Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 18

Abigail Taylor POV ~

Sitting there, my body covered only in a towel, surrounded by the strong warm arms of Jake, I feel my worries start to ebb away.

I finally give in fully to my feelings and bury my face into the crook of his neck; breathing his scent in deeply. He rubs my back gently, and I feel his lips press against my hair.

“I’ll let you finish getting ready. I could do with a shower too, I’m sure I smell like a fucking brewery.” He chuckles as I tighten my grip round his neck with a whine. “It’s cool babes, I’ll only be like five minutes.”

“I guess I’ll just have to go hang with your hot dad downstairs.” I start to stand up, but he pulls me back and kisses me with a growl, making me grin against his lips.

“Maybe I should drag you back in the shower with me, huh?” He eyes me up and down hungrily.

I pretend to think, before shaking my head. “Nah. Think the older, sexier version of you is more appealing.” I tease.

He growls again, tightening his arms around my waist and rolling us onto the bed fully. I giggle, trying to twist out of his embrace, but he manages to grab both my hands, pinning them above my head onto the pillow. I realize he’s now positioned between my open legs; his excitement is pressed gloriously against my special bundle of nerves, the rough denim of his jeans heightening the sensation against my exposed skin.

He pauses, his eyes flicking down to where our bodies are meeting, and when he meets my eye again his are dark with lust.

“Jakey! We’re leaving in a minute, get’cha ass back downstairs.”

“Can’t believe my own fucking father is cockblocking me right now.” He sits back onto his knees slowly, eyes firmly glued to my expose naked crotch as he rakes his long hair back out of his face with his long fingers and ties it into a ponytail with a band off his wrist.

He helps me off the bed, and after subtly adjusting himself in his jeans, he press a chaste kiss to my forehead and wanders back down to his waiting dad.

I catch sight of myself in the mirror on my wardrobe door as I pull my clothes out; my cheeks are flushed, my eyes are bright, and there is a grin on my lips which I can’t seem to get rid of. I don’t remember ever looking this smitten, this excited, even when I first met Dominick.

I meet George on the landing when I finally finish getting ready, and she smiles at me knowingly.

“What’s with you?”

“Nuthin’. Just glad to see the two of you finally admitting you like each other,” she shrugs, her smile widening. “AJ should’ve learnt not to bet against me by now.”

I feel my cheeks heat up as I realize they’re betting on me and Jake getting together, and stick my tongue out at her childishly to cover my embarrassment.


It feels like it was days ago I that I’d last laid eyes on Jake. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this excited about seeing someone. When he’d finally sauntered into the shop after his last lecture I had to stop myself from running up to him and leaping into his arms. Instead I’d calmly smiled at him and walked into the office leaving him to man the front of house.

After a long thirty minutes, I’m roused from my daydreams by knock on the door frame.

“So if it’s just the two of us here, how are we supposed to take smoking breaks together?” Jake smiles, his green eyes sparkling like gem stones with amusement.

“Well I’m in charge, so fuck it! We’ll just shut the shop for five minutes.” I grin as I hastily write a sign for the door.

I settle myself between Jake’s legs on the fire escape stairs, using his thighs as arm rests, and lean my head back against his chest. He exhales a large plume of smoke and grins down at me, gently placing the joint between my lips.

“You know George and AJ have a bet on about us getting together, right?” Jake shakes his head no, an amused smile on his face.

“Doesn’t surprise me though.” He accepts back the joint and takes another deep lungful. "Fucking shit-stirrers that they are."

“So what’s up with your mom, anyway?” I feel Jake tense behind me before he blows out his hit.

“She’s a fucking bitch, that’s what’s up.”

I turn and face him. “Why?”

“She tried to screw my dad over in the divorce,” he shrugs, “He gave her everything she fucking asked for except full custody of me. Now she’s pissed that I’m being groomed to go into his business and wants to fuck him over some more.” He stands and starts pacing the alleyway, running both hands agitatedly through his hair. “I mean, I don’t even fucking know if I want to go into the business, it’s just what’s fucking expected. But now she’s fucking demanding him and Jimmy just completely sign over the part of the company in Duluth over to her, she’s not even offering to buy it she just fucking wants it,” he laughs without humor, “but she has said if I go back and work with her she’ll let them keep it as part of the main company. So my dad has to decide whether to surrender the biggest and most established part of his company to a woman who was only involved in the first place because she was his wife, or force his only son to move across the country.”

“And I thought my mom was bad. Jeez.” I stand and grab his arm as he paces past me, pulling myself into his chest. He sighs deeply and wraps his arms round my shoulders, nuzzling into my hair.

“I’m flunking out of college.” His voice is muffled in my hair, and I pull back slightly so I can see him. The side of his cheek pulls in as he chews on the inside of his mouth, and he averts his gaze from mine.


“I’m failing all my classes. If I don’t get a passing grade soon they’re going to kick my ass out.”

“I thought George helped you study? I’ve heard the two of you before.”

Jake frowns slightly, pulling away from me. “She does. Andy does too. But it just doesn’t make fucking sense. Maybe I’m not cut out for college. I only took this stupid business course because my dad wanted me to, and I thought it would be cool to play football with Andy through college.”

“Well I think you’re good at business,” Jake shoots me a look like yeah right, “I’m serious! Look at what you’ve done with this shitty record shop. Since you’ve been working here we actually get business.”

He snorts. “Yeah who knew washing the fucking sign and changing the light bulbs would make it look like the shop was actually open.” he retorts sarcastically.

I push his shoulder. “You've done a lot more for the shop than just that, and you know it. What I’m trying to say is maybe you have the mind for business, but in a more practical way. Not every successful person got a college degree you know.”

He hums in agreement, catching hold of my hand and pulling me back in to an almost bone crushing hug.

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