Love at first bite (Love At First Bite #1) {Unedited}

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*This Story Is Very Rough Drafted. I’m sorry if it’s not any good. I do plan on editing it.* Karla is the shy quiet girl that doesnt need many friends. She is close to her sister which is the one person she can relie on mostly. When a group of new people move into town what will happen when she catches the attention of someone who she didnt need to catch the attention off. Trigger Warnings: mentions of Bullying and insomnia

Romance / Fantasy
Kathryn Randell
Age Rating:


July 1776

John woke with a jolt. He didn’t know where he was but he remembered what happened. He remembered being in South Carolina in the middle of a battle. He remembered being close to death and the heat of a bullet passing threw him. He looked down and saw that not only was the bullet gone but the wound where the bullet had been was completely gone.
There was no one around so he couldn’t ask any questions. Something was up and John knew that much especially considering he’s alive when he shouldn’t be.
His throat hurt when it usually didn’t. He noticed that his eye site was better than ever and so was his smell. He smelled the blood coming from miles away. As he ran towards the blood. He came across two people. They introduced themselves as Rune and Belladonna.
“What’s happening to me?” John asked.
“What happened is that you got changed into a vampire.” Belladonna replies.
John was thinking that this couldn’t have been true. What about his family? What about Mary Jo? He sore to Mary Jo that he would make it home. He promised his family a big wedding and a celebration. Now there’s a chance that he wouldn’t marry Mary Jo like he wanted. He wouldn’t see his brothers again. Or ma and pa.
“Here drink this. You’ll feel better.” Rune had told John.
Rune handed over an animal that he found. It wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the taste that human blood brought. But if animal blood was the first blood that John tasted it might set him on the track to drink their blood and not humans. Plus, there might be some war trauma that neither Rune or Belladonna knew about. They knows that John would come to them when he was ready. They weren’t going to pressure him into telling them anything that he didn’t want to tell. So, when John took that first drink of animals blood he moaned in sweet relief. He didn’t know he was thirsty until that moment. John was worrying about everything else that he didn’t worry about weather or not he was thirsty.
“We’re going to be writing to your family saying that you didn’t make it.” Belladonna stated.
John snapped up and looked at these two nice people who were helping him. The only question that was coming to his mind was why? John still hadn’t fully accept that he was a vampire.
“We have to tell them. They are going to probably think somethings up when the war ends and you haven’t returned. Or why your different if you do return.” Rune stated answering Johns question.
“But who did this?” John asked. “Had so many plans for the end of this now they are just going to be out the window.”
“Someone who we’ve been chasing for awhile probably did this. We noticed that they were changing vampires up in Canada. But we haven’t been able to catch them yet.” Rune replied.
John was in utter disbelief that there were more out there. His parents believed that garlic was the way to keep out the monsters. If John was really a vampire like Rune and Belladonna had be suggesting then he knew he wouldn’t be able to step foot back into his house. Not after being changed by an unknown vampire. It was like Johns world in that moment was crashing down around him. What he last remembered about his human life was that he was fighting in the war to make sure that they were no longer under Britans rule. John wanted a better life for not only himself but also his family.
“Do you think that this gets better?” John asked.
“After a while. Theres things that I think that we still miss but in general it does get better. It wont help knowing that the woman you love will probably marry someone else.” Belladona replied.
John knew that if they didnt find him and told him what was going on then he might have drove himself crazy. He probably would have murdered his family. That was one thing he knew he couldnt do. Even when he was human and told his family that he was planning on going to fight against the British knowing that his family was one of the most loyal family to the british that he knew. They still let him go off to war and always let him back in. They knew that things were different but they knew that they loved each other. That was enough for him. He couldnt image what life would be like without his family. Or their life without him. John knew had to live on but how when everything seemed so different now. He was planning on living a different life when he returned home but he never thought it would be like this.
“We can help you if you want. Its just been the 2 of us since the 1470s when Belladonna changed me. We cant replace your family nor do we want to. But we can give you a new family. One that can help you adjust to your new life.” Rune stated.
John just shook his head. If anything he needed them to help him with this new life. Belladonna had delivered the message to his family and John saw what had happened. His mother sobbing because he wasnt coming home. His father coming to his mothers aid before seeing what the letter had said. His three brothers not knowing what to do but John saw on their faces it had something to do with him. John wanted nothing more than to rush down there and hug his mother and tell her that everything was going to be okay. But he knew the moment he thought that it would be a lie. His family always told him it was never a good thing to lie. That liars went to hell and not heaven. But John thought seeing this was hell enough. Knowing that whoever did this put not only him but his family in hell because they now have to be separated.
“Im sorry.” Belladonna stated as she met them at their site.
“It had to be done. I just hate seeing my mother like this. If anything i want to tell her that things will be okay. But we all know that will be a lie. Think it makes it that much more real seeing my family a wreck. Coming back to them as well as my lady were keeping me going.” John spoke
John knew the truth he had to let go of not only his family but also Mary Jo. That was something he didnt want to do. He knew he had to but it was harder knowing that she had to move on and marry someone else and even have someone elses children. It hurt John knowing that Mary Jo was going to have the life that Mary Jo was suppose to have with him with someone else. John knew that Mary Jo had other suitors but for some reason she had chose him. They were both young. Both under 20 and knowing that they both wanted to spend forever with each other seem just about right. Rune had told Mary Jo what had happened and John could see the hurt on her face and the tears steaming down her face. There were still things holding him to Albany but he knew he couldnt stay. Especially with how dangerous that it all was. John knew that he was hurting the people he loved.
“Are you both ready to go?” Rune asked.
John didnt realize that Rune had made it from Mary Jos front door to right next to Belladonna. Things were going to be different and John knew that now. But here was the real question. Was he ever going to find someone who made him feel the way Mary Jo did. He didnt notice Runes and Belladonas eyes on him.
“Of course you will. You will have that feeling again. You will feel that connection with this person. Cant promise that it wont be a human. But i can promise that you will find someone that makes you feel the way that the lovely young lady made you feel.” Belladonna stated.
He knew that she was right. He always wanted something that his parent had. He still had that chance. He knew he had to figure out this new life before he even thought about love again. But he also knew from his love for Mary Jo that love can hit you out of nowhere. Mary Jo was his first love and John wanted to make whoever was his one the same way he made Mary Jo felt. John didnt feel the connection to Mary Jo now that he was a vampire than when he was human. He didnt know what changed but something definitely did. It would probably help.
“You both promise that you will let me get use to this new life? Because lets be honest. I dont know what it is im suppose to be doing now.” John had stated.
“We are now your family. We can tell you that your family will miss you and they raised a fine young man. Now its our turn to teach that young man to be a fine vampire. One how to hunt and to stay in the shadows. There are things that we have learned that we cant wait to teach you. There will be things that you will learn that we didnt learn but we can try and be as close to a family as humanly possible.” Rune stated.
John shook his head as Rune gave him a ring. There were many questions around this ring that John didnt know yet. John had alot of questions but he knew that his parents always called him a curious child that asked to many questions. The answers will come to him and it seemed like his new family would tell him everything he needed to know in time. It was time to start the new life that even he didnt know if he was ready for. But this new life was ready for him weather he liked it or not.
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