Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 15

Andrew McGabe POV ~

“Jakey?” I drop my backpack onto the floor by the bottom of the stairs and pause, listening out for my best friend. I think I can hear giggling coming from upstairs. “Jake, you home?”

Somewhere upstairs a door softly closes, and then I hear Jake call down to me to come up.

I trudge up to his room, nudging the already ajar door wide open with my toe. Jake is topless, sitting on the side of his bed with his chin propped up on his fist.

“What’s up dude?” He sighs, turning his bright green eyes towards me. I’ve been friends with him for long enough to know that glint in them. “Did I interrupt something?” I can’t help but grin at his chagrin.

“You have the worst timing, man.” Jake shakes his head slowly, a smirk playing on his lips.

“So, where did you hide her?”

The slam of Abi’s bedroom door outside, followed by the noise of her footsteps running down the stairs, makes something click in my head, and I turn towards Jake with a knowing smile.

“I fucking knew it! I just knew you two would end up fucking.” George and me actually had a little wager on just how long it would take, but I wasn’t going to let him in on that fact. We both agreed that the constant bickering was just unresolved sexual tension. Much like we used to.

Jake stretches, his stomach tattoo rippling with the action. “We didn’t fuck,” he smirks, “But only because you are the biggest fucking cockblocker in the world.”

He excuses himself to take a shower, and I lay down on his bed to wait for him. My phone buzzes and I pull it out of my pocket.

hey dude i’m in town for the weekend. u wanna hang? ~ Drew

cool cool, me and jake will come pick u up ~ AJ

“Hey, Jakey,” I shout through the closed bathroom door, “We’re going out with Drew tonight, cool?”

“Yeppers.” His muffled reply comes back.


Drew had persuaded us to go back to the same strip club, the Garden of Eden, again. As soon as we got inside, he disappeared off with the same dancer as he’d gone with last time.

“I’m sure he only likes her because she’s called Candy.” I laugh at my joke. Jake looks round the room uncomfortably. “What’s with you, dude?” He frowns at me and shrugs slightly. “I’m the one with the girlfriend, surely I should be the one looking round shiftily.” I laugh a little, stopping when he doesn’t join in.

We grab a drink and find a table near the back as the emcee announces the next main stage dancer.

“Back by popular demand....The Last Temptation! Miss Eve!”

I nudge Jake’s knee with mine as a blonde girl dressed in lacy red underwear slinks out onto the stage. “Hey, wasn’t she the same girl we saw here last time?”

Jake shoots me a tight smile. “To be honest I thought you were more interested in your phone last time we were here to notice.”

I lean back in my chair, studying my usually exuberant friend in the dim lighting of the club. He is sitting forward in his seat; muscles tense, jaw clenched, his elbows resting on his knees with his hands clasped in front on him as he frowns at the girl slowly stripping in the spotlight. What the fuck is going on with him?

Some drunk, portly bald guy slowly slides a couple of bills up the girl’s thigh and tucks them into her garter belt. I see his hand squeeze her flesh slightly as he turns and laughs raucously with the bunch of scumbags he’s sat with, and a grimace passes over her face. Jake’s scowl turns almost thunderous as the little creep trails his hand up her other thigh, cackling with laughter as she kicks out at him.

She moves towards the pole and starts doing twirls and lifts. I feel a grin work its way onto my face as I imagine my beautiful red-headed girl dancing that way for me.

My x-rated daydreams are interrupted by the sound of a slap, and I look up in time to see the fat little man slapping the now naked behind of the dancer who he has managed to pull down off the stage and into his lap. Before I have time to react, Jake is out of his seat and across the room; lifting the pervert off his feet as one fist bunches the front of the guys shirt and the other connects with his chin. I watch in disbelief as he then reaches down and take the shaking hand of the dancer, picking her up and cradling her in his arms bridal style. She buries her face into the crook of his neck and pulls off what I’m shocked to discover is a long blonde wig, exposing her short black bobbed hair. It’s fucking Abi? The bouncers have eventually made their way to the group of men, who are now complaining loudly as their friend spits blood onto the floor.

I pull my car keys out and hand them to Jake as he strides up to me. “I’ll go find Drew.”

He gives me a quick nod, and I shrug out of my shirt, laying it over Abi’s exposed body.

Luckily I quickly find Drew on his way out of one of the VIP rooms wearing a satisfied smile. I quickly explain what happened, and we make our way outside. The bouncer grabs my shoulder as I walk past him.

“Tell your friend he’s barred. And tell Eve she’s out too.”


I quietly slip out of bed, extracting my arm from underneath my girlfriend’s sleeping body without waking her. I pull my shorts on and slip my feet into my running shoes, grabbing my headphones off George’s laptop before I jog downstairs.

George had thankfully been at home when we’d arrived with a still very upset Abi. We’d left the two girls in the bathroom and retreated downstairs, where Jake proceeded to get shit-faced. I was glad of Drew’s help to haul his passed out ass up to his room. From the loud snores coming from behind his door, he was still passed out cold.

“Well aren't you the early bird.” I jump slightly at the soft voice that comes from the shadowy corner hiding the breakfast nook.

“Yeah. My body clock wakes me up at five no matter what’s happened the night before.”

I pull out a chair and sit down opposite Abi. She’s swamped in an oversized Avenged Sevenfold hoodie, and even in the dim morning light I can see dark rings under her eyes.

“Thanks for last night.” She gives me a small smile, and takes a gulp of coffee.

I smile back. That had been a slightly embarrassing conversation with George last night, when it occurred to both of us that I’d seen her friend naked. Twice. Needless to say I was banned from setting foot inside another strip club.

“Well, I’m off for a run.” I stand and stretch. “You wanna come with?”

“Actually, yeah. Give me a minute to change.”

I try to slow my usual pace so Abi can keep up, and soon the combined sound of our heavy breathing fills the cool morning air. I take her on the usual route I follow when I stay at George and Jake’s. As we run past a coffee shop she slows down, panting heavily and points at the brightly colored shopfront.


I stop and walk back to where she’s bent over trying to catch her breath.

“Yeah, okay. My treat.” She grins and follows me in, the delicious aroma of strong coffee enveloping us.

I find Abi once I’ve paid for our drinks; she’s curled herself up on an oversized armchair, chewing nervously on her thumbnail.

“You okay?” I place her coffee down in front of her and sit down too.

“Yeah.” she says with a sigh.

I bark out a soft laugh. “Yeah, you sound it.”

She smiles wryly at me. “It’s a little embarrassing, that’s all.” I raise an eyebrow questioningly, and she rolls her eyes. “Knowing my friend’s boyfriend, and his friends, have seen me naked.”

I laugh. “Don’t worry about that shit. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. And am I not your friend too?” She rolls her eyes again, and hides a smile behind her cup. “Sooo....what’s going on with you and Jake?”

“I don’t really know.” A frown puckers at her mouth. "He's such a fuckboy. I really don't need another one of those in my life."

“Well, the dude may come across as a player, but he’s really not.”

“Yeah. Riight. And I suppose the two girls I saw him leaving a bedroom with at a party were just part of a house tour he was conducting.”

I chuckle. “That was a reaction to a bad break up, honestly. He’s the best guy I know.”

“I know.” she says quietly. “I really don’t know what would have happened with that creep last night if Jake hadn’t been there.” She shudders, wrapping her hands round the hot mug.

“He likes you, y'know.” I tilt my head, studying her as a blush spreads over her cheeks. “And I suspect you like him a little too, right?”

She doesn't answer, but the deepening blush tells me I'm right.

I let Abi go for a shower first when we get back to the house, sneaking back into George’s bedroom and quietly trying to pull my things out of my bag ready to get changed.

“Morning.” George’s sleepy voice makes me smile, and I turn round to my beautiful girl.

“Good morning sexy.” She wrinkles her nose as I crouch down next to her and press a kiss to her forehead.

“Ew! Get away! You’re all sweaty and gross McGabe.”

“I was being a gentleman and allowing Abi to shower first.” I pull my sodden t-shirt off and chuck it into her clothes hamper, kicking off my trainers.

“You went running with Abi?” George pulls herself up into a sitting position, and I nod. “How is she today?”

“Still a bit shaken. A little embarrassed. And I got confirmation that she likes Jakey.” George mirrors my grin, clapping her hands together in glee.

“Oh my god! I hope he pulls his shit together and doesn’t fuck this up. They would be so so good together!” Her green and blue mismatched eyes gleam as she starts to plot.

“Georgina. Leave them be.” I pull her onto my lap and press a little kiss onto the tip of her nose. “Let them figure things out by themselves.”

She kisses me quickly on the mouth, giggling when I pull her back and kiss her again. I run my hand up her back, looping her long hair round my hand and tugging slightly to make her open her mouth. She moans into my mouth, her tongue eagerly seeking out my own. I move us so she’s lying on the bed, pressing my hardness up against her. Her hands move to push my shorts down, and I grin against her lips, ready to loose myself once more in the depths of her body.

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