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Arc 2.0: Dreaming of Ganymede

He couldn’t breathe. He opened his mouth, water rushing in, and he choked. His lungs were burning. He held on to a marble surface and pushed himself up.

Air! Finally. He punched his chest, trying to help himself choke up the water.

He barely noticed that he had been drowning in a large bathtub as he tried to get out. His body had no strength, so he fell on the cold floor. His skin felt ablaze, and his sight was blurry. He couldn’t even think about where he was before he started vomiting uncontrollably.

What was happening? Was he poisoned? He had to get up, had to find help.

He stood up again, and barely took a few steps holding on to the wall the entire time.

“Help—!” he started to call before another bout of vomiting took over.

After he could breathe again, he started to look for a door. This bathroom was too large, he wouldn’t make it out in time before unconsciousness took over. Dammit! Didn’t he have a phone or something?! He looked around hurriedly, hoping this world was advanced enough for him to find some kind of— There! On the sink! He pushed himself off the wall and onto the other side of the bathroom. He started dry heaving as soon as he touched the sink. Sight getting worse, he grabbed what looked like a watch, but seemed to be some sort of communicator as well. He pressed what looked to be an SOS signal, before losing all strength from his fingers and leaving the watch to fall onto the floor. Strength entirely gone, he sat on the floor as his stomach tried to expel contents that it no longer had.

He heard the sound of automated doors sliding open, and then someone shouted, “Heru!”

He passed out before he could see who it had been.

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