The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 38

As Gabriel lifted his lips from Jayne's, an awed silence filled the clearing as a soft blue light filled the space next to them on the stage.

Pulling his mate behind him, Gabriel watched as the light coalesced into the form of a stunning woman, her silver hair looking as if it had been kissed by starlight, her skin as pale as the moon.

As she stepped towards the pair, realization overcame every soul witnessing her arrival.

Selene. The woman was the Moon Goddess in human form.

One by one, like a wave of domino's, the assembled crowd fell to the knees in reverence to Mother of Wolves.

"My children," she said, motioning for them to rise, "there is no need to kneel before me."

She waited patiently for everyone to rise, including those next to her on the stage.

"Gabriel," she said, her voice smoother than silk as she reached out and gently touched his shoulder. "My son. You have had a rougher life than I'd intended.

"When I blessed this world with your presence it was my intent for your father to learn compassion and humility," she pronounced, gently caressing his cheek. "Instead he took my gift and and tried to destroy it, tried to turn it into something dark and evil.

"Instead," she sighed, a serene smile gracing her lips, "you became so much more than I'd ever dreamed. You have grown into a formidable, yet fair Alpha, a loving father despite your unfortunate role model, and a devoted mate.

"And you, my dear Jayne," the Goddess continued, moving to smile down at the young woman, "you, who have lived your life without the joy and companionship of your own wolf.

"Please know, that it was never my intention for you to grow up feeling alone and alienated," she said, shame replacing her placid smile. "When it was time for you to receive your companion, I did not have a wolf I deemed special enough or strong enough to be paired with such as you."

Moving to stand between the pair, Selene placed a hand on each of their shoulder, light pouring out of her palms into their bodies.

"Gabriel," she announced, looking up to the sky, "for all you have suffered, I grant you not only your greatest wish, that Jayne be your true mate, but I also return that which I denied you. Your voice.

"Jayne," she intoned, her voice rising in pride, "I grant you the gift of being Gabriel's true mate and also the friend and companion you should have had long ago. Your wolf."

In a final flash of blinding light, the Goddess was gone. Both Gabriel and Jayne fell to their knees panting, the glow radiating from their bodies slowly dissipating.

"Jayne?" Gabriel said aloud, testing his voice as he looked to his mate.

The look of surprise on her face was soon replaced by one of agony and her bones began to break.

"Gabriel," she cried, curling into herself as the shift took over.

Quicker than anyone had ever seen the transformation happen, Jayne's human form was replaced by a stunning, pure white wolf, its blue eyes looking around in wonder.

Stumbling slightly, unable to coordinate her paws, Jayne moved to stand next to her still kneeling mate, her wolf's tongue sticking out, leaving a trail of moisture up his cheek a she licked him playfully.

"Love mate," a voice in her head said.

"Yes I do," Jayne replied, agreeing.

With a howl of absolute joy, she invited the awestruck pack to join her in her first run as a wolf.

Taking the lead, Jayne soon felt Gabriel at her side, his own wolf staring at her with pride and longing. They were soon flanked by Evangelina and William on his side and her parents and Ethan on hers, their mind links with her full of joy and congratulations.

Sweating and exhausted, Jayne allowed Gabriel to carry her up to their room, stopping long enough to check on Gabby who was sleeping peacefully.

"Remind me to thank Agnes for babysitting," Gabriel whispered into her ear, his breath sending pleasant goosebumps down his mates spine, "otherwise Angel would have missed your first run."

"My first run..." Jayne sighed happily. "I never imagined how wonderful it would feel. It was nothing like I dreamed it would be. It was better.

"Just like finding my mate," she added, turning her head to kiss Gabriel on the cheek. "So much better than I'd ever dreamed possible."

With one last look at their daughter, the pair backed out of her room and entered their own.

"I need a shower," Jayne said, wincing as she caught a whiff of her own body odor. "I smell like a wet dog."

"I like the smell," Gabriel mused, encircling her waist with his arms as he buried his nose into her neck.

"Ew," his mate chuckled, turning in his embrace to face him.

"What?" he asked, attempting to look innocent.

"I love the sound of your voice," Jayne declared, her arms sliding up to wrap around his neck. "It adds to your already astronomical sex appeal."

"Sex appeal?" Gabriel asked, tilting his head in amusement.

"Oh please," Jayne chuckled, slipping out of his embrace, taking his hand and lead the way to the bathroom. "You know how handsome you are. It was one of the reasons I fell in love with you."

"My looks?" he asked, allowing his mate to guide him before she released his hand and turned on the shower.

"Oh yeah," she replied, nodding her head in mock seriousness as she pulled of the over-sized shirt she'd been provided with by a waiting pack member when their run was over before stepping into the steaming water.

Smiling at how silly his mate was, Gabriel slid off his shorts and followed her in, grabbing her hips and lifting her until her legs wrapped around his waist.

Pressing her against the tiled walls, he slowly slid into her opening, moaning in ecstasy as she settled completely over his member.

"I... love... you..." he growled with each powerful thrust.

"Say... it..." he demanded, continuing to plunge in and out of her.

"I love you!!" Jayne cried out as an orgasm overwhelmed her. "Oh Goddess... I love you!!!"

Again and again she screamed those words as she rode the waves of pleasure that washed over her.

At the peak of their last, most powerful shared climax, Jayne extended her new canines and finally properly marked her mate.

"Mine," she growled as she licked the wound closed.

"Now and forever," Gabriel sighed, his head resting on her shoulder as he held her close.

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