Loving Ace

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" Stop looking at me like that" I shook my head while staring at him . He chuckles and looks at me with a glint in his eye " I'm sorry , I just like what i see " Paislee moved to Los Angeles to get away from trouble that followed her family , but what happens when she accidentally bumps into Ace Jamerson, the town's bad boy. Can she continue to stay out of trouble ? Or is Ace the perfect thing to distract her .

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


I jump up as soon as I hear that horrid noise. ” NO” I groaned. Why does God hate me? That’s the only logical explanation because if he didn’t he wouldn’t make me go to school today. It’s my first day and the first days are the worst. First day at Los Angeles High School? That’s just terrible.

“Pais, baby get up! Time for school !” My mom screams from downstairs. I get up out of the bed and push my hair out of my face. ” Okay, I can do this.” I run into the bathroom and take a shower and brush my teeth. I come back to my bedroom with a towel wrapped around my body and pick out my clothes for the day. It’s my first day so I want to look pretty. I finished getting dressed and rushed downstairs.

“Morning Mom” I smile and kiss her cheek. ” I’m not hungry so I’m going to head out.” She looks at me in shock because I never miss a meal. I’m a growing bitch and a growing bitch gotta eat you know? I give her a reassuring smile and head out the door. I fish out my keys, get in my car, and drive off to school.

Once I arrive in the parking lot I’m amazed. The Los Angeles campus is beyond huge. Knowing me I could get lost three times in that bad boy. I get out of the car and run inside because I’m two seconds from being late. And who wants to be late on their first day of class? Not me. As I’m running I crashed into something that feels like a strong wall.

“Fuck! Watch where you’re going! ” A smooth, raspy voice says to me.

" Me? Are you blind or deaf? ” I looked at him like he was stupid. And he clearly is. ” You didn’t see or hear me running down this loud hallway ?” I stare at him with my arms folded and eyebrow raised.

He looks at the full length of my body and then back to my eyes. “I’ve never seen you before, are you the new student ?” He stares at me with those ocean blue eyes and I shrugged ” what if I am?.” He smirked at me and I shot him a look of distaste. “What’s your name, sweetheart ?”

" First of all, please don’t call me that. Secondly, It’s Paislee. And you are ?” I take a moment to stare over his body and dammit I can’t help but love what I see. ” Okay, sweetheart. And they call me Ace.” I smiled a little and picked up my bag that dropped with the collision.

“Well Ace, it was nice to meet you but I’m already late” As he continues to stare at me I walk in the opposite direction and try to forget that encounter ever happened. The last thing I need is a guy ruining my life more than it already is.

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