The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 41

Jayne sighed as she rolled over, her hand seeking out Gabriel's warm body only to find an empty void next to her.

Sitting up, she looked around their darkened room, her eyes searching for him.

"Gabriel," she called softly, her voice hoarse with sleep.

When no answer came, she slid out of bed sliding on a robe and slippers.

A worried furrow appeared between her eyebrows as she checked their en suite bathroom, but no mate.

Pulling their bedroom door open, she stepped out into the hall and took a deep breath through her nose.

Finding Gabriel's scent, she followed her nose, heading towards their daughters nursery.

Hearing the murmur of a low, deep voice, she gently inched the door open finding her mate sitting in the rocking chair, holding a very wide awake Gabby talking sweetly to her.

"Daddy," Gabriel cooed, exaggerating each syllable. "Say, 'daddy'."

A six month old Gabby simply looked at him quizzically and burbled incoherently, a glob of drool rolling down her chin.

Smiling at the endearing sight, Jayne leaned against the door frame and observed the pair.

There were so many similarities between her mate and their daughter. She had his eyes that seemed to take in every detail of the world around her.

As Gabriel wiped the drool away from her lips, Jayne caught a flash of her newly cut teeth.

As an Alpha borne, she knew that Gabby would soon hit a phase of rapid development and she would require fresh meat be added to her diet.

'So much for breast-feeding', she thought, chuckling to herself.

Hearing her laughter, Gabriel tore his eyes away from his beautiful daughter and looked up at his stunning mate.

"What are you laughing at?" he asked, his voice causing goosebumps to form on Jayne's arms.

"I was thinking about Gabby and how she's going to need fresh meat added to her diet soon," she explained, stepping into the room to scoop up her smiling infant, laying her on the changing table. "And with her teeth coming in so fast I think it's time to stop breastfeeding to spare my nipples."

"I agree," her mate said, stepping up behind her, his hands sliding up her waist to cup her soft, perfect mounds, "I would hate for these to be ruined by over use."

"Gabriel!!" Jayne chastised halfheartedly. "Not in front of Gabby."

"Why not?" he purred, nuzzling into her neck, his teeth scraping gently across the skin. "It's good for her to see what a happy, healthy mated relationship looks like."

"Enough," his mate giggled, using her hip to push him away. "This little lady needs to go back to bed."

"Then we can go back to bed," Gabriel said, his hand reaching out to grab her backside.

"Horn dog," Jayne giggled, placing a yawning Gabby back in her crib.

Pulling her blanket snugly to her daughters chest, she hummed the infants favorite lullaby until the little girls eyes fluttered shut and stayed that way.

Sighing, Jayne stood up and let her mate lead her back to their bedroom.

Before the door was even closed, Gabriel had her in his arms, his lips slamming down on hers, his hands pulling and tugging at her robe.

Unable to resist the pull of her own need, Jayne quickly found herself naked, pinned to the wall by Gabriel's body as he thrust into her feverishly, her hands tangled into his hair trying to pull him closer to her own burning flesh.

"Gabriel," she cried as her orgasm hit her, her legs locking around her mates waist as her claws dug into his back.

"Mine," Gabriel growled, releasing himself deep inside of her, his member twitching with relief.

Keeping their bodies joined, Gabriel cupped her bare buttocks in his hands as he carried her to their bed.

Sitting down on the side of the mattress, he smiled wickedly at her as he grabbed her hips, already hardening again. With swift and powerful motions, he brought his beloved mate to orgasm after orgasm until she was begging him to stop.

"I can't," she panted, her sweat covered forehead resting against his.

"One more," he encouraged, pushing deeper into her moist opening, "but this time together."

With a few more frantic thrusts, they both rode out their release, Jayne collapsing against her mates panting chest.

Carefully, Gabriel lifted his limp-bodied mate and pulled her into his arms as he snuggled under the sheets.

Gabriel woke with a start the next morning feeling Jayne scrambling to escape the confines of the tangled sheets.

She was barely in the bathroom before he heard her retching, the sound making him feel a little green around the gills himself.

Detangling himself, he hurried to follow her, afraid something was seriously wrong.

"Are you alright?" he asked, clumsily rubbing circles on her back as she remained bent over the porcelain.

"I hate you," Jayne moaned, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"What?" Gabriel asked, stunned to hear those words from his mates mouth, especially after last night.

"I hate you," she repeated before burying her face back into the bowl, another round of nausea hitting her like a bus.

Unable to speak, Gabriel simply continued to rub her back as his heart sank into his stomach.

Why would his mate say such a thing? What had he done to upset her?

"Oh goddess," Jayne sighed, resting her forehead on her arm. "I can't go through this again."

"What?" he asked, helping his mate to her feet.

Instead of answering, she stepped away from him and walked to the bathroom counter.

Opening a drawer, she withdrew a white, plastic stick and handed it to him.

Looking down, Gabriel studied the object, puzzling over the two pink lines on one end and a purple cap on the other.

"I'm pregnant," Jayne explained, rinsing her mouth out with water. "Another reason I think I should stop breastfeeding Gabby.

"Being pregnant took a lot out of me last time," she continued, turning to look at her mate.

When he didn't take his eyes off of the stick, Jayne reached out gently touched his hand.

"Gabriel," she whispered, concerned that he was upset at the news.

"A baby," he breathed, looking up at her with tear rimmed eyes.

"I wanted to tell you in a better way," she sighed sadly. "I was planning on having Angel and my brother watch Gabby and going out to dinner..."

In a flash, he had his arms wrapped around his mate, his nose buried in her neck.

"We're going to have another baby," he breathed, lifting his head, looking down at her as if she were the most amazing creature he'd ever beheld.

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