The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 37

Taking his mate to their room, Gabriel settled on the bed cradling Jayne to his chest.

"I will never leave you my love," he said, caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers. "Never again. You are my mate. My chosen mate and my true mate."

Jayne's response was to slide her arm around his neck and pull his lips to hers, pouring all of her love into the kiss.

As his tongue slipped past her lips, Gabriel lowered his mate to the bed, his hands fumbling with the buttons of her dress before ripping it open, needing to show her how much he loved her.

Growling in response, Jayne returned the favor, tearing his top off.

In a frenzy of desire and a deep seeded need to assure each other of their devotion they were soon ripping the rest of each others clothes off. Their coupling was aggressive and feverish, each one giving as much of themselves to the other as they could culminating in Gabriel marking his mate a third time wanting her and anyone who saw her to know that she was his!!

As his canine's pierced her neck, Jayne's orgasm shook her down to her core, causing her nails to dig deeply into Gabriel's back as her own teeth punctured the skin of his shoulder.

The feeling of his mate marking him sent Gabriel over the edge. With one final thrust, he emptied himself into her, amazed once more that suck a beautiful, caring and incredible woman was his.

Sliding to his side, he pulled Jayne with him, wrapping his arms around her sweat slick body.

"I love you," Jayne panted as she drifted off to sleep.

"I love you too," Gabriel replied, planting kisses on her cheek, nose, and forehead as she relaxed into his arms.

Jayne stood under the shower head letting the hot water cascade over her sore body. Forget make up sex. It couldn't hold a candle to the vigorous sex brought on by her parents unwelcome, but sincere concerns.

She had to admit that the idea of Gabriel's true mate showing up had crossed her mind more than once, but it wasn't until she'd heard it from her parents lips that it truly rattled her.

Despite how much she hated the fact that her parents could get under her skin so easily, she had come to the understanding that they weren't trying to be malicious.

They were concerned for their daughter and granddaughter, and probably hadn't meant for her to hear what they were saying.

Shaking the painful thoughts away, Jayne quickly scrubbed her hair an body before stepping out into the steam-filled room.

Today was her Luna ceremony, the day Gabriel was going to make her place in the pack official, and she wasn't going to let her parents ruin that for her, they'd already put it off too many times already.

Wiping the mirror clear, Jayne took a deep breath and looked at her reflection. She hadn't redyed her hair back to its rich orchid purple color, instead letting its natural chestnut brown grow out.

She'd planned on dying it again after Gabby was born, but when Gabriel saw its true color, he asked her to leave it natural telling her how stunning it made her look.

He'd left it up to her telling her he would love her no matter what, and seeing the look in his eyes when he played with her hair had made up her mind for her.

Following the line of her jaw bone down to her neck, she gingerly touched the fresh mark on her neck. A tingling sensation traveled down her body, settling between her thighs.

Quickly withdrawing her fingers, she continued her perusal of her naked flesh, her eyes settling on the white scar that ran across her stomach.

The day she met Gabriel and realized that he was like her, a broken werewolf. But, looking back, she understood now that neither of them were 'broken', just slightly tarnished and dented.

All they needed was each other to wipe away the patina off the surface of their souls and fill each others heart with so much love it pushed the dents and defects out.

Closing her eyes, Jayne prayed to the Goddess thanking her for giving her such a wonderful man and begging her to never take him away. She knew there would be no fixing her heart or soul if that happened.

Pushing the disturbing thought away, she wrapped a towel securely around her chest and grabbed her toothbrush. Nothing was going to take Gabriel from her, not a true mate, her parents, or the Goddess herself.

"Do you, Jayne, chosen mate of Alpha Gabriel of the Blood Claw Pack, promise to protect this pack and its members as their Luna?" Elder Branson asked, looking at her solemnly.

"I will," Jayne replied, trying to keep back the tears that threatened to escape.

"Members of the Blood Claw Pack," the Elder announced to the assembled crowd, "I give you your new Luna, Jayne."

At his words, the gathering place erupted into raucous cheers and claps.

Slowly, Gabriel stepped forward, raising his hands to signal silence, Evangelina at his side.

"Alpha Gabriel has another announcement he'd like to make," the young woman said, her voice strong, carrying across the clearing.

Confused, Jayne looked at her mate wondering what he was doing.

She watched as he knelt on the platform in front of her, his hands reaching up grasp hers.

"I, Gabriel, Alpha of the Blood Claw Pack, hereby reject any other mate that the Goddess may have chosen for me," he said, his words were repeated by Evangelina, his Beta, aloud for all to hear. "I pledge my heart, soul and life to my chosen mate Jayne, our daughter Gabby, and any future children we might have."

At the end of his speech, he stood looking down at her before cupping her cheeks in his hands and kissing her deeply.

"Mine forever," he told her through their link.

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