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Two girls who fall for the same boy in silence one gets treated like a Queen. While the other silently gives up only to be blind sided by a romantic frenzy. Will her friendship be jeopardized? Will she allow him to take control? Can he satisfy her craving?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: Home coming

A skin tight dress hugged my body one my cousin picked out. Black silk with noodle straps making it obvious I was wearing a strapless bra. I kept looking at my phone waiting for Crystal to text me. I groaned and entered the building, she and I were meant to come to laugh at everyone. Us being the outcast of the outcast.
Music blared lights strode, and the guy I wanted to hang out with as my date said hello and then left with his friends. “Hey Jazz!” I heard someone call me. I looked their way only to roll my eyes. “What Dallas?” I said unenthusiastic, he strolled over to me showing off his suite with a twirl. His Bieber cut hair swung out of his face revealing puppy brown eyes. His milk skin topped off by a good height of 5’6.
We dabbed it out and stood on the wall watching everyone. “You look nice tonight jazz.” “Thanks.” Our conversation went without eye contact. “I wish I could honestly say I’m glad I came here but this is just disappointing.” I said shaking my head, the gym was crowed, girls were twerking, guys were grinding. In all honesty someone slipped something in the chaperones drinks cause they were incoherent. I felt Dallas eyes wander to me “what’s wrong?” “Nothing it’s just...where’s crystal?” I huffed out in frustration “sorry for asking.” He said
I walked out the gym and Dallas followed “hey what’s really going on you two are connected at the hip!” Spinning around on my hips I mentally barked at myself to stop tearing up. “ we’ll both find out on Monday why she wasn’t here!” I walked out the school side exit and went home. I loved crystal to death she just always disappointed me.

^Monday Morning^
I sat tucked in between bookshelf’s in the library where nobody could see me. I turned the volume up all the way so I could feel the vibration from the screaming of slipknot. My head throbbed from the fight I just had with my dad, pushing that to the back of my mind I loosened my bun to let my dreads fall freely. Easing the tension at my scalp, I flipped open my mirror and began concealing the evidence of my fathers early drunken fight with me. When I was done I snapped the mirror shut tucked in my make up kit and leaned my head against the wall. Closing my eyes trying to focus on the music.
I will turn this day around! I will not let his stupidity over power my mood. This was nothing new after my mom passed away from breast cancer six years ago I became my dads punching bag. “Only one more year of this bullshit!” I whispered to myself as a wave of calmness flushed through my body. “JAZZ WHERE ARE YOU!?” I took a quick glance in my phone camera to make sure you couldn’t tell and then stood up and made a my way to her. The long way so she didn’t know where I originally came from I wanted to be able to hide sometimes.
When I approached her I crossed my arms over chest and rose an eyebrow. Waiting for her to notice me and give me some lame excuse as to why she couldn’t make it. Luckily Dallas was there, I met them both freshman year thanks to Dallas crystal still has me as a friend. I’m not mean I just don’t like flaky people some how Dallas always shows up instead of her.
Crystals blond hair whipped around her body as she looked at me. “Oh! There you are! I am so sorry about last night! My mom was being a total cunt and when I finally snuck out I had forgot I had a date with this dude. He had a totally cute dad bod and the most beautiful eyes-“ she leaned in and whispered “and he knew how to work a girl with his fingers if you know what I mean!” She said sending her self into a roaring laughter.
So after evaluating the excuse she could make it but she chose dick. Weighing my choices of reactions I choose to leave it alone. If I get mad at her it just leaves me friendless and bored. Plus her parents have a great stash of weed. “How ‘bout I make it up to you? Wanna come over and smoke?” I twisted my face into a grin and ‘let in’
I’m used to having to fake my emotions and I’m so good at it sometimes I believe it. I’m no sociopath and I don’t manipulate anyone I just do to them what they do to me. I like to think of my self as a mirror for people who screw me over. It’s useful epically being a young black girl. I was 5’4 with black dreads to my waist Carmel colored skin. Freckles had formed around my cheeks, nose, and the area between my brows. I was over blessed with butt, boobs, and thighs for a junior. Lucky I kept my tummy slim. I hazel eyes and always worse hooped ear rings. And as unlucky as I am, I am the only black girl in my whole school.
After school ended I smoked some with crystal at her house. When the high faded I left and went home I checked the mail on the way in and dropped off all the bills on the cluttered table. When I got to my room I locked it along with the dead bolt I installed myself. I rolled over in the bed and opened up my letter. It was a thick envelope from university of Texas which was 3 and a half hours away. Skimming the letter my heart beats out of my chest and my body is on an all time high... I FUCKING MADE IT! EARLY ADMISSION!
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