Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 21

Jake Nelson POV ~

Abi stormed out of the house with a fistful of paper and a slew of profanity, the door slamming angrily behind her.

George looked over at where me and Andy are sitting with wide eyes.

"What's happened, Smidge?"

"I think that Mr McGee guy has been falsifying her details to apply for loans." She looks back towards the door Abi had just left through.

"Nah. Fuck no." I shake my head, frowning. "Anyways, it isn't his shop. It's his dickhead son's."

"Her ex, you mean?" George walks over and sits down on Andy's lap, her fingers immediately playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

"What?" She'd never mentioned to me that her that McGee's son were involved.

"Yeah, I think she said they were engaged but he cheated on her a couple years back." she pauses, mulling something over, "Actually...fuck! That means he had applied for those loans while they would have still been together!"

"That's some fucked up shit." Andy whistles, shaking his head a little.

I cross my arms, sinking back further into the sofa. I really don't know anything about this girl.


George and Andy had left a couple hours ago to go babysit Lottie and Sammy, and after waiting until midnight for Abi to come home I'd decided to call it a night and go to bed.

Just as I'd finally got comfortable my cell starts ringing. Cursing under my breath for not switching it onto silent like I usually do, I stretch my arm out and grab it of the nightstand and see Abi's name flashing on the screen.


"It's Derrick. Abi's friend from the bar?"

"Hey. Where's Abi? How come you have her phone?" I sit up in bed, the sheets pooling round my waist, sleep immediately forgotten.

"She's here. She's...in a bad way. Do you think you can come get her?"

"Yeah of course," my feet hit the floor and I start pulling on the first items of clothing I find in the dark, "I'll be there in like five minutes."

She's in a bad way just bounces round my head the whole time I'm walking to the bar. What the fuck does that even mean? A bad way?

Derrick nods his head towards the bathroom when I push open the door, and I make my way over. I hear Abi before I see her. Loud sobs interspersed with even louder hurling are coming from the disabled bathroom which we fucked in only a week ago.

"Abi?" I push the door open slowly to reveal her hunched over the bowl of the lavatory. The strong smell of alcohol mixed with stomach acid makes my stomach turn a little too. She lifts her head slightly and I cringe at the stringy puke which is connecting her mouth and her hair right now. Her eyes are bloodshot and unfocused, her eye make up is spread all over. "Fucking christ."

I go back up to the bar and glare at Derrick. He smirks at me, putting down the glass he was cleaning and folding his impressively large arms in front of his chest so the muscles pop menacingly.

"What the fuck happened to her?" I hiss, trying not to seem intimidated by the mountain of man in front of me.

"She was already fucked up before she got here dude. I wouldn't have let her get that messed up, trust me." He relaxes his stance a bit, wiping a harried hand over his beard. "She was asking for you."

I look back towards the bathroom where she was still audibly hurling. "Do you think...Should I take her to the hospital?"

"I think you should try and get some water into her, then get her home." He pushes a pint glass of water across the wooden counter top toward me.

Abi seemed to have stopped doing her impression of the Exorcist by the time I step back into the bathroom. I wet a few paper towels and run them over her face; gently wiping off her ruined make up and puke from her chin. Her eyes are still unfocused, rolling back in her head as I softly reassure her she's okay. I pull her hair back from her face, securing it back in a ponytail with the spare tie I keep around my wrist. Once I had managed to prop her up against the wall, I hold the cold glass of water to her lips and encourage her to drink.

I think I've been sat on the cold tile floor with her for close to an hour, forcibly getting her to ingest several pints of water and a couple bags of chips Derrick had produced. I lean my head back against the wall and close my eyes, my knees bent in front of me and my arms resting on top of my knees, mimicking the pose Abi was in. At least she's stopped throwing up and crying.

"Jake?" her voice is croaky from being sick. I open my eyes and tilt my head towards her. She still has her eyes closed.

"Yeah Abs?"

"Why did he do it? Why did he hate me so much?" A tear follows the same path as many others already had tonight. "Why would he choose to do the same thing as she did?"

"Shhh. We'll figure this all out tomorrow when you're feeling better, 'kay?" I reach over and pat her hand.


I had rang George once I'd gotten Abi into bed in the early hours, and she'd said she would stay with Andy for the rest of the day to give us some space.

I'd sat by the side of her bed, watching her sleep, for the rest of the night, petrified of her puking and choking to death.

I was like a fucking zombie today, not gonna lie.

I plate up the greasy breakfast I'd fried for her and trudge back up to her bedroom. The clink of the mug of coffee on the nightstand wakes Abi up, and she groans.

"What the fuck happened to me last night?" she croaks out.

I chuckle a little. "I don't know, I was hoping you could enlighten me to be honest."

She pushes herself into a sitting position and accepts the food from me with a small smile. I make myself comfortable on her desk chair and watch her devour her breakfast. Or I guess lunch seeing as how it was gone twelve now.

"Oh my god, thanks Jake. I really needed that." She snuggles back down under her duvet and closes her eyes.

"What the fuck happened yesterday, Abi? Where did you go?"

She sighs deeply. "I guess it's time to tell you the long and tawdry story of Abigail Taylor."

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