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Fate seems to be playing them around when Celeen needs to take up the blame of Leina's death to save Mandy. In exchange of these, she needs to accept all the consequences of the blame including Alvin's fury, her ex-fiance, and the only man he loves. But there's more she needs to take. Alvin wants to marry her for the second time around just three months later after Leina's death. What could be his motive? Marry her and get revenge? Or he really falls for her because he sees Leina in her? Either of the two, Celeen knows that in the end, she'll be left broken. [An Adult Novel about love]

Romance / Drama
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Everything was dark and unclear as the strong winds blow.

The street was covered with rain, rushing through the street canal.

Through the unclear surroundings, a woman with short curly hair can be seen through as she drives that red Fortuner behind the untinted front driver side window, the rain was still pouring through.

Her car alone on that dark street.

The woman was frustrated and without in her mind as she tightens her grip on the steering wheel with her both hands. Hands and arms shaking in extreme rage as her tears flow throughout her face.

‘Go and meet with her, and you’ll never see each other again.’

She forcefully struck the steering wheel with her right hand in anger. Since a while ago, everything in her sight was doubling because of the extreme influence of alcohol and party drugs.

And her adopted father’s voice making it worse as it was repeatedly echoing in her mind.

She messed up her hair grittily when she was suddenly taken aback by the sudden shake of the car. It seems like she came up to her mind as she swiftly stops the car.

And it followed with a blink. One more blink. She started spacing out as she tightens her grip on the steering wheel. She was ignited with fear as she repeatedly wishes to her mind, hoping she was mistaken with what she had thought.

Hope it was just a block of wood or just a small pussy.

Her heart is freezing.

She stayed there for a long minute, spacing out before she breathes out deeply, finally decided to look upon what she crashed into.

The rain is still pouring. The raindrops immediately drizzle through her hair, and her face as she gets out of the car. Her hands were shaking as it was being supported by her car. She can’t stop her feet from shaking as she walks to.

She spaced out for a second.

She can’t process in her mind what she has seen.

A woman laying down in front of her.

She lies on the ground as she was filled with both mixed blood and raindrops.

The woman’s sling bag together with its containers were strewn afar.

Her eyes widen, shaking her face repeatedly and tears flowing.


This is not true.

She repeatedly told to herself.

She immediately gets back in her car in fear, then spaced out again. She cannot believe what she has done.

Who can’t even act or think right in situations like this?

But time is moving.

As the clock ticks…

Everything may get worsen and be changed.

She needs to move!

She lets out a deep breath once again and held the steering wheel, again, tightly.

Deep breath again.

Her hands were shaking as she reaches out for her phone and immediately dials the number of the first one who has entered her mind.

Ate Celeen...

[Ate means older sister in Filipino]

A young man with a curled forehead was driving a car.

His car was one among the hundredfolds on that highway. The surroundings were enlightened with lots of light posts and towering establishments and buildings on the both of the side of the highway.

The highway was both sided with lots of vendors selling whatsoever, street foods, Arroz Caldo, and few people walking to and fro on the sideways.

As he was driving, his eyes were shifting on both sides as he observes the condition of the ambulant at street vendors there.


His eyes piercer than the lion’s as he observes every scenario there.

Being a really good cop, a man holding a knife behind did not escape from his sight, followed by those few men hiding behind a compound, not so far away from that man, and an old man slightly bends in front of that man whom he thinks the target of the men. All were on the right side of the highway near a stall of isaw and balot.

He knew it already.

Something will happen.

There the young man stopped the car, took the gun from the glovebox of his car, and then without saying a word came out.

The man quickly stabbed the old man who still had a towel on his shoulder, looking exhausted, as his back turned from the man while he’s adjusting something in his cart since a while ago. The old man immediately fell on the ground.

Those who saw it were shocked but no one tried to approach to help.

Few men who are hiding behind the compound started to run closer who will seem to help and work together against the old man.

There are still back-up. And they are many. About five.

The young man immediately pulled out the gun and walked quickly and suavely there.

The man was about to stab the old man again but he was stopped, with the astonishment of the people, when the young man shot his hand causing him to lose his grip on the dagger as it fell to the ground.

The people were panicking and started freaking out as they noticed what’ happening because of the resounding gunshot.

It was just a simple handgun but had sound.


The young man quickly opened the center front of his coat where they could see his ID hanging behind it. Those who saw it were shocked. He is a cop and has a high rank.

“SPO3 Aquino.”

“Just one of you try to run and I will not hesitate to shoot you.”

“Raise your hands! Back down! ”

The young man turned to the civilian men who were watching in distance and signaled them for help and then shot one of the man’s legs who was about to run away, causing them to panic surrendering with both of their arms in the air.

The young man immediately grabbed the suspect’s hands and turned him over to the next civilian.

Acts so fast.

Faster than four o’clock.

As if he was James Bond of a famous action movie series.

He then turned to the victim who was still lying on the side of the road.

“Come on, let’s take him to the hospital.”

The two civilians immediately approached and helped the young man carry the old man to his car.

“Sir! Sir!”

There were also two traffic enforcers approaching nearby.

“Please take care of this. Soon the police detained here will also come.”

He responded to the two traffic officers and then tapped one of the civilians holding the suspect.

It was to express his gratitude for its courage to help and go there. Others were not even able to approach when he signaled help from them earlier.

Meanwhile, the old man finally got in his car.

The young man smirked at the kneeling men, taunting them.


Great courage huh?

Six against one, who is a coward?

“You have no escape. Try to run away now. Your faces are already stamped on the people.”

He said as he gritted his teeth.

He wanted to smash them in the face earlier. He is disgusted. Not just annoyed. He hates people like them who have no fear of the law.

Whom you thought were crazy dogs without fear but the truth is, they were cowards and ignorant and helpless in life.

But his mind always reminds him of the word integrity. He will only use force when it’s necessary.

“Don’t let them run away. These people need to be taught.”

He turned to the traffic enforcers.

“Sir, you take care of it.”

“Yes sir! We have already called the police station.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

The young man wasted no time. He immediately got into the car and applied first aid to the old man. The old man’s abdominal was now covered and tied with a cloth to prevent bleeding.

That’s it, he really moves swiftly. It was that easy for him to split the fabric with the strength of his arm and hand.

He throws himself on the driver’s seat.

And gently stroked his chin with his thumb and forefinger as he began to drive.

Inside of him was piercing anger against those who are too valiant to kill. If he hadn’t noticed that, the old man would have been a cold corpse now.

This heinous act is even worse than a beast.

His grip on the steering wheel tightened.

To ruin a person’s life simply because of intense anger or arrears. Really a great folly.

The young man has great principles when it comes to justice and community order. He learns to love it along with his profession.

He is happy to be able to serve the community as a police officer. This is his nineteenth encounter with degenerate people.

Yes, he really counts it.

It is satisfying to feel that he can do what he really wants to do.

He’s glad that he does not have to keep everything as a secret now.

“Doc, Mrs. Perez’s condition is now stable.”

“Okay, please give him a sedative now.”

“Yes, Doc.”

A young woman inside her office was busy reading a patient’s case. Her curly hair was tied up in a bun while she was wearing her doctor’s coat.

"Doc. There’s an emergency in the ER.”

A nurse just came out the door.

The woman immediately stood up as she adjusted the sleeve of her coat.

The nervousness and pressure are still there but she can handle it already. She is a doctor. It’s part of her profession. You can’t be discouraged.

The nurses rushed to the ER. The woman immediately approached the patient whose skin color was now a bit pale.

She immediately approached the old man and check his breathing with her stethoscope.

“Inhale ... exhale, one more. Inhale ... exhale.”

“Okay, do you have a respiratory illness, asthma, emphysema?”

“Asth --- ma, I have asthma doc.”

“Father can still speak but is troubled in breathing.”

“Okay, oxygen mask please, FiO2. Please hurry.”

“Vital signs?”

She responds to the nurses in front of him.

The nurse handed him the assessment. She immediately read it. Her whole attention was focused on it.

Focused fixedly.

Heart rate- 97/min*

Blood Pressure- 130/70*

Respiratory rate 25*

Temperature- 37 C *

“Okay, first aid has been applied.”

She turned to the wound when the nurses removed the cloth surrounding it.

“No active external bleeding doc.”

The woman observed the wound for a few minutes, she gently and slightly opened the wound with a medical tool.

“Hm, proceed to OR for laparoscopy.”

She wrote something on the assessment paper and immediately handed it to the nurse.

She quickly turned around to go to the OR for the surgical operation when she suddenly stopped as her eye hit the man she has been longing to see.

The times stopped for a moment. She was once a statue like she freezes there.

He was standing at the entrance of the ER while watching them intently since a while ago. He was leaning against the wall as his left hand inserted in his slock’s pocket.

She swallowed her own saliva involuntarily. She could not deny it, she really misses him.

Her veins came out of his neck as she swallowed slowly.

As much as she wants to just throw herself to that man standing before her.

She just couldn’t.

It’s forbidden.

And even if she’s not in this situation yet, she never could do it.

She quickly nods her head as she continued walking until she passed him.

The surgical operation took about 50 minutes, the analysis she wrote in the assessment earlier was correct, the anterior abdomen was injured and the operation resulted in laparoscopic repair as what she has assessed.

After the operation, she immediately walked to the office when she was stopped due to the sudden ringing of her phone in her coat pocket.

She immediately picked it up and almost lost her eyes in shock when she saw Mandy, her younger sister, was the one registered there.

She couldn’t even think straight yesterday when she saw her in the mall. Finally, she called. She’s really worried about her actions yesterday.

“H-hello Mandy.”

She heard nothing but a faint sob igniting nervousness in her chest.

“M-Mandy, what happened? Why are you crying?”

She asked as she had already entered her office.

“Ate ...”

“I ... I have killed somebody. W-what am I going to do? W-what am I going to do? Th-there is blood ... there is blood ... so much ... ate ... I don’t want to be imprisoned.”

Her voice was trembling and broken because of sobbing.

Her hands trembled when she heard how her younger sister’s voice crack. She raised her left hand to the table as she felt a little dizzy.

She shook her, calming herself.

And without hesitation ...

“Where are you now? I’m going to see you.”

The woman had already taken off her coat earlier. She is now wearing jeans and a plain orange v-neck shirt.

“Yes. We have an unexpected emergency at home.”

She said in response to a doctor who was standing by as well.

“It’s okay, it’s only been 15 minutes before your shift is over.”

“Thank you, I’m going now.”

She immediately got out of there and walked quickly to the hallway of the hospital and impulsively stopped her feet when she saw the young man sitting in the row of chairs on the side of the hallway as he took off his black coat revealing his gray long sleeve polo that was fitted to him.

The young man was also stopped from taking off his coat. Time seemed to slow down and it was as if they were the only two there as they looked into each other’s eyes.


She needs to protect Mandy.

She looked away as she rubbed her two hands and continued to walk past the young man but she was not even far away yet when...

“Cee ... Celeen.”

It was as if electricity flowed through her body that it almost stopped her from walking. She could not even move and breathe properly.

She slowly faced the young man who was now standing behind her. She clasped her hand when she saw him again.

Her eyes began to water.

If she could just throw herself at him and embrace him tightly she would, but she couldn’t.

The young man just stared straight at her. She saw him swallowed and clenched one of his hands as well.

“How… how’ve you been?”

He licks his lip and swallowed.

She was surprised by his question. After almost a month of not seeing each other, the young man was in front of her and he was talking to her again.

She wanted to just embrace him and just not answer because she knew to herself that she was not okay. She slightly shook her head when he remembered the last time they met. It shouldn’t. They should no longer talk. It will only make things worse. It will only get harder for them.

“S-sorry ...” she said to him before she hurriedly walks away while clasping her hand. She stopped her tears from flowing because people were passing by.

Her tears eventually fall as she reached the elevator. She grabbed her chest as she felt the pain there. She hopes she doesn’t feel that way for him. Now, she is in so much pain. She hopes she never let it came to that point before she decided to avoid him.

* * * * * * *

The surroundings were still dim due to the heavy rain. The woman immediately spotted her sister’s car not far away.

She quickly got out of the car and walked over there. She would have knocked at her sister’s car but she had already caught the attention of the woman lying on the ground.

She could not be wrong. That’s Leina. That is Leina, the girlfriend of the man she would have married.

She covered her mouth in shock. The woman inside immediately opened the car door when she noticed her sister. She grabbed her inside.

Celeen was taken aback by Mandy’s tight embrace as she continued to sob. She brought her hands behind her back and remained shocked.

She slowly leaned on her shoulder. At the same time as she closed her eyes, tears welled up in her eyes. She misses this. So much.

And from there, is a heart-melting picture of siblings embracing each other again after the many years.

After fourteen years...

Now she is again, feeling like a sister to her. She longs for this. For her.

And from there, is a heart-melting picture of siblings embracing each other again after the many years.

“Ate, what am I going to do?”

You can feel the intense fear and trepidation of sobbing like a child while shaking her sister, still hugging her.

“How’s this?”

“What am I going to do, ate?”

“What now?”

Right, what now?

Sometimes, there are events in our lives that we wish would never have happened but it happened, and we try to find the reason behind it ... right, why did it even happen?

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