Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 16

Abigail Taylor POV ~

I suspect you like him a little too, right?

AJ's words run through my head as I stand letting the hot water relax the aching muscles from my run.

As soon as I'd seen Jake's fist connect with that creeps face last night I'd felt relief.

When he'd picked me up and hugged my body tight to his own I'd felt protected.

Maybe I did like him a little more than I cared to admit. Especially after experiencing his expertise with his fingers and mouth.

As I turn off the shower I hear the bathroom door open and someone shuffle in.

"Sorry, I tried to wait but I'm desperate for a piss."

I giggle as Jake relieves himself noisily into the toilet, groaning as he does so. There is a pause and I think he's left, but then his hand appears behind the curtain making me jump, and I mumble a thank you as I take the offered towel from it.

He's leaning against the sink with his arms and ankles crossed when I pull back the shower curtain, a slight frown marring the otherwise flawless face.

"You're not going back there. You know that, right?"

I scowl, pulling the soft towel tighter around my chest. "You have no fucking right to tell me what I can and can't do, Jacob."

His eyes darken as he chews the inside of his cheek, and he takes a deep breath before he speaks again. "I just think it would be better-"

I cut him off with a raised hand. "Look Jake. I appreciate what you did last night, but I refuse to have anyone tell me what to do with my fucking life."

I slam the door behind me and retreat to my room before he has a chance to see the tears welling up in my eyes.

As I'm pulling up one of my many pairs of tight black pants, a soft knock at my door pulls me from my thoughts. "Yeah?"

AJ's messy black haired head peeks round the door at me with a tight smile. "I...uh...I couldn't help overhear a little of your conversation. Um...the bouncer, I think, said you weren't to go back to the club."

"Fuck." My legs buckle and I sit down sharply on my bed. Shit. I'm fucking fired?

He comes fully into my room and perches on the side of my desk. "I'm sorry. I know you needed the money. But surely it's not worth the shit like what happened last night?"

"I know. But it just...it just paid so damn well." I catch his eye and we share a laugh.


I convinced Mr McGee to let me take over as manager of the record shop. It gave me the raise in income I needed to maintain my outgoing bills so I didn't need to try and find another job. After assuring him I could cope with the extra responsibilities, I'd eventually managed to shoo him out of the office and to go home and relax.

I sit down in his chair and swing my feet up onto the desk, pulling off my trusted beret and dropping it onto the worn wood.

"Where's old man McGee?" Jake leans up against the doorframe.

"At home, hopefully relaxing in his garden." I flash him a wide grin, "I'm afraid I'm in charge now Jakey boy."

He tries to hide a smile, nodding slowly. "Gotcha."

I wander out after him, watching as he bends down to pick up the next box of vinyl; his shirt riding up a little as he does, so the band of his boxers peeking out from above his low slung jeans. Why is that flash of underwear so fucking hot?

He looks at me over his shoulder, and smirks when he realizes he's caught me checking him out. I cough to hide my embarrassment and quickly retreat back into the office.

Jake stays with me until closing, nonchalantly smoking a joint as I pull the heavy shutters down with a satisfying clang.

We walk silently in the direction of the house. As we walk past a bar I nod towards it. "Fancy a drink?"

He stops and squints through his smoke. "I'm not twenty-one yet."

I link my arm through his and gently pull him towards the noisy building. "Well it just so happens it's my friend's place so you'll be fine."

He flashes me a grin and throws the end of his joint away. "Well, alrighty then!"


Derick has spent the last four hours regaling us with stories of the worthless drunks who frequent his bar whilst plying us with cut price drinks. The perks of being friends with the bar tender.

I'd met Derick through my ex, but he was now firmly my best friend. He was a tall, well-built guy; complete with scary amounts of tattoos and a big beard. He also happened to be the official occupant of the apartment I'd been subletting before moving in with George and Jake. I hadn't missed the frown which has flittered over Jake's face when Derick had joked about me longer sleeping in his bed. Although he seemed somewhat appeased once Derick's boyfriend had come over and introduced himself.

We'd moved long past having a quick drink after work, and were well on our way to getting slaughtered on a school night. I could barely stay on my stool without clinging to Jake's strong arm, and his hand had been slowly finding it's way lower and lower down my back towards my ass.

He leans over, his lips millimeters from my ear making me shiver as he excuses himself to the bathroom.

I lean my face on my hand as I watch him saunter across the floor towards the gents, feeling myself heat up as I watch his strong arms pull the door open. He flashes a sloppy grin in my direction before he disappears inside.

Derick chuckles, making me turn my drunken eyes towards him.

"I like your new toy, Abs. But don't even think about playing with him in my premises. I get enough shit from the local cops without public indecency being thrown on top."

I start laughing. "Like you and Chris have never fucked in here before."

Derick winks and carries on cleaning the glasses.

We eventually leave as Derick is locking up. I can't walk straight, and one look at Jake shows me he's feeling the same.

Clinging onto each other, laughing at absolutely nothing, we slowly set off towards home; zigzagging all over the road and sidewalk.

"Hold up, hold up." Jake squeezes my arm before wandering off towards a bush. I open my mouth to ask him what he's doing, but see the steady stream between his legs. I kinda wish it was my hands wrapped round that big dick instead of his. Okay, now I remember; drunk Abi is horny Abi. I giggle, and he grins at me over his shoulder. "What? Man's gotta go, he's gotta go."

He zips himself up and saunters back to me with a cocky grin. I feel my insides go to water as he licks his lower lip, and before I comprehend what I'm doing my lips are pressed up against his.

He freezes for a split second before collecting himself and kissing me back; tilting his head to deepen the kiss. The first swipe of his tongue against mine sends tingles up and down my spine. My hands find themselves entangled in his hair, tugging a moan out of him. His hands slide into the waist band of my pants, soliciting a shiver from me.

I stumble back as my legs give out, and he holds me up round my waist with a chuckle.

"Did I just make you swoon? Like actually swoon?"

"Fuck you." I can't help but giggle. He rubs his thumb along his lower lip, his green eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

"You wanna take this home?" he asks with a rise of his eyebrow.

I bite down on my lip as I nod shyly.

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