The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 42

Jayne smiled weakly as her mate entered her hospital room, their daughter resting on his hip.

“How are you feeling today?” he asked, his eyes full of concern for his beloved.

“A little better I think,” she replied reaching out her arms for their little girl.

Gabriel stepped further into the room, placing a babbling Gabby on the bed next to her mother. Without being asked he reached out to help his precious mate sit up and take a drink of water.

“Thank you,” she breathed, looking up at his sadly.

“I’m sorry Gabriel,” she continued, weak tears forming in her eyes.

“No love,” he assured her stifling his own tears, helping his fussing daughter climb into her mothers weak embrace where she snuggled in between an arm and her gently swollen belly yawning. “There’s no need to be sorry.”

Almost instantly, Gabby fell asleep having not slept well since Jayne had been rushed to the hospital three days ago.

Everything seemed to be going well with Jayne’s pregnancy, aside from the constant vomiting and fatigue. She and her family were getting along better than anyone could have dreamed and they were helping Angel and William plan their mating ceremony and their own wedding.

Then it all went to hell. Jayne started getting weaker and weaker until she simply collapsed while feeding Gabby. It wasn’t until the little girl started crying in fear that anyone realized what had occurred.

Her mother found her and was unable to rouse her pale and lifeless form.

Gabriel had never felt such fear in his life as he did when he received the mind-link that his mate was on her way to the pack clinic.

By the time he’s arrived, his mate was sedated and the healers were waiting for him.

‘Luna collapsed,’ Healer Joan informed him. ‘We’re not sure why, we’re running tests. She was very dehydrated, so we’ve started an IV to help with that, but until the tests come back, I don’t want to do too much else just in case.’

‘What of the pup?’ he’d asked, concerned for his mate and their child.

‘So far they are both doing fine,’ the healer explained.

‘BOTH?’ Gabriel interrupted almost collapsing himself.

‘Yes Alpha,’ Joan smiled. ‘Luna is carrying twin boys.’

‘Twins,’ the alpha male breathed, delighted and frightened at the thought.

‘Yes,’ the healer confirmed, nodding her head as she led her alpha to a nearby chair, anything else she might have said cut off as a nurse hurried forward handing over a folder full of printouts.

Healer Joan quickly accepted the offered papers and quickly began scanning over the information.

Gabriel watched as the woman read, her teeth biting deeper and deeper into her lower lip as she digested the information.

‘Well?!’ he demanded, the suspense killing him.

‘I’m sorry, Alpha,’ the healer said, realizing how scared and concerned he must be over her prolonged silence. ’It seems that Luna is suffering from severe dehydration and minor malnutrition.

‘Her mother told us that she hasn’t been able to keep much down during this pregnancy?’ she asked, looking to Gabriel to confirm.

‘No, she hasn’t,’ he acknowledged.

‘I think perhaps because the twins are both alphas, they are draining her heavily,’ the healer explained, ‘and since she is unable to keep any nutrients in her system, her body is feeding on itself to provide for the pups.’

‘What can we do?’ Gabriel asked, fear mounting a the simple idea of loosing his mate or their children.

‘For now,’ Joan said, placing a reassuring hand on her leaders trembling shoulder, ’we keep Luna in the clinic and monitor her round the clock.

‘We’ll make sure she gets the calories and hydration she needs, and Goddess willing, in a few days she will be able to return to the pack house under strict bed-rest and supervision,’ she continued. ‘If we can keep her from over exerting herself, then she should be able to carry the young ones to full term.’

‘You do realize what you’re asking?’ Gabriel asked, letting a bit of humor sneak into his words imagining Jayne sitting still at all.

‘Well,’ the healer sighed, rising to her feet, ‘for the sake of herself and her pups, she will have to learn.’

“Hey,” his mates voice interrupted his thoughts, “what have I missed?”

“You have missed absolutely nothing,” he told her, settling into a chair next to her bed. “Everyone is doing fine.”

“Gabriel,” Jayne hissed exacerbated. “Please, I need some information.

“Give me something, anything,” she begged.

“I did give you something,” Gabriel replied, reaching out to rub his palm against her baby bump. “And the only thing you need to worry about is you and them.”

“Do you realize just how much of a chauvinistic asshole you just sounded like?” she growled at him, her eyes flashing angrily at him.

“Jayne,” he soothed, using his other hand to caress her cheek, “you know I didn’t mean it that way, but if you don’t take more care of yourself and let the rest of us care for the pack, then what?

“We loose the pups? I loose my mate? Our daughter looses her mother?” Gabriel sniffles, removing his hand from her stomach and grasping desperately at her hand, bring it to his mouth as he cried. “I can’t. Even if you end up hating, I can’t even think of loosing you.”

“Gabriel,” Jayne whispered, her voice catching with emotion as she watched the love of her life crumbling next to her, “I’m sorry.

“I promise to follow Healer Joan’s instructions to the best of my ability,” she promised. “But you can’t wrap me in cotton wool and keep things from me. I may be forced to stay in bed and take things easy, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t do my duties.”

“Okay,” her mate reluctantly agreed, “but you also must promise to let some of the others help you, and at the first sign of any more complications you will tell me."

Looking between Gabriel, their sleeping daughter and her slightly swollen stomach, Jayne sighed and nodded her acquiescence. She knew that her mate was only worried about her and the baby's growing inside of her, and she knew she'd have to come to grips with the fact that no matter what, she needed to accept the help and cut back on her work for the short term.

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