Trouble in Blue

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Book 1 in the Peterson brothers series. (Sample only.) Officer Blake Peterson, A guy who runs things by the book, that was until he met the woman who was going to change his life. Ria Mckenzie, a smart 23-year-old woman. Working as the main receptionist for companies in a large office building in the city. The last person she expected to meet there was her future husband who came crashing through the doors.A fast paced love story with many mishaps, fun and laughs along the way.

Romance / Action
Arri Stone
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Chapter 1

Ria is getting ready for work and the neighbours next door are shouting at each other again. "Those fucking neighbours," she says under her breath. Just about to leave to go to work it's 8 am and the neighbours from hell are arguing louder now. Leaving her apartment she bumps into her pleasant neighbours Annie and Dillon from the other side of her. Annie asks how Ria is doing and if she has got settled in properly now.

"Yeah thanks, I'm heading off to work now."

Annie is always up for a good laugh and suggests Ria pops in for a drink when she is done later that day.

"Thanks, I might do, see you later."

Heading out to go catch her bus, it ends up being five minutes late. Finally, getting into work the security guy Tom at the front greets Ria and lets her through. Considering herself lucky at getting this job, as she knows there were a large number of people who went for the interview, so she was genuinely surprised when they gave her the job. Now settled in at her desk and ready for the hordes of people who come through there every day. Tom the security guy asks if Ria would like a coffee getting once he gets a chance later on?

"Tom you know you are my favourite person here in the mornings."

"I'll go once the 9 am rush is through the doors."

"Thanks, Tom"

Sam who is the boss and co-owns the building has it set up so several businesses could work out of the same building. Ria meets and greets many of the different employees heading off to their own offices, some are a bit stuck up but others are okay. The first lot of people arrive and need directing to the correct floors and offices. As Sam comes in he informs Ria he has a client arriving at 9.30 am but as he is running a bit late if she could hold them here till he was finished.

"Oh Okay, Mr. Thomas."

He reminds Ria to call him Sam as he hates the formality of her calling him Mr. Thomas. He tells Ria his next client will be Charlie Webber.

"Your Joking?" Ria says with surprise.

Sam says he doesn't want him crashing into his ex-wife who happens to be a client before him about something else he can't discuss.

"Oh, okay, so I'll keep him distracted then, I'll make him some coffee or something."

"Thanks, you're a lifesaver, I'll ring down when I'm ready for him."

Sam disappears off. Ria thinks to herself. 'Shit Charlie Webber, he's a famous actor, I used to have the hots for him god I hope I don't mess up.' Several more people filter through in walks Charlie Webber straight up to Ria's desk.

"Hi, I'm here to see Sam,"

Ria tells him Sam is a little behind on his schedule. Showing him over to the seating where he can be more comfortable whilst he waits.

"Would you like something to drink?"

Charlie replies with wanting only a juice. Ria goes over to the little kitchen area and prepares him a juice and brings it back over to the seating area where she left him. Managing to keep it professional, although the way Charlie was checking her out when she walked off, Oh yes Ria could see in the reflection Charlie was seriously checking out her behind. As she puts his juice down on the table a man comes running in with a gun in his hand shouting.
Tom had been hit over the head and knocked out. He was laying on the ground at the side of the doors. Charlie instinctively grabbed Ria and pulled her down onto the floor, with heart rates rocketing the man started waving the gun around shouting, luckily there was only Charlie and Ria in the reception at the time. Charlie kept himself on top of Ria as if he was protecting her, Ria could feel the weight of him pressing down over the top of her. It flicks through her mind but how can at a time like this, how she can even be the slightest bit turned on. In a matter of only seconds, the police are in the building telling the man to put his weapon down. Ria is watching what is going on, the man is still shouting, Ria's not even clear what he is shouting about. He is still waving the gun about when he starts moving over to Charlie and Ria's direction.
Ria takes a quick glance at Charlie. He whispers to her to come with him closer to the seats so they can move behind them. He climbs off and helps Ria to now behind the couches. With their heads peeking over the back to see what was going on, Charlie's arm comes around Ria's shoulder, his face right next to hers. Thinking how lucky she could be and so unlucky at the same time. She starts feeling a little hot under the collar now. More police turn up now surrounding the man.

"Sir you need to relax now, just lower your weapon and nobody else has to get hurt."

"That's right, it's over now, lower your weapon onto the floor."

The man lowers his gun and the officers go to take him down when suddenly the man raises his gun and it goes off "BANG" The gunshot echoes in the foyer of the reception area, one of the policemen jumps on top of the guy knocking the gun out of his hands and it scatters along the floor as he is flattened down, arms pinned behind his back. The big bulky police officer handcuffs the guy and two others come and take him away. Charlie still has his arm around Ria, she thinks it was because he was actually afraid. Ria asks him if he is OK.

"I should be asking you, You're not hurt are you?"

"No, I think I am alright"

The police officer walks over to them and Ria gets a proper look at him, as she glances him up and down, she's thinking to herself he is as sexy as hell. A deep and very sexy voice comes out from his mouth making Ria internally groan, at least she thinks it's inside her head.

"Are you both OK?" The officer’s eyes stare deep into Ria’s.

She was sure he took in a deep breath when she found herself biting her bottom lip looking at him. Charlie answers first saying he is Okay, the officer then gazes at Ria, and she could only ask him about the gunshot, and if anyone was hit.

"No it was a wild shot and no one was hurt, Can I ask you your names for the police files in case we need you as a witness."

Charlie was reluctant about giving his name out, but the officer reassured him the offender was already under arrest for assault and brandishing a weapon. After Charlie thanked the officer and went to sit down, the officer turned to Ria, boy did he make her go weak at the knees. Ria gave him her name and address and also that she worked here at the reception. Ria is looking at him thinking the way he is talking is so masculine, so rough. He's a big guy and could easily lift her up in his arms and throw her about. She had been lost staring at him when she heard him next speak.

"Officer Blake Peterson for your information. "

When he says his name Ria gets a rush of excitement between her legs. After the police give the all-clear and everyone could get back to work. Blake is last to leave and thanks Ria for her

“No thank you Officer Blake Sir.”

Ria watches his eyes light up and she thought she heard him grunt under his breath as he turned. Watching his tight ass as he walked. She likes his uniform on him as it hugs all the right places, and is wondering what's underneath it. He turns and looks at her as he is going out the door and gives her a cheeky grin making Ria blush because she was caught looking. God and this is only the start of her day Ria thinks to herself. Getting back to her day, she thanks Charlie for his help earlier on and sends him up to Sam's office. A few more clients came through and Ria got them to either wait in the waiting area or send them up to the correct floors and office’s.
At lunchtime, everyone in the office goes out on an hour's lunch break. Ria heads to a local cafe for her lunch. She puts in her order and finds a seat. The cafe is busy but always a good service. She gets given the soup she had ordered quickly. As she is enjoying her lunch a noisy annoying guy sits down next to her knocking her arm and spilling her soup.

"oh for god's sake"

He doesn't even apologise and carries on with his lunch. Ria gets some napkins to clean up the mess, luckily it didn't go on her outfit.
After finishing Ria gets up to leave and heads back to work. She's about to leave through the door when someone bumps into her, knocking Ria backward, before she hits the floor a hand grabs her and pulls her back up into his arms.

"Sorry I was in a bit of a rush for my lunch and didn't see you"

Ria's cheeks flush red as Blake stands there holding her, she is so close to him she can smell his scent sending a tingling sensation running through her body.

"Thank you officer Blake sir, you've saved me for the second time today and it’s only lunchtime."

He took a sharp intake of breath and groaned at her closeness pressed against his body. Ria is short for time and needs to be back. His arms leave her and she's disappointed as she was enjoying his touch. She thanks him again before leaving. Heading back to work and she can't get him out of her head, tall, muscular, and a deep sexy voice. She's walking back in a daydream thinking about the run-in she had with Blake and the feelings of his arms on her body when she bumps into someone.

"Oh, I'm so sorry"

"Watch it, lady"

This guy was not happy, Ria apologized to him again. He must have felt bad as he began talking again.

"I'm sorry I snapped, just had a rough morning and my fucking ex-wife is now demanding more from me in the divorce, I've got to go as I've got a meeting."

Ria apologised again to him saying she had been daydreaming. She can see from the look he gives her he thinks she is some sort of dizzy blonde who lives in her head. Ria heads into the reception and to her desk, putting her bag away in the draw, as she sits down a voice, and a person she recognises appears. Guessing that he was here for Sam Ria calls him to say his one o'clock is here. After several clients feed through and Ria sends them to the relevant floors her day is nearly over, She wonders if the security guard Tom will be back tomorrow, and hopes he is alright. After the last client has left, it's all the different businessmen and women who are left finishing up their work. Ria packs away any files and grabs her bag. As she is leaving the building it starts to rain.

"Oh fantastic, I didn't bring an umbrella."

Making a dash for the bus stop trying not to crash into anybody, she makes it in time as her bus pulls up. Hopping on and getting the last seat available, Ria relaxes, knowing that it's not too far a journey to her apartment. Climbing the stairs up to her floor the couple is already fighting who lives next door. Ria wonders how long they will be at it this time. As she pushes her key in the lock to open up, the guy from next door comes out slamming the door behind him and leaves with the woman still shouting.

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