evangelina," he told her, hoping to ease her worries. "She is the daughter of my father's beta. I asked her to set up a nursery for Gabby."

"Hi," Evangelina said softly, unaware of Gabriel's comments, "I'm Evangelina, but just call me Angel. Alpha Gabriel asked me to set up a nursery for the baby.

"I hope you don't mind," the young woman continued, bowing her head towards Jayne. "I didn't do too much, just a crib, a changing table and a rocking chair since I figured you'd want to decorate it yourself."

"Thank you, Angel," Jayne said feeling frumpy in contrast to the other woman.

"Well," Evangelina sighed, clasping her hands together in front of her, "I should get going and let you three get settled.

"If you're interested, I would love to take you shopping for the baby and decorations for her room," she continued, stepping closer to steal a glance at the sleeping infant. "My mate and I were never blessed with a pup of our own before he was killed."

Seeing tears in the young woman's eyes, Jayne couldn't help but pull her into a soft hug.

"I can honestly say I know what it feels like to loose your mate," she consoled the weeping woman, not noticing Gabriel stiffen. "But I also know the joy of getting a second chance as well. I pray that the Goddess sends you someone to feel that with."

"Thank you Luna," Evangelina sniffed, seeing why Gabriel loved his mate so much.

With a sad smile, Jayne watched as the young woman left, her head held a little higher.

Turning to look at her mate, Jayne was caught off guard by the smirk on his face.

"What?" she asked, trying to read his thoughts.

"You are a true Luna," he said proudly, pulling her to him, his lips finding hers.

As if sensing their enjoyment of the moment, Gabby began fussing, her little arms flailing wildly.

"I need to change and feed her," Jayne sighed, stepping away from her mate.

Gabriel sighed as well before leading the way upstairs to the room Evangelina had prepared.

In truth, Jayne thought the room was almost perfect the way it was. The walls were painted a soft robin's egg blue while the furnishings were bright white.

After changing the baby's diaper and settling in the rocking chair to feed her, Gabriel left her to bring up arm loads of the gifts the pack had left for them.

By the time they'd opened the last one, Gabby's room was overflowing with stuffed animals, mostly wolves, and her closet was bursting with so many outfits Jayne wasn't sure the little girl would get to wear them all before she outgrew them.

After a simple dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and spicy tomato soup, Jayne laid Gabby in her crib before crossing the hall to her new room.

Opening the door, she felt herself pulled off her feet into Gabriel's tight embrace.

"I've missed you so much," he purred, his face buried in her neck.

"I missed you too," Jayne replied, copying his gesture.

Breathing in deeply, she knew she'd never be able to get enough of this man, her mate.

In less than a year he'd taken away a lifetime of pain and rejection, replacing it with love and a whole new pack and family.

That night, for the first time in months, they both fell into a contented sleep wrapped in each others arms.

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