Falling for the bad girl

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People rave about the bad boy...but what about the bad girl? Cole Danvers, is a cocky, good-looking jock from a family built on wealth. He has every girls attention at Primestone High, every girl but Lucy Hale. Lucy Hale is a bad-ass. She's mean, a sight for sore eyes, a girl resistant to swooning over playboys like Cole Danvers and falling at his feet. That is, until Cole catches her eyes. When he notices that she isn't interested in his game, Cole's making his senior year count by grasping at Lucy's attention to win her over and hopefully fulfill his mission to make her fall in-love with him. What happens when his plan backfires and he instead ends up falling for lucy? Falling for the bad girl.

Romance / Humor
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I walk through the halls minding my business not caring about the murmurs I hear around me or the stares I get. One thing I've learnt, ' Don't give a shit to people who don't mean a shit to you'.

My name is Lucy Hale, I'm 18 and I attend a high school called Primestone High, Tennessee. I know stupid name right?. I moved here three years ago from California where I was living with my mum. Dad left when I was seven, and it has been really hard on mum. After he left earlier, she had a case of PTSD, but she's better now after getting some treatment during the years.

Apparently, I didn't have a choice because mum thought I needed a change of environment, and new friends because my old ones were bad influences and I didn't have a say in it.

She didn't come with me then because we didn't have enough money for two, but she said she'll be coming soon. So far I've hated it here since I started, everyone is in stupid "squads" as they call it, and they don't mind their fucking business. I see a few people look my way but I glare telling them to take a hike. I reach my locker put my pin and open taking out my journal and heading to class.

In California, people were friendly and nice but here, everyone looks at you like you stole their fucking boyfriend. No one's gonna fucking walk over me because I ain't no door mat.

"Oof", I say crashing to the ground

"Aww, does Lucy need help getting off the floor" Natasha sneered along with her twin bimbos, Cassie and Claire. Cassie and I were best friends when I arrived, she was nice and sweet, unlike this monster Natasha has turned her into.

Natasha Banks. God saying her name alone makes me wanna hurl. My hatred for this girl surpasses that of this fucking school. You know how every school has a bitchy girl that picks on the weak, nerdy type..well this is her. But I ain't a weak or nerdy type so she's in for a hell of surprise.

I smirk, standing up and dusting myself off. "Really Natasha, that's all you could do? Here let me show you how it's done". I shove her HARD, she trips on her heels and topples to the ground along with her so called bimbos.

"Ooh Natasha, do you need help getting off the floor"I smirk. " Next time you wanna be a bitch, I suggest you check your outfit and that of your opponent. And you really should loosen up on the whole make up stuff," I say smiling sweetly at her (Note the sarcasm) "because no matter the amount you cake your face with", I step closer then crouch to her height, "you'd still be the ugliest bitch around." I say.

"Nice talking to you, sasha". I head on to class.


As I enter the class I go to my chair by the window and sit down waiting for the teacher to show. About fifteen mins later she enters with a guy. I let my eyes train round him assessing him. He's tall, good looking on the eye, he's hot in his black leather jacket with a white shirt and black trousers that hangs loosely on his waist. He's a blond with slightly curled hair that's about his neck length, and he's wearing a lazy smile on his face.

She clears her throat. "Ok class, sorry I'm a little late again." Mrs Smith said smiling. The class laughs at that and she joins too. Mrs Smith is my least worst teacher in this hellhole. She teaches English grammar. She's in her sixties, kind, sweet, and kind of motherly. I guess that's why she handles us well.

"Ok ok, that's enough. As you can see I didn't come in alone, this" she gestures to the guy,"is Cole Danvers. Cole why don't you tell the class something about yourself"she smiles

"Sure Mrs Smith. I'm Cole Danvers, I come from a rich family which means I have money"he smirks. Wow... I roll my eyes cocky much. "I don't have a girlfriend...yet"he says winking.

I hear someone say, "God that's hot!".

Another one says, "oh yeah he is so mine!".

I just roll my eyes at their comments.

"And I'm really glad to be here with you guys"he finishes

The class claps, some even go ahead to whistle. Seriously these guys are morons.

"Ok thank you, Cole. Have a seat, you can sit next to Bradley" Mrs Smith say pointing at Bradley. Bradley has short blonde hair, he's. . . Will I say slightly tanned? I face palm myself mentally cos Bradley is directly in front of me.

"Thanks Mrs S." He smiles showing his teeth and taking his seat. Mrs Smith starts the lesson for the day.

"Ok class, we are gonna be talking about tag questions. Does anyone know what tag questions are?"she asks looking around. "Anyone? So no one knows?" She sighs. "Tag questions are--". Before she could continue the bell rang signalling class over. "Well consider that your project and I expect it in three days minimum" she says sternly

As people leave the class, I carry my bag and join them. On reaching my locker I take out my next book and slam it shut. As I turn to leave I bump into Cole which makes me fall.

Hello friend, I say to the floor

"Easy there sugar, don't want you breaking anything now, do we?"he drawls slowly reaching to help me up, flashing a smile. I bet he thinks he's so charming.

"Thanks but I don't need your help getting up"I stand and dust myself again, "seeing as you're the reason I fell down by the way"I say tightly. I've seriously got to stop bumping into bitches and cocky guys

He smirks, "Well love, I think you should be watching where you're headed don't you?"he asks with one brow raised

"No I don't and FYI, I'm not your love"I say tightly.

"Well that's what they all say..love." He says checking me out and not being subtle about it either. I clear my throat and he looks into my eyes, "till they come begging for me"

"Am sorry to bust your little bubble or day dream.. whatever but I just want you to know something" I say inching closer to him "I'm not like them"I say walking away but not before hearing, "we'll see" from him.

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