The Mournful Howl

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Chapter 6

As an Alpha born, Gabriel could feel the sadness and anger radiating off of the young woman as she purposefully avoided looking at him.

He knew some her emotions were because of him, but there was something deeper there, her self hatred was more than evident.

Shaking his head, he wished he could say something to her to make it better, but he was wise enough to keep his thoughts to himself.

Making sure his feet were clean of mud, he stepped inside amazed at the amount of equipment she'd unpacked and organized in just two days.

After making sure that everything was ready for his to start the generator, Gabriel turned to go back outside his foot kicked a small piece of plastic.

Looking down, he saw small pieces of plastic were scattered all over the floor.

Squatting down, he pushed the plastic around trying to figure out what it had been.

"What are you doing?" Jayne demanded, standing in the doorway looking at him.

Gabriel spread his hands indicating the mess.

"I lost one of my earbuds when you grabbed me," she sighed, stepping around him to retrieve the broom. "I got mad and smashed the case because their useless unless you have both of them.

"Wait," she said angrily, "why the hell am I explaining this to you?

"If you're done, then leave."

Rising to his feet, Gabriel looked at her with pity.

He wondered what had happened to her to make her so sad and angry.

"Don't pity me," she spat, shoving him repeatedly in the chest, trying to make him leave her alone. "If I wanted pity I would still be living at home with my parents treating me like a China doll."

Reaching out, he wrestled with her until she stopped trying to shove him.

Standing toe to toe, he looked down at her with hard eyes watching her chest heave with emotion.

"I don't want your pity," she hissed venomously.

Releasing her, Gabriel pushed her away from him and left the cabin.

Rounding the outside of the house, he kicked over the generator and waited until the lights came on and no fusses blew.

Packing up his tools he walked away, heading towards his home.

Standing there, looking down at her, Gabriel had wanted to wrap his arms around her and make everything better, but she'd been right earlier.

He wasn't her Alpha or her mate, it wasn't his place. Hell, he wasn't even a member of her pack, he was nothing to her. And that's the way he wanted to keep it.

Waking early the next morning, Jayne couldn't believe how she'd behaved the day before.

Gabriel must think she was a manic depressive or something based on her mood swings. What if he reported her to the rangers as a danger to herself?
She could loose her grant, and everything she'd spent the last four years working so hard for.
So she cut herself, so what. It wasn't like she was hurting anyone. It just helped her focus her mind and emotions towards a goal.
She'd just have to go to him, explain things, and beg him to just let her do her work for the winter and then she'd be out of his life forever.
Dressing quickly, she hurried to Gabriel's cabin hoping to catch him before he set off to report her.
"Gabriel," she called standing at his front door.
Hearing sounds of shuffling, she cautiously pushed it open and ventured inside quietly calling his name.
Reaching his bedroom, she saw a large black wolf sleeping on a rumpled bed in the corner seemingly locked in a terrible nightmare.
Gabriel's paws were twitching, his ears were flat and his teeth were bared as he growled and yelp by turns.
Hating to see anyone in pain, Jayne got as close as she dared before taking a deep breath and calling his name loudly.
After he hadn't woken after her third attempt, Jayne reached out and carefully touched the wolfs back, gently stroking his fur while saying his name.
"Gabriel," she called, praying she didn't loose her arm.
Suddenly, his eyes opened flashing gold and before she could cry out, he had her pinned on her back as he stared down at her.
Baring her neck in open submission, Jayne waited to die.
She hadn't realized the Gabriel was Alpha born, the gold in his iris' telling her that.
"Gabriel," she breathed, closing her eyes.
Slowly, the animals head dipped to her neck, its tongue licking from her shoulder to her ear.
Feeling goosebumps, Jayne licked her dry lips waiting to see what he would do.
Hearing bones snapping, she chanced a peek to find herself face to face with a naked man.
Slowly, Gabriel lowered his lips to her neck, his lips tracing the path his wolf's tongue had made.
"Please," she breathed.
Gabriel seemed to snap out of whatever spell he'd been under and pushed himself off of her like she was suddenly made of something poisonous.
Jayne slowly sat up and watched his actions, feeling dirty as he wiped viciously at his mouth seeming unable to get the taste of her skin from his lips.
Forgetting her reason for being there, she rose to her feet and walked sadly into the wilderness.
Despite everything anyone had ever done to her, she's never felt so disgusting. Even when she'd been thrown into the lunchroom dumpster she'd managed to brush it off, but to see Gabriel acting like she tasted of horse shit was just too much.
No matter how hard she pressed against the cuts on her side, she couldn't block out the sadness that threatened to overwhelm her.
Pulling off her shirt, Jayne ripped off the bandage to expose slices she'd made yesterday.
Desperate to make the feelings go away, she dug at the scabs with her nails.
Finally, the emotional release came and she was able to think clearly again.
Feeling her heart rate slow, Jayne closed her eyes and took several deep cleansing breaths.
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