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Chapter 2

Waking up Adam is on the early shift all week and he hates the early shift. Rolling out the bed desperate for a piss he goes before turning on the shower. Standing under the falling water he is thinking back to yesterday. 'Fuck she was hot even kissing her, I wouldn't have minded bending her over and sticking my aching hard cock inside her sweet pussy. Talking of hard, my cock is aching for a release.'

He soaps himself up and starts wanking himself in the shower. 'Fuck I need to find myself some real pussy soon.' "Ahhh, fuck yes." Releasing himself all over the shower walls, he rinses it all down before leaving and getting dressed.

"God I need a fucking woman."

Arriving at work he goes down into the locker rooms and changes before going and checking on the Fiona Simmons case. He meets Eddie as he is on the same shift as Adam this week.

"Hey, Adam."

"Hey, Eddie how's our woman beater doing this morning?"

"Fuckers protesting. Still going on about you kissing her?"

"Well he can suck my dick; you saw what he did to Fiona's back?"

"Yeah apparently when Kim did the photos it's fucking bad. The bastard should be locked up for life."

When Eddie described what Kim had told him. The fucker had cut her legs, her ass had been whipped and the front of her body had slashes over her.

"I have it in my mind that fucker has a little trip and falls in his cell."

"I'm not deaf Adam." The chief walks into the room. "As much as I would like it to happen, the guy will suffer in prison. There are many who do not like wife beaters or any kind of abusers to women or children in prison."

"I'm glad, because what he did to that poor woman."

The chief rests his hand on Adam's shoulder. "Don't worry bastards like him will pay for it. We found the 'weapons' he used on her, they are in the forensics now, and no way is he getting away with it.

"Good because I know what some slimy bastards can be like with a decent lawyer."

Chief slaps Adam on his back and tells him not to worry. Chief isn't a small person himself but Adam still towers over him a good four inches.

"Assignment for you today Adam, be ready to head out with Tyler as robberies and outbreaks of fighting have been happening in the Southside. I want you both to walk the streets and parks. I need us to be seen out today."

Adam grumbles at the thought of having to walk. He nods to the chief before leaving to go grab a coffee and catch any of his brothers if they are about. As he picks up his coffee Bostyn walks by.

Adam's mind goes into overdrive as this is the woman who is driving him crazy in a different way to most women. He stands sipping his coffee whilst he checks out her fine ass. 'Fuck I wouldn't mind her sitting on my cock and riding me' Just then Tyler walks in and can tell Adam is checking her out.

"Get your dirty mind out the gutter boy."

Adam laughs at Tyler's comment, Bostyn hears Adam's laugh and turns around and finds him looking at her again. Biting her bottom lip as thoughts come rushing into her mind of him. She knew what he is like and tries to stay away from him, but the way he keeps looking at her. It makes every nerve in her body tremble, especially between her legs.

Turning away from him so he can't see the blush what has crept up on her face. She quickly drinks the rest of her coffee and walks out of the break room.

"Adam you need to find yourself a woman."

"That's not the problem Tyler, I can sweet talk them all, just no woman wants to stay for seconds."

"Maybe you frighten them off with your filthy mouth?"

"Nah, it's my huge cock that scares the shit out of them."

Blake walks in just as he overheard the last bit. "You talking about your fucking cock again Adam?"

"Come on Blake, Your woman drives you crazy, I know you, and you’re at it like fucking rabbits all the time. I need to find myself a woman to ride my cock every night."

Blake laughs at him. "Well, you just need to keep your mouth shut long enough to for a woman to stay."

Adam grumbles he wouldn't be able to eat pussy if he had to do that. Blake palms his hand to his forehead. "Fuck sake Adam. I'm out of here, got a lead on one of Harrison's men."

Blake heads off leaving Adam and Tyler. They head to go sign out a car; Chief agreed they take one of the undercover cars out so they could cover more of the streets without getting noticed. They were still in uniform so if trouble did arise they could jump out at any time. Tyler jumps in the driver's seat and they head off.

"So how's the girlfriend?"

"Don't fucking ask." Tyler shakes his head.

He had told Adam she has him on some sort of program for sex and when he can get it.

"Hey look."

Tyler drives past a couple of guys, as they do Adam checks them out.

"Yes, they definitely up to something. Shall we go check it out?"

Tyler pulls the car over behind another vehicle and they watch as the meeting goes on between the two men. As they talk between them one keeps looking about. Tyler and Adam keep their heads down. With a quick handshake, a large envelope is passed over. They both know they are sitting in Dante's territory and Adam is sure the other guy is one of Harrison's men.

"Didn't Blake say something about Dante?" Tyler is whispering, he knows they wouldn't be able to hear him but he's not taking the chance.

"Yes something about Harrison's men trying to move in on his ground. Looks like he is trying to buy his way in, maybe try to take down the others once he has enough insiders?"

As they sit and talk the conversation drifts over to Blake and his up and coming wedding. Tyler gets a laugh as he tries to imagine Adam in a suit.

"Hey, I look fucking hot in a suit."

After the men had left, they carried on driving about the streets, only having to deal with one fight. As it was coming up to lunchtime they headed back to the station. The Chief wanted them to go out on foot in the afternoon around the parks.

Both guys thought they had got away with it by having the car in the morning, but the Chief had said about a sighting of someone looking suspicious.

"Okay we might as well have lunch out; I'm not eating the crap in here then."

Adam agrees and they head back out on foot. They end up in the usual cafe which seems to be a gathering for a lot of officers and also Ria's favourite cafe. They were sitting down when Ria walked in.

"Hey, gorgeous are you coming to join us?"

Adam was a bit of a man whore when he met Ria and tried it on with her not knowing she and Blake had a thing for each other. He now behaves himself around her, well almost.

Ria thanks Tyler for organising a few musicians to play for them. She goes and orders her lunch and comes back over. Adam pats his knee. "You can always sit on me if you like?"

"Yeah, you would like that wouldn't you Adam."

Adam likes winding Ria up and thinks Blake is one lucky motherfucker as Ria is perfect for him. "Damn right I would."

Ria smiles at him. She would normally give him a slap or a punch for remarks like that but they are in a busy cafe. She takes a set next to them and they enjoy lunch together before everyone heads off for their afternoon work.

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