Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 19

Jake Nelson POV ~

After finally confessing to someone the scary fact that I was failing, I spent the rest of my shift in deep contemplation.

I'd been stewing over my failure for the last couple weeks. I was ashamed to say I was scared to admit to my friends and my dad what was going on; I didn't want to see the looks of pity in their eyes.

I tried to keep busy sorting out the next section of vinyl's, but I felt Abi's eyes on me the whole time.

She'd eluded several times to having a shitty mom, and I'd half expected her to share more details with me after I'd confided in her about my mother troubles.

The door chimes, and I turn slightly to see her friend from the bar, Derrick, stride in.


"Ricky!" She giggles as he pretends to threaten her with a clenched fist. I nod at him when he waves over to me.

"So Abs, I have just popped down to inform you that I've booked your band for the bar tonight."

She laughs. "Nice of the rest of the guys to let me know!"

I tune out the rest of their conversation, not realizing Derrick has left until I feel Abi's hands on my shoulders.

"You're coming tonight, right?"

I shrug. "I dunno. Should really send some time studying, I guess."

"Why prolong the inevitable." Abi walks away from where I'm sitting surrounded by stacks of old records.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" I frown, rising and striding after her, pulling her round to face me when I catch up to her.

"I just figure you're gonna drop out, right?" she frowns slightly, tipping her head to the side questioningly, "Why bother killing yourself doing assignments which ultimately aren't going to mean shit?"

"I never said I was dropping out." I growl out between clenched teeth.

"Drop out, kicked out. Same fucking difference."

"You're getting kicked out of school?!" I freeze at the sound of George's voice. Shit. "Jake? What's going on?"

When I turn round George is ashen, her eyes glimmer with tears. I shake my head, chewing on my lips. "I can't fucking do this right now."

As I stride past her George reaches out for my arm, but I pull it away, trying to ignore the hurt look on my best friends face.


My bedroom door opens with a bang, and Andy stands in the open doorway with a incensed look on his face.

"Care to explain to me why I've just had my sobbing girlfriend on the phone to me for the last hour?"

I scowl and roll over on my bed so my back is to my fuming friend. The bed next to me dips, and I feel Andy's hand tug on my shoulder, pulling me back over onto my back.

"What the fuck is going on, dude?"

I study his face while I try to think of a response. His dark brown eyes are mostly full of worry; a little anger fueled by his protectiveness of George.

"I've been given last warnings in all my classes. I'm in serious danger of being kicked out. I guess my decision is whether to jump before I'm pushed."

Andy's mouth opens and closes a few times as he processes the news, before he runs his fingers through his hair and shakes his head.

"Why didn't you tell us sooner? We both would've-" I cut him off with a shake of my head.

"I didn't need any more of your guy's pity or help."

He narrows his eyes at me. "We would never pity you, Jake. We love you, dude."

I sit up, swinging my legs round to the floor. "You two have tried to help me but I just don't fucking get it. Most of the time I'm convinced my professors are speaking fucking Martian." Andy chuckles at my lame joke, and I try to smile. "Plus all this shit with my mom and dad is fucking with my head. Arrgh!" I push my hair back off my face in frustration, "I just don't fucking know."

"I think you should go talk to your dad and let him know what's going on," Andy stands and starts toward the door, "and then you need to talk to George. She's more upset that you told Abi and not her what was going on. You know she's never goin' to judge you for anything."

"Fuck! I know man, I know." As Andy jogs back downstairs, I grab my phone and pull up my dad's contact. This was not going to be pretty.


Three hours later I wander back into the house, my arms full of all of George's favorite things. Abi breezes past me dressed in her gig outfit; white vest, skin tight black pants, heavy dark eye makeup.

"Good luck tonight." I'm given a scowl and the middle finger in reply. Back to that are we? Great. Some other fucker to apologize to.

I trudge upstairs to where I can hear George's old man music playing, and knock on her door.

There is a pause before she says to come in.

I push the door open and make my way to the bed where she's sitting, dropping the armful of goodies down in front of her and standing there with a pout and my best puppy dog eyes until she looks at me and rolls her eyes.

"I'm really sorry I didn't tell you sooner, Smidge. I was just so fucking embarrassed."

"You know you never have to be embarrassed about anything with me, Jakey."

I push the pile of junk food I'd bought her to one side, and sit down on the bed next to her, leaning up against the headboard and patting my outstretched legs. She immediately lies across my lap on her stomach and I slide my hand up underneath her t-shirt and start slowly rubbing up and down her back. She practically purrs in response and I can't help but smile.

"I just...I don't know. I always felt like the dumb friend with you and Andy...this just compounds the fucking issue, and shows everyone else that I really am the fuck up." George bites my thigh, and I flinch with a growl, "OW! Fucker!"

"Shut up Jake. You are not a fuck up." She sits up, scowling. "That's your mom getting in your head, that is. You are amazing. I mean look at what you've done in that record shop! Abi said Mr McGee was always gushing about his wonderful new employee."

"Really? I thought the guy hated me." I pull George back down to my lap and resume my hand movements. "My dad says I should just do what makes me happy, that's all he wanted for me. I thought he would kick my ass. Him and Jimmy offered me a job if I want it."

"Do you?" she quirks an eyebrow at me.

"I don't think so." I lean my head back against the wooden headboard. "I'm kinda hoping if I don't work for the company my mom will drop all this bullshit she's pushing for."

We fall into an easy silence, my hand still gently stroking her flawless back. I hear footsteps on the stairs, and then Andy walks through the door, smiling when he sees us together.

"So Abi's band is playing at some bar, she said she could get us in if we wanted to go?"


I don't know how I managed to let my best friends talk me into coming here, I know Abi is pissed at me for earlier, but here I am. George greets Derrick behind the bar like he's a long lost friend, much to the confusion of Andy and the amusement of me.

We find an empty booth with a decent view of the little stage, and wait for Abi's band to come on.

She's amazing, just as good as when I'd seen her perform at the party that one time. I could tell Andy wasn't expecting her growls, the look on his face was fucking priceless when she started. I couldn't tear my eyes away from her, she was mesmerizing; she commanded the stage, drew all the attention from everyone in that little bar. By the end of the set her skin was shimmering with sweat under the stage lights, and her cheeks were flushed. She looked like she had when we'd fooled around. The thought makes me start to get hard, and I shift in my seat to try and alleviate some of the pressure in the front of my jeans.

I watch as she leaves the stage, and quickly down the rest of my drink. I stand to questioning looks from George and Andy. I shoot them a smirk and make my way to where Abi is standing with her bandmates.

I touch her elbow, and she spins round to me. Leaning close enough to feel her warm breath on my skin, I say lowly into her ear "You were amazing. And you look so fucking sexy right now I'm wanting to bend you over the fucking bar and fuck you so fucking hard."

Her cheeks flush, and her breathing quickens. "So do it then."

She slowly licks her bottom lip, and I can't help but follow the path of her tongue with my eyes.

"Fuck it." I grab her hand, and her eyes flash a lust filled deeper blue.

I pull her into the disabled toilet stall and flick the lock.

As soon as the click sounds, her hands are on my flies; popping the buttons open in one quick flick of her wrist. Our lips meet in a frenzied assault. Before I'm aware of what's going on, her pants are pushed down to her knees and she's rolling a condom onto my painfully hard dick.

She bends over the sink, her wet glistening pussy just poking out from between her legs. I grab my cock and run it up her slick folds, and she moans, pushing back slightly against me. I quickly center myself and push in. Our simultaneous pleasure fills the dank bathroom.

I steady her with one hand on her hip while the other one fists her hair, gently pulling her body back up so her back is pressed against my front. I quickly start a rapid pace in and out, the slapping sound of our flesh punctuated by little moans from both of us. This isn't gonna last long.

I slide my hand off her hip and find her clit. It is wet from her excitement and my finger glides round it easily, pulling a louder moan from her and I notice her fingers tighten their grip on the edge of the sink.

I feel the walls of her pussy start to tighten around me, and can't stop my own finish racing up on me.

"Uhh....uhh...fuck...I'm coming, I'm coming!" My movements get sloppy as I shoot my load into the condom.

We stand panting, my forehead resting on the back of her shoulders. I withdraw my rapidly deflating penis and pull the spent rubber off, tying the end and chucking it into the open toilet next to us with a plop.

Abi shimmies her pants back up, looking me up and down with a smirk.

"Well, thanks for that."

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