Reigning passions

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Xenia and Lilly are getting married and had plans for their future. But vayne has plans for them and xenia must keep Lilly safe and protect her from danger.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter one - planning

Lilly is writing the invitations for everyone and her friends. She is in love with xenia and loves her very much.

Xenia walks in with iris and Lilly smiled at them.
"Hey, my sweet girl" Lilly smiled and stands up.
Xenia walks over and kissed her softly. Iris wants attention and Lilly picks him up.
"Everything okay honey, you seem stressed"

Lilly smiled and sits down on the couch.
"It's tansy, she's back to her old self, but not to bad" xenia nods sadly and had a idea.
"Want me to massage" Lilly nods and puts iris down. He ran to his bed and takes a nap.

Xenia leads her to the bed and Lilly takes her dress off. "Now relax and feel great" Lilly lays on her stomach and xenia got undressed as she grabs the oil of vanilla. Xenia gets on top of Lilly and out some oil on her back.

She began to massage her back and shoulders.
Lilly moans softly at the touch and smiled.
"You were so intense, my sweet girl"

Lilly gasped softly at the tense spot and xenia started to massage her sides. "Xenia, I'm ticklish there" xenia nods and keeps on massaging her back.

Xenia turned her around and massaged her stomach with the oil. Lilly looks at her and smiled at her. "Mmm, you're amazing" xenia smiled and leads down to kiss her softly. "And big sexy mistress" xenia smirks at her and starts to grind her thighs. "You darn right i am" Lilly is breathing heavily as she keeps grinding her thighs with her own.

Lilly rested on her elbows and gasped softly.
"Mmm, keep going" xenia smirks as thrust her hips against Lilly's pussy. "That's right, relax and enjoy the ride, ahh" xenia throws her head back and they breathe heavily. "God, you feel so good against my pussy" xenia puts her hands between Lilly's head and keeps going.

"God yes, right there" xenia grabs the bed frame and Lilly puts her hands on xenia's hips.
"You cumming" Lilly gasped loudly as xenia goes faster and harder. "Almost there, harder"

They gasped loudly as they came together and Lilly is catching her breath and kissed xenia softly. Xenia lays down beside her and pulls her closer to her arms. "Sleep, you look exhausted" Lilly nods and falls asleep peacefully.
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