Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 25

Jake Nelson POV ~

We all turn to look at Abi, who is now sporting a head of shockingly bright turquoise hair which makes the blue of her eyes seem more like the color of the ocean than before.

"Ms Taylor, I'm James Martin but in the interest of not getting too confused, you can call me Jay." The lawyer my dad had bought with him stands and offers his hand to a confused Abi.

"Taylor, I think you should sit down and hear the proposal these men have brought us." Mr McGee pats the seat next to him, and Abi slowly sits down, her questioning gaze flicking back and forth between me and my dad.

"Abi," my dad clears his throat and leans forward slightly, resting his forearms on his knees, his deep green eyes concentrated on her, "Jake has told me about the issues you are facing regarding the shop and I'd have a solution to put to you."

Abi shoots me a scowl, but nods at my dad to continue. Jay cuts in instead.

"If I may? Ms Taylor, I understand your ex, Dominick McGee, not only took out loans in your name but also managed to find some unscrupulous lawyer who allowed him to have you put down as the registered owner of this building without having your identity checked-"

"What?!" she interjects, wild eyes turning to Mr McGee who nods sadly, the corners of his mouth turning down.

"As I was saying, in the eyes of the law you are the owner of the building and the business it is up to you what happens going forward."

"I would like to offer to buy the whole thing from you." My dad reaches over and places a hand over Abi's slightly shaky ones. "I'd pay you enough to clear the loans completely, plus pay off the credit cards."

Abi looks completely shell shocked. I get up and walk over to her, cupping her face in my hands.

"Abs, this means you can finally put an end to him having any kind of hold over you or your life." Her eyes swim with tears, and she blinks rapidly. I wipe away one rogue tear which starts to snake it's way down her cheek, with my thumb.

"I would suggest we also file a motion against Dominick for identity fraud." Jay produces a handful of paper from his briefcase.

While him, my dad and Mr McGee start going through the details, I grab Abi's hand and lead her out to the alley. I light up a joint and hand it to her.

"You look like you could use a little relaxing."

"It could all really be over?" She looks up at me with wide eyes.

"Yeah." I grin, then falter, rubbing the back of my neck anxiously. "I'm sorry I told my dad about your personal shit."

She takes a hit, then another, shaking her head as she exhales. "It's cool. After all, everyone's a bit broken." She smiles to herself. Then squints up at me through the smoke. "So would your dad technically be our boss?"

"No he, uh...he is going to sign it over to me." I look down at my sneakers in embarrassment. I'd hate for Abi to think I was trying to take over. "But, um, everything would just carry on as now, I guess."

"Jake," I look up at her, "It's okay. This isn't my dream, but I know it's yours."

She links her fingers with mine and smiles at me. I sigh deeply in relief, and bring her hand to mouth, pressing a soft kiss to her knuckles.

"Ever since I watched Empire Records I wanted to be like Joe, y'know? The father figure to a dysfunctional gang of teenagers who work in my record store."

Abi laughs. "I don't think that office is big enough for a drum kit."

I laugh with her, pulling her up off the stair she was perched on and into my arms. Looking into each other's eyes, our laughter peters out and I lean closer, pressing my lips to hers. They mold together like they are always meant to be that way. My tongue asks for access and starts it's dance against hers.

As our kiss grows fiercer and more passionate, a throat is cleared behind us and we spring apart. My dad grins at us from the fire escape and nods his head back towards the shop.

"Sorry to break this up kids, but we need Abi to look over some things inside."

She blushes furiously, and quickly walks past my dad with her head down, who is still grinning like the fucking Cheshire Cat.

"Thanks for doing this, dad."

"Anything for you, son. You know that."

"How did you get the money?" I had been worrying about the finer details of my dad's offer all morning as I had listened to the older men talk.

"Once you mother accepted the offer I put forward, I sold that part of the company off to Sullivan's," he sits down on the step Abi had vacated and steeples his fingers together in front of his mouth, "they've been interested in absorbing our company into theirs for years. I was just lucky your mom didn't have a clue as to how much that part of the business was actually worth," he chuckles, "We sold it for nearly five times what we gave her."

"Fuck!" I'd seen the offer he'd made my mom, and I thought that had been a fuck of a lot of money.

"So I have plenty to put into this venture, and to support you going forward."

I take a deep draw on my joint before stubbing it out on the brick wall. "Does this mean you and Jimmy are like millionaires? Are me and George gonna inherit a fortune when you pass?!"

"No, son," my dad laughs loudly, shaking his head. "'Fraid not. It means we're comfortable, and we can continue to grow our business here in San Francisco."

"Well damn." I liked the idea of being a millionaires kid.

After another few hours, it's all done.

I'd opened the shop while the others had been holed up in the office sorting out the details of my dad's acquisition. Abi has a huge grin on her face, and Mr McGee looked like he'd been relived of a great weight as he shuffled out of the shop. I guess keeping the secret that your son was an utter douche who took advantage of the girl he claimed to have loved took it's toll.

I give my dad a quick hug goodbye, and shake Jay's hand, and soon it's just me and Abi.

She walks over to the sound system and puts on Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine, jumping around the shop wildly, screaming along with Zach de la Rocha as he sings about rallying round the family. I lean back against the counter and watch her, unable to keep the grin from my face.

I did that. I facilitated the thing which made her this happy.

She skips over to me and jumps into my arms; I automatically grab her under her ass to hold her up. She wraps her arms tightly round my neck, kissing and sucking on the tender skin under my ear which makes my hormones go wild. I'm tenting in my jeans before too long.

I drop her down and she frowns. "One sec babe."

I turn the lock on the front door, and flick the switch to drop the shutters down before turning back to her.

She has already taken her top off, leaving her in a black lacy bra and tight shiny black pants. I growl, quickly pacing back over to her and claiming her smirking mouth.

In a flurry of excited limbs, the rest of her clothes are quickly on the floor with mine too, and she is rolling a condom down onto my hard cock. We both gasp as she slides down onto me, her warm wet center already pushing me dangerously close to the edge.

I latch onto one of her perfect pink nipples, sucking and biting it as she writhes on my crotch making the most erotic noises I've ever heard.

"Ff-uck!" I grab her ass with both my hands and lift my hips frantically to meet her movements. I'm obviously hitting something good inside of her as soon she drops her head back and practically screams my name as her body comes undone around me.

I think I see stars, I come so fucking hard. I'm worried for a second that I might fill up the condom, the spunk doesn't seem to want to stop streaming out of me.

We cling together; a sweaty, panting ball of flesh.

"I think I'm falling in love with you." Abi quietly says into my neck.

"I've already fallen."

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