Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 12

Abigail Taylor POV ~

George and her super hot boyfriend, AJ, had shown up early to help me move. I smirk at her as I catch her checking out his ass when he bends down to pick up my boxes.

"What!" She giggles. "He's fucking hot."

The house she lives in looks so much nicer than the shitty apartment that had been squeezing all my money from me for the last six months. I leave George and AJ flirting in his Jeep, and pick up a small box, tucking it under my arm so it's resting on my hip.

Pushing open the front door I am met by the sight of Nelson, wearing only a pair of grey sweatpants. I can't help but run my eyes over his toned body, down to the black swirls of tattoo peeking out over the low slung waist band of his pants as he turns to face me, a glass of OJ in his hand.

“What are you doing here?”

“I live here sweetheart. What the fuck are you doing here?” He frowns at me.

“Oh! Hey Jakey. This is our new roommate Abi.” George walks up behind me, grinning at the half naked boy in the kitchen.

“Wait. You’re Jake?” George hadn't shut up about her best friend. He'd sounded pretty cool, but this didn't tally up with what I knew about Nelson. Or I guess I should call him Jake now, right?

“I thought your name was Taylor?” He looks as confused as me, and I laugh realizing why we were both surprised.

“Mr McGee has this thing about calling me by my surname. I guess he does the same thing to you, Nelson." Mr McGee had always called me Taylor, I couldn't remember a time when he'd ever called me Abi.

“Wait wait wait, hold up.” George laughs. “This is the annoying fuck boy,” she points to her friend, and then to me, “and this is the irritating little pervert?!”

She dissolves into belly laughter, leaning on the counter for support. I scowl at Jake who is still wearing a frown.

“Look, it’s kinda good you’re here actually. I wanted to apologize for what I said the other day at the shop.” He starts. I stop him, shaking my head.

“You think I give a shit about your opinion of me? You think I lay awake at night worrying about the things you say to me? Get fucked.”

AJ walks in, setting down the boxes in his arms and looks between the two of us with raised eyebrows.

“This sounds like it’s getting off to a fantastic start.”

George has managed to compose herself, and grabs my arm as I try to walk back past her. I couldn't live with this man whore.

“Abi, please don’t go. I promise you, Jake isn’t like you think he is.” Her pleading tone makes me pause.

“Why are you fucking justifying who I am to her?! If she wants to go, let her fucking go. It’s not us that’s gonna be suffering if she doesn’t move in.” Jake scoffs behind me.

I squeeze George’s hand, and turns toward him with the sickliest sweet smile I can summon.

“You’re right. I won’t suffer at all if I move in here.”

I can fuck with him so fucking hard if I stay here.


I wake up dying for the toilet, but can hear the shower running in the bathroom next door. After jiggling on the spot for a couple of minutes I really can't wait any longer.

George and AJ's voices drift up the stairs as I stand outside the closed door. Shit. That means Jake's inside.

A grin slowly spreads on my lips. That means Jake is inside.

I push open the door. Behind the shower curtain I can see the shadow of his body.

"Hey George, I'll be done in a second okay? Just please don't use the hot tap again, please."

I hum in agreement, and quickly sit down and pee, keeping my eyes firmly on the bath to make sure he doesn't peek. It's times like this I'm glad him and George have such a weirdly close relationship. I mean, they didn't even bother to put a freaking lock on the bathroom door! The house rule apparently is if the door is closed it's occupied.

I turn the hot tap on full, and Jake squeals as he's suddenly doused in freezing cold water, pulling back the curtain and falling ungracefully on the floor in his haste to escape the icy downpour. I'm loathed to admit I'm kinda impressed with what he's packing down there. God, don't even think that Abi, he's probably all crudded up with chlamydia.

While he tries to cover his modesty AJ and George appear in the door to see what the noise was. I can't hold back my laughter, and George joins in, covering her eyes. AJ chuckles, and pulls us both out of the bathroom, closing the door on Jake's tirade of abuse directed at me.

"Is this how it's gonna be?" He cocks an eyebrow questioningly, and I flash him a coy smile. "Take it easy on my boy."

Jake emerges from the bathroom, his face fixed in deep scowl and colored the same deep shade of red as a beetroot, a towel tied round his waist catching the drips of water still running down his chest and stupidly defined stomach.

"You!" He points a finger at me.

"Me." I smirk, turning on my heel and walking back to my room. Through closed door I listen as George tries to calm Jake down through her giggles.

When I eventually venture downstairs, Jake and AJ are situated in front of the TV playing some dumb videogame, and George is surrounded by books on the dining table.

I plop myself down on a chair next to her and pick up one of her text books.

"Accounting, huh. Pretty heavy stuff." George winds her long hair up into a bun, sticking her pencil through the middle to keep it in place.

"Yeah. I love math, but even this is frying my brain a little." She sighs. "It's so much harder than high school."

"I wanted to do something like this when I left school." I flick wistfully through the text book, relishing in the numbers and formulas.

"So why didn't you? I mean, why don't you do something now? The money you will be saving on rent could easily pay for a course."

I gaze into George's unusual colored eyes, and bite my lip. I couldn't bring myself to tell my new friend the depressing truth about how I ended up working all hours of the day and dropping out of college.

"I used to have a dog who had the same eyes as you." George shakes her head a little at my abrupt change of topic, then chuckles. "Man, I loved that little fluffy shit." I grin at her, glad to have stopped her enquiries into my past.


I waltz in McGee's shop a little later than usual, having managed to grab a lunchtime shift at the club, and find Jake leaning over the counter flirting with some girl.

"You're real fucking late, Taylor. Mr McGee's been looking for you." He calls out to me with a frown. I flip him off, glancing over in time to see him tuck the girls hair behind her ear, leaning forward to whisper something which makes the girl giggle and blush. I roll my eyes. Stupid girl falling for his false words.

Slamming the door shut behind me, I stomp into the office. Mr McGee looks up from the pile of sudoku books which litter his desk, an eyebrow crooked at me questioningly.

"I don't get why you can't just fire the loser."

"Because, my dear, he's actually a good worker. And I can't rely on you being here full time, can I?" He chuckles sardonically.

"Well....at least go tell the creep he can't pick up girls when he's working."

"I would, but the footfall from passing college girls is up since he's been here. I can't afford to turn down that extra income." He shrugs with a wry smile. I huff, setting my bag down on a chair and pulling my beret off my head.

"Well I guess I should get to work then, huh."

I actually end up staying until closing as Mr McGee had to leave early for a doctors appointment and Jake hadn't ever closed the shop on his own before, so Mr McGee was worried about him doing it without supervision.

We walk home together. Well, not actually together. As soon as the noisy metal shutter had hit the pavement, he'd pushed his earbuds deep into his ears and walked off, his long stride meaning I'd had to have jogged to catch up with him, and I certainly wasn't going to do that. I walk a little way behind him, my hands thrust deep into my leather jacket's pockets. By the time we reach the house I'm not that far behind him, but he doesn't even pause on the porch to keep the door held open for me, and I know he could see I was walking down the path.


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