Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 11

Jake Nelson POV ~

I’d replayed Taylor slowly peeling off her clothes too many times to be healthy, my fist giving swift release each time.

As she’d left the stage, I’d grabbed Andy and rounded up our two horny friends, and we’d left the club, ending up at another frat house party.

Andy had noticed that I was not my normal self, but thankfully knew me well enough to not question me about it.

I think he’d told George though, because the next morning she was too nice to me, bringing me breakfast in bed and shit.

Luckily Taylor hadn’t been in work all week. Each day I was a little bit more relieved when her scowling face wasn’t there to greet me as I strolled in.

On Thursday when I walk in, she is stood over by the one section of the shop I’d finished organizing. I drag my beanie off, running my fingers through my hair feeling slightly nervous, sending her a curt nod as she flips me off.

I chuck my bag down in the corner of Mr McGee’s office and quickly retreat out to the stack of funk records I’d was going to start tackling today.

I can feel Taylor’s eyes on me, but every time I glance towards her all I can see is her shapely body and little patch of dark hair which she has between her legs.

I really need to be high to deal with this shit. I push my smoking tin out of my tight back pocket and walk outside, taking a seat on the fire escape in the back alley. A couple minutes later she joins me, plucking the blunt out of my grasp.

The tension is starting to make me sweat, and I clear my throat, still not sure I can look at her without her being to able to tell I'd spent the last week jerking off to thoughts of her naked body.

“So, should I call you Eve? Or maybe just the Last Temptation? So your second job is working as a stripper?” My eyes flick up and meet hers.

“I actually work as a bar tender, but they were a girl down.” She shrugs.

I take one last deep drag on the joint stubbing it out and standing up. As I wipe the dust off my ass all I can think about is how to make her feel as bad as she'd made me feel the first time we'd met. As embarrassed as I'd felt.

“I just think it’s somewhat contradictory of you to slut shame me when you’re a fucking stripper.”

“I’m a dancer, not a fucking whore. Unlike some people.” Her jaw clenches, ticking in anger as a flush colors her cheeks.

“Whatever.” I smirk, glad I finally got under her skin a little. It's about time she had a taste of her own medicine.

“Fuck you.” She barges past me and disappears back inside.

By the time I've walked back in, she's walking out the front door, Mr McGee staring after her with a strange look on his face.

"Where's she going?"

"Someone upset her." He glares at me.

"Shit. I didn't think she'd be that bothered about my opinion on anything." I scratch the back of my head awkwardly.

"Just....get back to work." As he shuffles back into his office I get the impression he wanted to say more, and I wonder again what she is to him.


George is beyond excited when I get home.

"Jakey! My friend Abi said she can move in this weekend!"

"Yeah? Cool beans." I grab some chips from the pantry and sink down onto the sofa, pushing my sneakers off with my toes.

"She's so cool..." I tune out the excited ramblings of my best friend as she once again tells me about this wonderful new chick, which I'm convinced she has a lady boner for.

Pissing Taylor off had felt good in the moment, but I'd actually felt like a total dick the rest of the day. I hadn't meant to upset her so much she had to go home. Mr McGee seemed more pissy with me than usual too which hadn't helped my day go any quicker.

"That's okay, right?" I realize George has asked me a question, and I scratch my temple as I try to think of an answer. "Oh my god, you totally weren't listening to me, were you! Dick." She slaps my chest.

"Ow! Sorry Smidge. I've just got...stuff on my mind."

"That girl you work with still giving you a hard time?" George tilts her head.

"Yeah, well kinda. I might have said something out of line to her today."

"Jake!" Disappointment stains George's voice.

"I know. I feel really fucking bad for it. But I'll just have to wait 'til we're next working together to do anything about it."


I wake up late on Saturday, lazily pulling on some cleanish looking sweatpants before I wander downstairs.

As I pour myself a glass of orange juice, I spot a dark pink beret sitting on the kitchen counter. It couldn't fucking be...

"What are you doing here?" Taylor stands in the doorway, a box resting on her hip, her eyes narrowed at me.

"I live here sweetheart. What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Oh! Hey Jakey. This is our new roommate Abi." George's happy face appears over Taylor's shoulder.

"Wait. You're Jake?"

"I thought your name was Taylor?" She snorts.

"Mr McGee has this thing about calling me by my surname. I guess he does the same thing to you, Nelson."

"Wait wait wait, hold up." George laughs. "This is the annoying fuck boy," she points to me, and then to Taylor, "and this is the irritating little pervert?!"

She dissolves into belly laughter, leaning on the counter for support. I frown at Taylor, or I guess I should say Abi.

She's scowling back at me.

"Look, it's kinda good you're here actually. I wanted to apologize for what I said the other day at the shop." She starts shaking her head.

"You think I give a shit about your opinion of me? You think I lay awake at night worrying about the things you say to me? Get fucked."

Andy walks in, setting down the boxes in his arms and looks between the two of us with raised eyebrows.

"This sounds like it's getting off to a fantastic start."

George has managed to compose herself, and grabs Taylor's, fuck, no I mean Abi's arm to stop her from walking toward the front door.

"Abi, please don't go. I promise you, Jake isn't like you think he is."

"Why are you fucking justifying who I am to her?!" I frown. "If she wants to go, let her fucking go. It's not us that's gonna be suffering if she doesn't move in."

She pauses in the threshold, and I see her chest rise and fall a couple of times as she takes a few deep breaths. She squeezes George's hand, and turns back toward me with a sickly sweet grin.

"You're right. I won't suffer at all if I move in here."

What the fuck does she mean by that?

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