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Book 2 in the Peterson Brothers series. (Sample Only.) The oldest out of the Peterson brothers, Adam has a knack for opening his mouth and coming out with what he thinks. He is as filthy as they come. Many people call him foul mouthed, dirty bastard, sex mad and huge. Standing at 6'7" tall he towers above everyone, with his womanising ways most avoid him at the station. It's his dreamy eyes and his charming smile is what makes it harder, especially for Bostyn who has already fallen for him. Bostyn Tarrant a quiet and normally shy woman who Adam teases all the time, not only because he wants her in his bed but because there is something about her that makes her different to all the rest. She just doesn't want to be another notch on his bedpost and relentlessly doesn't give into his charms. When Adam meets and falls for someone else breaking his bad boy ways Bostyn thinks she has missed her chance to be with him. Follow Adam and Bostyn's journey to find out where is ends.

Romance / Erotica
Arri Stone
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Adam Peterson, few words can describe him. Many people call him foul mouthed, dirty bastard, sex mad and huge. Standing at six feet seven inches tall, long shoulder length hair and a reasonably decent looking beard. It's those eyes and his smile which keeps getting him women. Being part of a large family Adam is the oldest out of the four brothers and one sister. All four brothers are officers and his sister Claire went into the forensics as her interest went into the science side of the police.

All the women in the force know exactly what he is like and stay well clear of him. There is one woman Adam takes a fancy to, but she relentlessly doesn't give into his charms.

The police have been on high alert as they have been experiencing large outbreaks amongst some of the gangs who run parts of the city. There is a guy who is known as the ghost as he is never seen, but everyone is aware that he is about.

Blake his younger brother got a call from his fiancée to say a guy called Dante (the ghost) had walked into her workplace. Adam finds his brother Blake rather amusing as he has fallen head over heels in love with this woman. He is now shouting at Adam and his brothers, who all happened to be at the station together as they were in a meeting.

Blake told them to move their asses down there immediately. As they all pile through the door of Ria's workplace and she gets bombarded with questions, she becomes vague with her answers and Adam is sure he saw her give Blake a certain look as if to say she will tell him later on.

A call comes in from the station requesting Adam to head over to an address. "Damsel in distress that's my cue to leave."

Adam heads off leaving the others to it. Arriving at the address he knocks on the door.

"Hello I got a call for this address about a possible assault?"

A timid voice comes back from the other side. "Please help me, my husband has gone out and locked me in."

Adam thinks this is strange that a husband would lock his wife up in the house.

"Miss, can you give me your name?"

"Fiona Simmons." It was a quiet whisper that came back that had Adam concerned.

"Okay Fiona, have you any idea how long your husband will be away for?"

When she goes into details about her husband who is very controlling, he takes her to work and picks her up. She's not allowed a phone and it is only because someone at her work had sneaked a small mobile phone for her to use that she is managing this call. She is terrified her husband will find out she has the phone and will hurt her again.

This raises the red flag for Adam, he may like his women and can be a dirty bastard but he also knows how to treat them.

"Okay Fiona I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to make a call I'll be right outside the door."

She pleads with him not to leave her alone. When her husband comes back he will play the loving, caring husband.

Adam assures her he won't be going anywhere. He calls up the Chief and lets him know the details she had just relayed to him. The chief advises Adam to wait until the husband comes home, but if he isn't back within one hour to ring the chief back so they can get the authorization to knock the door down. Adam comes back to the door.

"Fiona sweetheart I've not been authorized to break the door down yet but I'm not going to leave you here on your own."

"But what if he comes back, when you leave he's going to beat me so I'll have to call in sick at work." She starts crying.

"Fiona I'm not going to let that happen, I'm going to stay right outside the door. You tell me about yourself and your husband?"

Adam slides down at the door, his back against it. She does the same on the other side.

"I met him, James is his name. He was so sweet to start with the perfect guy. When I started going out with just my friends he started getting angry, he kept going on about how he thought I was cheating on him and I had to tell him I wasn't. It wasn't too bad to start with but then my friends would mention things but he had been so loving and caring. He proposed and I said yes."

Adam sits and listens as she carries on taking.

"It was after we got married things got worse. If I was late coming home from work he would argue with me then the hitting started. He threatened me and made me feel like nobody else would love me."

"Can you describe him so I know when he comes up the stairs?"

"Yeah he's six foot tall, dark brown hair, normally dressed in a suit. He likes to go to the gym so he is fit."

She throws in the concern she has as James is quite strong. Adam starts laughing.

"Well you won't have a problem love; I'm bigger than your average guy."

Adam is already thinking about his dick size and when he tells her he is six foot seven he could make out her gasps through the door, even more so when he tells her that's not the only thing what is huge about him. She starts laughing at his flirting skills.

Adam gets her to describe herself to him and he thinks she sounds cute the way she is talking.

"So you're tall what else."

"Well I think the word I used was big, Yes, I'm huge in every way if you can imagine." He hears her chuckling behind the door. "I have long brown hair, usually tied back when I'm working, brown eyes, and I'm massive."

Fiona starts laughing out loud, she hasn't laughed like this in ages. As Fiona continues to sit and talk to Adam she relaxes around him. He's made her laugh at silly things, and she could say he has been flirting with her through the door. She felt amazing. Nobody has made her have feelings like this in the last three years she has been stuck with James, her husband.

Adam breaks their talking as someone is coming up the stairs. He stands up ready to face the scumbag of a wife beater. The husband is wondering why a police officer is standing outside his apartment.

"Good afternoon sir, is this your apartment?"

Adam is trying to be polite; he has to control his anger which has built up over the last hour. After he had given the excuse a neighbour reported a leak coming from the apartment, James is very short with Adam and tells him he will fix the leak. James goes to open his door and tries to slip inside, but before he has a chance to close the door Adam pushes his boot in, jamming the door open.

"Remove your boot out of my door."

"Sir I need to check your apartment."

James stands and argues with Adam, his size doesn't even faze him as he keeps trying to push Adam out of the doorway. Not standing for his shit anymore Adam uses his size and weight against the door pushing James out of the way.

Adam headed straight through into the living room area. He knew where he was going as Fiona had been describing everything to him. When he steps into the living room and his eyes fall upon Fiona thoughts of how fucking hot she forgot to mention she was runs through his head.

Fiona is terrified when her husband comes into the room. Adam keeps his cool and asks if she is alright. She doesn't have a chance to answer as her husband does that for her. Again snapping at Adam and why he is here.

"Miss if you could show me your bathroom where the leak is coming from, it may be a simple problem to fix, I'm very good with my hands."

Adam gives her a wink and a small glimmer shines in her eyes of hope. In a shaky voice she leads Adam to the bathroom, James is hot on their heels but when Adam goes in and shuts the door. There is no lock on the bathroom but Adam holds it shut with his weight.

"Right can you turn on your taps and we will take a look if there are any leaks."

As the noise of the running water masks their talking Adam motions Fiona to show her the injuries she has. With shaking hands she lifts up her top and Adam can see old and new marks over her body. He takes her shaking hands and whispers in her ear so he can't be heard by the husband, which he is sure has his ear pressed up against the door.

"I'll get you out of here don't worry."

With pleading eyes she grabs hold of Adams uniform. "Please he will hurt me again after this."

Adam strokes the side of her face wiping away a tear. Her beautiful five foot six frame and golden hair Adam feels horny as fuck and also angry at the husband.

When they had both been talking outside the door, he said he would show her the way he would kiss her. Adam can't resist and takes her lips in a greedy kiss; she responds back but winces when Adam takes her ass in his hands.

"He hit you there too?"


Adam tells Fiona to turn the taps off and they leave the bathroom. Immediately James is snapping at his wife and telling her to go to the kitchen. Adam's size stands in front of Fiona so the husband can't reach her.

"Let's go through to the living room sir. Fiona go to the bedroom and bring your stuff."

"What the hell are you on about, Fiona is my wife and she does as I tell her."

Adam has had enough of this prick and grabs his arms. He leads him into the living room before putting his boot behind his knees and bringing him down onto the floor, reading him his rights as he handcuffs him. Adam calls it in once he has him secure. Fiona comes out with a bag in her hands, she is visually shaking with fear, but if she doesn't take this step then she will never escape out of his clutches.

"You fucking bitch you will pay for this."

Adam presses down onto James's arm which is already bent behind his back making him squirm and shout. Putting her bag down she thanks Adam a hundred times and pulls him down so she can wrap her arms around his neck.

“Thank you.”

"No problem darling." Her eyes meet Adams and she smiles, for the first time in years. Adam thinks it's a beautiful smile. She doesn't pull away when Adam closes in on her lips and kisses her. She allowed it, opening her mouth letting his tongue slide in and it was a kiss what made her panties wet for the first time in over two years all for the right reasons.

"Oh my."

Adam smiles, he knows how to kiss a woman and he can tell how much she enjoyed it.

"You fucking bastard I'm going to have you done for assault."

"Funny that, because it is exactly what you are going down for."

There is a knock at the door and it is Eddie. "So what do we have here then Adam?"

"Assault and abuse on his wife."

James starts going off on one shouting saying that the big fella has got it all wrong and he is the one who should get done for abuse as he was just kissing his wife. Eddie just looks at Adam and shakes his head.

"What you've seen her, she's beautiful and she's not had a decent kiss in years. And if this fucker hadn't beaten her so she can't be touched I would have sure to have fucked her too, show her what a real man can do with his dick."

"You fucking listening to this, I want him done for mistreatment of a civilian."

Adam laughs at the squabbling man lying down on the floor.

"Come here darling would you."

Fiona walks back over to Adam and he helps pull up part of her shirt so Eddie can see.

"No man should do this to a woman."

"Fuck me, Right well a female officer will be along shortly. Do you want me to take this guy in?"

Adam thanks Eddie as they pick the guy up. "And don't listen to any of his bullshit, it's not true, I never kissed his wife isn't that right Fiona?"

"No, no kissing at all."

"You fucking bitch, fuck you." He is shouting as Eddie hauls him down the stairs, Adam will head once the female officer arrives.

The room is silent and Fiona stands nervously twiddling her fingers.

"You okay beautiful?"

"Yes, thank you."

Adam can tell she is holding back. "Come here." Adam holds his arms out for her and she falls into him crying.

He stands holding her letting her cry knowing relief and the fear that is affecting her. He stands stroking her hair and telling her he will do everything to help her.

The door goes and Adam answers it. Office Kim comes through and he runs through everything with her and lets Officer Kim do her side of the job, taking pictures and collecting any evidence from the property what might prove to help Fiona.

Adam thanks Kim and tells Fiona she is in good hands now and they will make sure her husband gets locked up.

"Thank you Adam."

"You're welcome love."

He can see Officer Kim rolls her eyes at him as he passes her. He heads back to the station to go deal with the piece of shit James Simmons.
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