Warriors (Ghost #4)

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Lia and Blake have decided to take a break after all that's happened over the last months. But it's not as peaceful of a time as they thought it'd be. The young couple is going to face new challenges, new trials and new troubles as secrets come to light and new enemies show up. Will the lovers finally find peace? Or will their new reality tear them apart?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1


The last months were a nightmare. A bad dream that I just couldn’t wake up from. Both Blake and I went through shit that really put our sanity to a test.

I wish my Cakey didn’t have to go through so much because of me.

It hurts to see the person you love be in pain. And my darling Cakey was hurting… because of me and my messed up life.

That’s why we’ve decided to take a break. From everything.

We’re going back to Walford.

At least we’re trying to.


“I’m going to go crazy, I’m telling you.” Blake grumbles in annoyance as he stops the car again after moving barely few yards.

“Only sixteen more hours, babe. We’ll make it. – I assure him with a smile – I hope.” I add quietly. We’ve been stuck for almost two hours now, I’m starting to think it would’ve been better to just fly to Iowa.

“I’m telling you, kitten, as soon as we get out of this damn roadblock, I’m heading straight to a hotel and we’re taking a nap. Standing in traffic is more tiring than actual driving.”

“I know. I was thinking the same thing.” I sigh heavily, grasping onto Blake’s hand and massaging it gently. He’s been clutching onto the gear stick with so much tension his whole hand is unbelievably stiff.

It takes us two more hours to get out of the traffic, and when we finally move, Blake heads straight towards the nearest town in search of a nice hotel so we can get some sleep. We’ll continue our journey tomorrow.

Thankfully, the rest of the trip is peaceful and goes according to plan. We arrive a bit later than expected, but it’s not that bad considering the amount of time we lost in that damn roadblock.

Since our intention is to get rest after the whole clusterfuck back in Berkeley, we’re going to stay at my house instead of Sam and Jared’s. They have work and stuff, so we don’t want to disturb them. Just because we have a break doesn’t mean everyone else does.

And that’s why we’re going to bother the bikers. I can't wait to make fun of them. Their reactions are even better than my brothers'.

Besides, Tank called a while ago saying that Squirrel wants to see me cause she’s missed me. Adorable Squirrel.

“Why are you up already?” Blake whines sleepily as I walk out of the bathroom, throwing his arm over my pillow and burying his face in it. Ever since we came back here a week ago, he’s been sleeping in every single morning. It’s been a real struggle to get out of his hold as he squeezed me tightly in his sleep. My sweet sleepyhead.

“I’m going to see Squirrel and the girls. Tank called earlier and asked me to watch them while the guys are gone. – I tell him, sitting down on the bed beside him to stroke his back gently – Wanna join me?”

“Why so early?” Cakey grumbles sulkily, putting his arm around me to pull me to him. “We could’ve just slept in…”

“We’ve already slept in, babe. It’s almost noon.” I tease my man, leaning down to kiss his head. “Wanna come with me to the clubhouse?”

“Maybe later. I’m supposed to see dad about, you know… the thing.” Ooooh, that.

“Okay, then. It can’t be delayed, can it?” I smirk knowingly. My darling Cakey and his dad are working on something that my fantastic man wants to keep a secret for some reason. It’s supposed to be a surprise for Valentine’s Day. It must be a big one, since Cakey has been working on it for the whole week and it’s still ‘nowhere near ready’. His words, not mine.

After making my Cakey some breakfast, I drive his Mustang to Tank’s club, humming quietly the whole way in tune with Red’s “Yours Again” that resounds through the car.

As soon as I park in front of the clubhouse, I’m met by Gun and Eagle smoking outside as they talk quietly.

“Hey girlie!” Gun greets happily as I walk towards the entrance, immediately pulling me for a hug. “How are you doing, honey?” He keeps his arm over my shoulders, keeping me snug against him despite Eagle trying to greet me too.

“I’m fine. What are you guys doing that Tank needed me here as a bodyguard?” I ask curiously in a slightly teasing manner, knowing it’s most likely club’s business and Gun won’t tell me anything.

“A raid. It’s complicated, but I can tell you it’s connected to Killer’s woman… in a way.” Gun reveals, genuinely surprising me. I thought he’d keep it a secret.

“Oh, okay. Is Tank inside?”

“Yeah. He told me to send you to him once you arrive.”

“Alright, I’ll go see him then.” I pat Gun’s shoulder then walk inside. I don’t have to search for Tank for long, since he’s at his usual booth, getting his gun ready.

“Hey guys!” I wave at the men as they get ready for their ‘raid’, getting off-handed ‘hey’ and ‘hi’ in response.

“Oh, hi sister!” Tank is the only one that pays attention to me, greeting me with a hug before gesturing at me to follow him to his office.

“So… what’s going on?” I ask seriously, taking a seat on the couch.

“We’re getting some guys that crossed us. They’ve been hiding for quite a while and we finally got wind of their whereabouts.”

“Okay. Where do I come in?”

“I need you to stay here with the girls. I don’t want to risk leaving my wife alone with no protection.” Tank explains shortly, making me grin at his protectiveness.

“You’re fucking cute when you’re so overbearing.” I chuckle, getting a deadpan look from the Prez.

“Cute? Are you seriously calling a thirty-year-old biker cute?” He deadpans, raising his brow as if to say ‘are you kidding me’.

“Of course. Don’t tell me you don’t think that too!” I gasp dramatically.

“I don’t.”

“I’m telling Squirrel you said that.” I stick out my tongue at him mockingly then rush out of the office, ignoring his calling out after me.

“DON’T YOU DARE! LIA!!!” He fumes behind me, but for some reason his anger only amuses me. He’s scared of Squirrel! That’s fucking hilarious!!!

I skip cheerfully to the beauty room downstairs, leaving raging Tank behind. I can’t get over the fact that the girls actually managed to set up an actual beauty salon at the clubhouse. Those women can be quite cunning when they want to be. I know it’s all Maggie and Squirrel’s idea and I honestly commend them for making it happen. They know when to stand their ground and have their way.

The rule of men in this club is slowly coming to an end. The more confident Squirrel gets, the more secure the other ladies that the guys will get at some point will feel. Women are going to take over this place in no time, I’m sure of it.

As soon as I enter the beauty room, I’m met by Squirrel, Maggie and Anna casually lounging on the couches, talking animatedly about something.

“Hey ladies!” I greet cheerfully, unintentionally startling them.

“Oh, hey Lia!” “Hi honey!” Anna and Maggie greet simultaneously with smiles on their faces, while Goldie just stares at me with a frown, her lips trembling slightly in a pre-crying pout.

“LIA!!!” She exclaims, lunging at me as soon as I’m close enough, squeezing me tightly in those weak arms of hers.

“Hey Squirrel. You sure are emotional, aren’t you?” I tease, getting a glare in response. She’s so moody it’s unbelievable.

“You’re being a meanie! You didn’t tell me you were coming here!” Goldie whines adorably, slapping my arm.

“Sorry, it was in the spur of a moment… I thought I’d surprise you.” I grin teasingly, hugging my cute Squirrel tightly. “How’s Peanut?” I lead my friend back to the couch, helping her sit down, then keep asking her about her and Peanut.

I understand perfectly why Tank doesn’t want to leave his wife with no protection.

God have mercy on anyone who as much as tries to hurt my friend or my godson.

I’ll kill whoever hurts them.

Sometime during my hair treatment we’re joined by none other than Killer and his girl, Kathie. I barely stop myself from laughing at the way Killer coddles his woman and watch amusedly as he carries her to the couch and frets over her well-being, asking if she’ll be okay with us.

Maggie doesn’t hide her amusement and shamelessly laughs at Killer as he gently sets his girl on the couch.

“Wow. Who knew Killer can be so… tender?” I tease, glancing at blushing Kat through the mirror.

“You have no idea, girl. – Anna smirks at me, getting some hair dye from the shelf nearby – He’s been coddling her for the whole day, not even letting her walk around.” Oh… I get it now.

“I think I know why. – I grin at Kat – Blake’s the same after Cakey time.” All ladies immediately understand what I’m saying and laugh boisterously while Kat hides her blushing face in her hands.

She’s cute.

We all spend the whole afternoon in the beauty room, just gossiping, drinking and having fun. It’s beyond amusing to watch the women get drunk. The only ones not drinking are Squirrel and me, for obvious reasons. Goldie is pregnant and can’t drink, and I don’t want to, since I have to stay alert in case something happens.

I sincerely hope this evening goes peacefully.

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