His Wife

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Hurt me once shame on you... Hurt me twice shame on me...

Romance / Drama
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1: Sneak out


I woke up to find nobody in the house. I even went downstairs to check the fridge but they was no note, they usually left a note in the house when I'm asleep or when they want to leave me at home alone.

I check my watch and it was already after four, they've been gone for the whole day. I checked the window and saw a familiar black jeep Park in the drive way.

I talked my foot countless times and crossed my arms waiting at the door. I stood there for about five minutes staring at the door in silence only hearing the sound of my feet tapping on the ground.

As I was about to give up thankfully the door opened revealing Ya Saleem. "You guys left your baby sister all alone in the house without any text messages, calls or-" As I start blabbering he cut me off.

"Relax sister." He said and rolled his eyes. Aunt Inbibaj was admitted to the hospital so we had to leave immediately and check up on her." He said and a very loud gasp escaped from my mouth.

"What!?" I yelled. "And you guys didn't even bother to wake me up?"

"We tried but you're a sleep freak so..." He trailed off.

"I need to go to the hospital now." I said.

"Sorry but Mummy said that you have to stay and keep the house tidy and also visiting hours are closed."

"Ugh. But I want to see Aunty!" I pout stomping my feet in the ground.

"You're such a baby." He said and I hissed very loud. "Did you just hiss at me?"

"Yes and so?"

He pulled my nose and smacked my head. "You have started disrespecting me right." He said and I stomped out of the living room.

Then my phone pinged and I looked at it seeing a message from my boyfriend Amir and I smiled as I saw the message.

'Hey boo I miss you so much. How about a date because I wanna see those beautiful eyes of yours.'

I smiled and start to text back. "Who is that and why are you smiling?" Ya Saleem asked as he tried to spy on my phone.

I love Ya Saleem and all but I hate it when he's always that overprotective brother.

"I said who is it?" He asked again in a serious tone.

"It's no one." I lied trying to put my phone behind my back but he managed to grab it.

"Open your passcode." He instructed. "I'll break this phone Wallahi!" He said seriously.

"3690." I said and he looked at the message then for a second back at me.

"So when did you start dating? I demand you break up with him because I'm going to seize this phone right now." He said.

"Why are you like this Ya Saleem I'm 19 years old so I can date whomever I want." I said.

"You're still to young. I don't want you to communicate with him anymore. You'll get this back in two weeks." He said and I gasped.

"I never get freedom."

"Aleeyah it's not like th-"

"Forget it. I'm used to it." I said and ran upstairs quickly shutting the door with a loud bang.

Third persons POV.

Aleeyah tied her veil in Himar, she sprayed perfume all over her body and smiled at the mirror. Even if Ya Saleem stopped her and seized her phone she would never stop seeing Amir.

She only know Amir for a month means she doesn't know who she's dealing with and she's about to meet him by this time of the night.

She took her purse and sneaked out of the house to meet Amir. Meanwhile, Ya Saleem came into her room to apologize for being to hard on her.

He knocked on the door but there was no answer. He knocked again and waited for a minute but no answer again.

He opened the door and found nobody and he knew she sneaked out of the house to see Amir but he better gets there fast before something bad happens.
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