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His Forever.

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Chapter 2

“You look hot !!” Peach said as i got in the car .

“Raspberry. ....you forget your book !!”
Aron yelled .
“Dame it ” I got out and took the book from him .
“Bye bye ”
“Be careful ” he said with a stern voice .
I nodded and kissed him on his cheeks before getting in the car .

“Raspberry !? ....seriously? ”
I chuckled .
“Why ?” She asked .
“I got all the Raspberry jam smeared on my face this morning thats why ”

She giggled and pulled through our drive way .

We were in our math class we Peach started annoying me .
She poked me multiple times ....i scowled but she simply showed a kiss face .
“Hey peach ” she raised an eyebrow .
“Have you ever felt like someone’s watching you ?.....or you are being followed? ”
She thought for a second .

“Yes actually ”
What ?
Thank god ...so i am not the only one with these feelings.

“I found out who it was ...”
My eyes winded.
“Who ” i frowned. ..
She has been stalked by someone before ..???
Thats scary.
“I always knew someone was stalking me .....i always felt like he was watching me ....he was ...”
“Who ?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Miss Jane’s dog ”

I slapped my hand on my head
Why .!
Why do i have such a stupid friend !!

“You know why he always stared at me ”
I look at her with a not interested face .
“Because i always had those chocolate biscuits in my hand ”

Holy mother !!!
Here i am talking about a serious topic and she just HAS to ruin it .
I used to be like that ...... and now she is ..

I sighted and look ahead .
“Pssst ...”
“What ?” I ask .
“Are you ok?” She asks .
I nodded .

I am totally not !!
Nobody is ok ..when they feel like they are being watched.

The bell rang .
“Finally !!”
We made our way to the lockers
Natalie was standing there .
“Hey ...” she chirped .
“Hii !!” Peach said grabbing her book .
“Hey Anna ....you know the way to senior’s library right ?”
I nodded .
“Well ...since you have a free lecture will you please give this one back ?”
“Ya sure ”

I took it from her .
“You coming with me ?” i asked peach
“Where ” she asked back
“The back building. ....seniors one ”
She wined .
“Why don’t you go i will wait for you at our usual place , i have to talk to Jason” she stated and i sigh.

“Fine ”
I made my way to the second building.
The halls were never quite.
All senior’s looked at me like i was an idiot .
Some even commented .
I walked in the library and saw a familiar face .
“Oh ..hi sweeti ”
“Hi ..”
I was friends with the librarian.
I offent came here to read books .

Not that i am book worm
“I came here to return this ”
She nodded .
“Oh ...and some new books came in ..wanna see ?”
I thought for a second and nodded .

“Come with me ”
She took me to the last shelf and opened it .
It had many new dictionaries ..., book of horror, humor , history and ...next was what i wanted ....the book of Quotes
My eyes winded. ...i grabbed it and flipped through the pages .

" i am sooooo reading this ”
Miss Rose the librarian chuckled .
“Alright then”

I took the book and was about to make my way to the door .
“Are you going already? ” she asked
“I would love to sit here and read but ...we aren’t allowed here ” i said
“Well ...you helped me once ...so you can sit ..” she sad and my eyes lit up .
I cluched the book to my chest in happiness.

The main reason i love to sit here is because the place is so wonderful and quite.
People hardly come here .
And the sofa is rather comfortable.
I sat to the corner of the room on a white sofa and engulfed myself in the world of quotes.

I was half way to the second page ...i remembered that i had to go meet up with Peach and the others so i got up and walked out only to bump into someone and my book fell to the ground

“i am sorry” i said and look up to see a gorgeous face ,damn he is hot .

That guy stood right in front of me making me nervous.
I continued ignoring him and tried to step away .

He never moved .
My heart suddenly started beating fast as the scent of his cologne hit me .
I froze as he bend’s down .
His hands slowly picked up the fallen book from the ground
I looked up and my breath hitched ...

Those stormy chocolate brown eyes with golden line stared at me as i took in deep breath .
“E-e-exuse ..m-me ?” I ask timidly .
“I suppose this is a seniors library. ..what are you doing here ?”
His voice send shivers though my spine .

“I-i ...i am -sorry ..i was just leaving ”
I realised i was only to his shoulder length.
Damn this guy is tall ...and muscular ...and freakishly handsome ...
Its illegal to be so hot dude ...

I gulped and walked ...I was about to get out when a strong hand came around my waist and i let out a squeak .I was turned around only to be met by his ey-chest .Sparks filled my body .

He kept staring at me “you dropped this “he stated and i looked at his hand to see the book i was reading ....i tried to push him away by my hands on his chest ..
But never did he budge
I gulped feeling the uneasiness

“Stop “he commands .
I suddenly feel scared
I look at the book then at him .
His eyes still with a cold stare .

I gently took it from him expecting him to let go but he didn’t .
“Thank you ,C-Can i g-go ?”
His hand then uncoiled from my waist ...
My legs felt like jelly ...those sparks fluttered in my stomach .

His face was very attractive. ...but his eyes were cold ....it scared me ..some how also made my heart beat out of my chest .

“Ok its ok....just a guy ...he isn’t even scary .....not like you are gonna meet him again...hahha what am i think....i should never go to that side ...” i mumbled all the way to our building
I never realised i was right in front of my locker ....

I was breathing heavily.
How does he have that impact on me ?
That is wired ...total wired ....

“Hey !!!! I hate you !!” Came in peach .
shit i am late
“I am sooo sorry i got caught up in something. ..it was serious weird and i don’t know how to explain - ...”
“Shhhhh ....ok ok calm down ..what happened? “she asked

Thank god she isn’t that mad .
I let out a heavy sight .
“I was leaving .”
“That library? ” she continued
I nodded

“Then i bump into this guy ,supper hot one ..then he held me and gave me the book i dropped ..he was soo hot ..”

Peach chuckled .
“Oh really”I bite my lip
“Well .....i still hate you ....” I wined .
“Sorry .”
“Ok ...buy me a ice cream ”
“Done ” She jumped and laughed .

We all 5 were walking out the door ...
Everybody was talking with each other while i walked behind them and i saw one of my old ex-friend .
My inner voice kept telling me to look away but i couldn’t.
And then they suddenly started ...my mind reminded how badly my old friends were to me .

“Please don’t sit with us Anna ...we know you are nice ..but its just , our friends keep telling us that you laugh too loud ...and you are so childish ..”
I sood up from the chair .
"Well ... the world where i live is just to different than yours ...”
I said and walked away

“You can’t sing so shut up ”

“Hey Anna ....i found some new friends. ...but i can’t take you with me ...i am so sorry bye ”

“I don’t like you Anna ”

“Maybe you should change yourself. ...”

STOP !!!

“Anna ?” I realize i was breathing heavily until Peach brought me back .
“Hey ....its alright. ...lets go ” she said
She never moved ...instead she hugged me tight .

“Hey ....nemo ...don’t be sad ...i will buy you that nemo fish toy ok ?” Amber said
I chuckled .
I never realized i had let out a single tear ....
I never realized the people standing in front of me were the ones who except me for who i was .

I smiled .
“Shit ....you ruined your makeup !!”
Peach said .
I laughed with the others .
They walked ahead but peach didn’t.
“I am so sorry to ruin the mood ”
She sighted .
“Ya you ruined mood i hate you i don’t wanna talk to you ,all you do is cry ” she stated emotionless
I look at her with neutral face .
“Anna .....” she kept her one hand on my shoulder
“Its ok to cry sometimes, its ok to let those memories come in your mind and make you think sometimes.
And you know ..you always have me “she said and i smiled

“But i still want that ice cream ”
I chuckled .
This girl never keeps me down over 10 minutes.

“You lool so cute when you have red puffy eyes and pink cheeks ”
I look at her in a ’are you crazy ’look

As soon as we walk out the cold wind hits my face and i bring my jacket closer .
I look up to peach’s car ...
She walks futher as i follow her .
At that moment. ..i wish ...i wish i never should have turned my head to the left ..

Because as soon as i did i stopped walking
Those brown eyes were staring right at mine ..
I gasp as i see him leaning over a black car not to far away with his hands in his pockets looking right at me .

“Hey man !!” He turns his head to some boys coming near him .

He nodds but looks at me again before getting in the car .
“Damn ” someone whispered i my ear making me jump .
“oh my god ” i turn around gasping to see Peach
“Jesus Peach ..!!! Don’t scare me like that !!! ”
Her face is neutral

“What ?.....that was a hot one right there ...and he was totally eyeing you ...”
I sight ..
“Wait ...was he ..is he ...is he the one you told me about?”
My head swiftly moves to her ..
I nod slowly
“Oh my god ..!!!! But ...i think i have seen him somewhere ”

The car ride home went with her imagining me and him together and her asking and forcing me to wear something sexy Tomorrow.
Not happening.
None of it .

“You know ...you should give it a shot ” She says pulling the car in my drive way .
“What ?”
“You should losen up a bit ...”
I frowned.
“The last time you had a boyfriend was 3 years ago !!!” she said

I press my mouth in a thin line .
“I don’t want history to repeat itself” I mutter .
She pinched the bridge of her nose .
“Godddddd........its 21st century. ....live a little. ...there isn’t gonna be a cold war ...and no ..the history does never repeats itself ”

“Well in my case it did ”
She huffs .
“Cuppcake ..please listen to me for once ”
I get out the car and lean on the window

“Maybe ...bye ” i heard a faint “this girl is stupid ” from her before getting inside .

As i walk in the kitchen i was greeted my mom and dad , my mom was casually sitting on dad’s lap and she was giggling like a teenager.

“Ewwww...dad ...stop ...can you please not do this in front of me ?”
Mom pulls away .
“Oh....sweeti ..welcome home !!”
She gets up from his lap and makes her way to the fridge.
“Here i made some pasta for you ,heat it before you eat and add herbs if you want ”

I keep my bag on the counter and hug my dad .
“Why so early ?” i asked
I went over to hug my mom .
“Oh ..me your dad and Aaron are going to a get together. ....you can’t come since ...well ....there are many men there and your brother and dad are not any men close to you ”

“Oh ” i chuckled
I thank mom a million times before going upstairs.Events of past led my dad and Aaron to be protective of me ,they don’t let me go to a party of strangers where there are many men

Its not like i don’t like men ....i can talk to them...
But to many people eyeing me makes me hell nervous

And after that one incident. ....i dont think i can ever be friends with too many people. ....more importantly boys .

There was a knock on my door and i huffed sitting up .
“Don’t come inn !!” i stated just for fun,But door opened and i saw Aaron dressed in a suit .

“Wow .....my bro looks good ”
He looked at me and raised his hands to reveal a ......tie ?

“What ?” I asked getting up from my bed .
“Tie this for me ?” I chuckled .
“You are almost 22 bro ..you should learn doing this ..”
I take it from his hands and start tying it on his neck .

“Well.....you tie it better ” I smiled .
“Well ......i do ” I tie it and straighten it out .

“I got a job ” I look up surprise .
“Oh my god .....Aaron ...really ? ”
“Ya “he stated smirking

“Oh my god really? ..congratulations Aaron ” i kissed his cheeks .

“Ya ...so you won’t be irritated now since i am gonna be out most of the times ” I pouted .
“Hey ...i won’t have a company. ......but i am proud of you ” He chuckled .
“Be careful ok ....if any stranger comes call dad or me first ”
I nodded .

“I wanted you to come but ....it better if you stay . ”
I ducked my head and nodded
He kissed my forehead.
“Stay safe ...love you, bye ”

I smiled .
I locked the door after saying bye to everyone .
Heating the pasta and adding some herbs i plopped on the bed .

“Time for Netflix! !”

Its 12 already? ??
God i have lectures tomorrow.
I made my way upstairs. ...that’s when my phone buzz .
“Hey fruit ”

“Jesus women calm down ....
Tell me what happened ” i said
Sitting on my bed i brought the pillow over my lap .
“Ok ok .....so ....here’s the thing ...you remember Zander Williams? ”

Williams. ...
Williams. ..

“Ohhhh.....umm No ”
I heard her sight from the other side .
“You idiot ....the one handsome young man whose pic i showed you days ago ??”
“No honey ....never heard of him ” i stated
I can imagine her slapping her hand on her forehead .

“Do you know Damond Williams? ”
“Oh oh ...i know him ”

Damond Williams was a successful business man who was my ideal inspiration for me getting interested in my goals for future . i have heard and read a lot on him .

“Well ....what about it ?” i asked
“Well......he is the one ” she stated and i raised my eyebrows still confused
“The one .....what one ..which one ?” i kept rambling
“OH MY GOD !! ANNA ! the person who was glaring at you in the parking lot is ZANDER !! Zander Williams , Damond Williams son !”

“What ?” I asked confused.
“You don’t mean to say that the ..
Mr. Chocolate brown eyes is the son of Damon Williams do you ?”
“What part of his ‘son ’ do you understand Anna ?.....gosh you are so naive ”

Wait ....a ....minute ..
He was Zander Williams?

He ....he ...was staring at me ? wow .. i saw Damond Williams son .
Doesn’t matter Anna ..you are intrested in meeting his father not him .but its immposible to meet people like him . but i do want to thank that man to give me a goal which i can work on

“Hello !?....Anna ...dead or alive ?”
“Alive , alive ..“i replied
“Good ...” she said

“Why are telling me this ?” I asked .
“Just wanted you to know ...i saw it over that business magazine. ....thats why ....shit mom is calling ..gotta go byeee ”
And then....
She hung up .

I am ....literally. ...confused .

I still don’t why though she would want me to know
Not like i care
I won’t go with any man ..be him rich or average.

I am reserved to myself ...

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