Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 14

Abigail Taylor POV ~

The shitty was Jake's mom had spoken to us all, and the controlling way she'd acted with Jake had me thinking about my shitty mother. The way nothing I'd said or done had ever been good enough for her. I think she'd been relieved when I'd become emancipated.

Trying to dull the memories of my shitty childhood, I wander downstairs to seek out the bottle of Sailor Jerry's rum I had stowed away in a cupboard earlier on.

Pulling myself up onto the cold counter top, I crack the seal and take a big mouthful, feeling the burn as it travels down my throat, settling warmly in my stomach. It's only after a couple more mouthfuls that I realize I hadn't eaten since breakfast, my buzz hitting me like a ton of bricks.

The front door opens violently and is slammed shut with more force, making the shitty glass rattle in it's frame.

“Motherfucker!” Jake runs a hand down his face, his eyes closed. He's wearing a black shirt and grey chinos instead of his usual baggy jeans and scruffy t-shirts, looking like a freaking model bathed in the soft yellow glow of the street lights from outside. How does this boy look so good in everything?

“What the fuck’s with you?” I take another gulp of rum.

He jumps a little, and turns towards me.

“I’m not in the fucking mood right now, Abi.”

I scowl. I'd thought maybe this was a chance to start to form some kind of friendship, we could get drunk and bitch about shitty mom's.

“Fuck you, Nelson.” I spit out, pushing myself off the counter and barging him with my shoulder as I stride past him. I pass George on the stairs, and she smiles apologetically at me.

I pull my bedroom door shut and stand scowling with my hands on my hips for a moment. Asshole. Other people have problems too.

I flick my stereo on, slipping my headphones on. I turn the volume up until I can nearly not stand it, and start dancing to the cacophony of heavy metal which pours out, letting the heavy bass and frantic drums wash away the anger.


Jake has been stomping round the house like a hormonal little girl for the last few days. George had told me his mom was trying to make trouble in their family business. She'd also told me to take it easy on him because he was really upset over it all. I didn't really give a shit about hurting his feelings, but I didn't want to piss George off. She was becoming a really close friend, and I didn't have any girlfriends so I wanted to hang on to this one as best I could.

I'm in the bathroom, shaving in preparation of my shift at the Garden of Eden later, when I hear a girly giggle coming from the room opposite. I rinse off the last of the shaving foam, and wrap a towel round myself. As gently as I can, I pull open the door, and sneak onto the landing.

I can hear Jake and whichever bimbo he's managed to sweet talk into coming home with him, their voices punctuated with her giggles. I hear her excuse herself to the bathroom, and dart into my room before she sees me. Grinning, I rummage in my bag to find the flyer I'd been saving for such a moment.

The toilet flushes, and the door opens to reveal a pretty blond girl. She smiles brightly at me, exposing the whitest teeth I've ever seen. "Hi!"

"Hey. Look, he's a little embarrassed, but if you just say his name when you get there, they'll know which tests to run on you."

The girl's face crumples in confusion, then her eyes flick down the flyer I'm offering her. As she reads the advert for the college sex clinic, the blood drains from her cheeks. I try to hold in my grin as her horrified eyes go from the flyer to Jake's door, and then back to the flyer.

"Oh my god." Her voice is barely a whisper.

"I know, hun. I'll let him know you said goodbye."

As she scurries out of the house, I can't hold in my laughter anymore, alerting Jake to my presence.

"What the fuck is so funny?" He stoops down and picks up the clinic flyer from where she'd dropped it, and frowns. "Why is this here? You feeling itchy, y'know, "he whispers, "down there."

"No. I was just having a friendly chat with your date."

Jake looks puzzled for a second before a look of realization crosses his face, and he slides his phone from his back pocket.

"Hey Sarah, why'd you leave....nah, she's my psycho roommate....I'm fucking clean! She's just fucking with you...." He pulls the phone away from his ear, looking at it in disbelief. "She fucking hung up on me."

I burst out laughing again, clutching my sides as he glares at me.

"Why do you have to be such a fucking bitch." He pulls his hair out of the ponytail it was in, running both hands through it. A clump of hair falls over his eye, and I fight the urge to lean forward and push it back.

Instead I flash him a shit eating grin and reply, "Because it's fun."

He scowls at me, studying my face for a second, folding his arms in front of him, making his biceps flex under his grey long sleeved t-shirt. I feel the laughter dry up in my mouth as his scowl turns heated; looking me up and down as he runs his thumb over his bottom lip, and I become acutely aware that I'm standing in front of him wearing only a towel.

"Well thanks to you, I'm horny as fuck right now with no girl to fuck." His voice is husky, and my body immediately starts to respond to it.

"Yeah?" I swallow, suddenly feeling a little nervous.

"Yeah." Jake's green eyes darken as they flick up and down my body. He takes a step closer to me and I feel my breath start to quicken. He reaches out and tugs at the towel, making it fall to the floor. I feel my cheeks start to heat up as he slowly licks his lips, his gaze roaming over my nakedness.

I haven't slept with anyone since my asshole ex-fiancé. That's like two long years of foreplay. I can't take the waiting and launch myself at Jake, pressing my lips to his. His mouth opens in surprise and I take the opportunity to wrap my tongue round his. He moans into my mouth, wrapping his arms round me and sliding his hands down to cup my ass. He squeezes me, eliciting a moan of my own.

Before I realize what's happening, he has walked us back into his bedroom. My heels hit the wooden base of his bed, and I abruptly sit down making him chuckle. I smile back, reaching up and pulling him down by his shirt.

Our lips met again, our tongues battling for dominance. I slide my hands up Jake's shirt, over his smooth rippled abs and he breaks the kiss to pull it off over his head. He starts to kiss down my body; over my breasts, round my belly button, making his way down to the apex of my thighs. He gently moves my legs apart and slides his middle digit slowly up my soaking wet slit, applying a little bit of pressure as he reaches my clit. My body jerks like I've been electrocuted, juddering under his touch. I feel his mouth turn up into a smile against the skin on the inside of my thigh, and then his tongue hits the same same spot and I can't stop the moan which escapes my lips.

He moves his arms; one over my stomach, holding me down against the mattress, the other one disappearing between my legs. My back arches off the bed as he slowly slides two fingers inside of my slick entrance. His tongue matches the slow torturous rhythm of his fingers, and soon I'm panting as my climax looms ahead.

I grab down to his head, holding him steady. "D-don't fucking move..." I breathlessly manage to say. "D-don't f-ucking stop..." He hums against me, which only adds to the sensations going on between my legs.

My eyes screw shut, my legs start to shake; I feel like I'm flying for a second as I loose myself in the strength of my orgasm.

As I come down from my high, Jake withdraws his fingers making me whimper at the sudden feeling of emptiness, and I prop myself up on my elbows so I can look down at him. He smirks as he sucks his fingers clean. My panting fills the silence.

He raises an eyebrow and opens his mouth so say something when we hear the front door bang shut downstairs.

"Jakey!" AJ's deep voice floats upstairs, "Jake, you home?"

"Fuck's sake." Jake grimaces, reaching for his shirt.

I lean forward and press a chaste kiss to his downturned mouth. "Well, thanks for that."

I can't stop the giggle from escaping as I grab his shirt from his hand and pull it over my head to cover my flushed skin, scampering back across the hallway to my room.

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