Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 26

Abigail Taylor POV ~

The lawyer guy that Jake's dad had set me up with, Jay, has been helping me get all the things together I need to press charges against Dominick.

"So once we've received back the last of the credit reports, we can hand them in to the police along with the signed affidavit," he stretches, making the cotton shirt he was wearing pull against his slightly rounded belly, "And then we have all the pieces lined up to proceed with our case against this asshole."

"Good. Thank you so much, Jay."

As I leave his office, feeling very out of place in my ripped jeans and baggy Marilyn Manson t-shirt amongst the white collar stiffs who are angrily pounding the pavement on their twenty minute coffee breaks, their cell phones glued to their ears, I pull my own phone out and dial Jake.

"Hey snookums! How'd the meeting go?"

"Snookums?!" I can't help but crack up at his nickname.

"Hey! I'm trying a thing." Jake's voice is full of amusement, and I can practically see his rubbing the back of his neck like he does when he's embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I smile, pausing when I hear someone talk in the background. "Wait, is that Mr McGee I hear?"

"Um...yeah...Fuck! I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Wanted what to be a surprise?" My bus pulls up and I hold my phone to my ear with my shoulder while I pay. "What's going on Jake?"

"Just...come meet me and Mr McGee's house. I'll see you in a little bit, 'kay-bye!"

I round the corner to the block where Mr McGee's shitty bungalow sits. Or should I say sat. The peeling paint around the windows has been sanded off, and the overgrown front yard has been cut back. Mr McGee stands in the open front door, a ghost of a smile on his crinkled face.

I give him a quick hug before he ushers me inside. The threadbare carpet in the living room has been pulled up and the floorboards are sanded smooth. The drab wallpaper which made the room feel so dark has been replaced with a bright clean paint job.

A banging from the little kitchen draws my attention, and I walk in to find Jake and his dad replacing the broken cabinet doors. James spots me first and flashes me a grin, nudging his son's butt with his hammer.

"Hey!" Jake springs up and pulls me into a tight hug, which lifts me off my feet.

"Hi! Wh-what are you guys doing?" I walk round the room, trailing my finger along the new counter tops.

"Well..." Jake rubs the back of his neck, a blush creeping up his chest onto his face. "After you said Mr McGee had had to sell his house and move into this shitty place to try and clean up after his dickhead son, no offence sir," he shoot an embarrassed glance towards Mr McGee who just chuckles and waves it off, "I dunno, it just bothered me. So me and dad decided to come and fix it up a bit."

I look at the beaming face of the little old man who had stuck by me and always treated me like family, and around the once sad dwelling he'd been forced to move to, and I feel like my heart is going to burst with the happiness it's swelling with. Ugh! Who knew I could be so fucking sappy.

I launch myself at the two Nelson men, wrapping my arms round their necks as they laugh.

"Thank you both. This means more than you could possibly know."


"What's with the beret, anyway?" Jake is twirling my hat around on his finger.

I reach over and snatch it from him, placing it back on my head. The raspberry color clashed really bad with my new blue hair but I really didn't give a fuck.

"I dunno," I shrug. "I found it fucking years ago in a goodwill shop and it just makes me smile."

"I think it's real cute." Jake leans over and presses a kiss to the tip of my nose. I wrinkle it making him chuckle and kiss it again.

Since Jake was now officially the owner of the record shop he'd decided to spruce up the interior, so we were here after hours painting the walls. Or at least we were until Jake had gotten distracted by the view he suddenly discovered down my baggy shirt and pounced on me. Now we were lying on one of the new sofas he'd bought; a tangle of naked arms and legs, discarded condom dropped unceremoniously on the floor next to us.

"I think we should maybe call this a night." Jake moves from underneath me and starts to pull his clothes back on.

I lick my lips unconsciously as I watch him cover up his athletic body. If I'd known football players had bodies like this I'd have gone out with a few in high school.

"You quite done perving?" Jake asks with a knowing smirk.

"Nope!" I reply, popping the p. He chuckles, and pulls his t-shirt on over his head, hiding his lickable abs from my eyes. "Spoil sport." I grumble as I reluctantly get up and follow suit.

"Did you have a chance to sort out the rotas?" I nod. Jake had taken on a couple of part time workers, both teenagers who already idolized him just like he had wished for.

We lock up and pull down the shutters. As we walk past the block with Derrick's bar on tilt my head.

"Fancy a nightcap?"

"I'm not gonna say no." Jake flashes his adorable grin at me, making my heart flutter.

I find the rest of my band in one of the corner booths and walk over to them while Jake gets our drinks.

"Where have you been hiding?" Mikey stands slightly out of his seat and gives me a side hug.

"I've been at the shop, why?" I slide out my phone and see the battery had died.

"You know that A&R guy that cam to the gig the other week?" Jerry, the guitarist, says and I nod, sliding onto the bench next to him. "Well he's offered us a support slot on Ripping Hammer's upcoming tour!"

"Ripping Hammer?!" They were the local boys made good, another heavy metal band who we'd played with on the local circuit a few years back.

"Yup. Apparently we're exactly what they're looking for. He'd never heard a girl who could growl before." Mikey laughs.

"That's fucking awesome!" Jake joins us, sliding my beer in front of me.

"What'd I miss?" he asks with a smile.


"I can't believe you're going away for two whole fucking months." Jake flops back onto my bed, his sad eyes tugging at my heart strings and making me want to go over and cuddle him.

"I'll be back before you know it." I try to reassure him. "Plus you'll be so busy with the shop you won't have time to miss me."

"I miss you when you're in the fucking bathroom." he grumbles, pouting more.

I can't resist any more, straddling him and pressing my lips to his in a heated kiss.

"Sorry guys!" George squeeks from the door, and I look up and find her hovering; undecided if she's coming in or not, her hand over her eyes.

"It's okay Smidge, we're both fully dressed." I slide off Jake and make room for her to join us on the bed.

"I can't believe you're going away for two whole months." she says sadly, leaning her head against my shoulder.

I laugh. "You two really do spent to much time together, you always say the exact same things."

I push myself up off the bed and resume my packing while my two friends cuddle up together on my bed, George absentmindedly plaiting Jake's long hair.

AJ wanders in holding a couple boxes of pizza, the cheesy smell making my mouth water.

"Oh my god! I love you so much dude." Jake leaps off the bed and relinquishes him of one of the boxes.

"Love you too man." AJ chuckles, sitting down next to George and opening the box.

Jake pulls me down onto the floor next to him and offers me a slice. "I love you too." He says quietly to me, making me smile shyly.

I was really going to miss this man when I was gone.

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