Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 27

Jake Nelson POV ~

Abi has been gone for almost a month now and it's been fucking killing me. I'm just glad I live in a century with decent forms of communication. I can't imagine trying to construct flirty sexy letters and having to wait weeks for a response, instead of the wicked facetime sex I've been enjoying.

Being able to see her face when she touches herself, watching her body respond to my words, feeling my body respond to hers.

Although finding time is getting more difficult as she is either on a bus with her bandmates, or being dragged off to some after show party, and I'm still trying to learn how to run the record shop.

"So," I hear Abi shift about on the other end of the phone, her clothes rustling down the line, "How're things? You still missing me?"

"Nah, got all my other bitches taking up my time." I smile.

"How are George and AJ?" she asks through a chuckle.

"They're fine. Annoyingly in love but fine." I shake my head. "They need to learn not to fuck on the fucking couch though."

"Well maybe stop confusing them by calling it the fucking couch," she belly laughs, and I can't help but join in. "Hey Jake, we need to talk."

Just those four words are enough to make my blood run cold. I nervously chew my bottom lip as I wait for her to continue.

"So....Ripping Hammer have a European leg booked for the end of this tour and they've kinda sorta asked us to stay on as opener for them."

There's a huge pause.

I can hear the buzz of the guys in her band fade as she moves further away from them.

"Jake? You still there?"

"Uh...yeah." I swallow dryly. "How long would you be over there for?"

"It would be a month, there or thereabouts."

"That would mean you would've been gone for three months." I can hardly keep the anger from my tone.


"So that's it? We're just done?"

"What?! I never...I didn't..."

"Look Abi, I fucking love you, but we've only just started this thing and I really don't know if we can last another two months without seeing each other." What the fuck is coming out of my mouth right now?!

"Jakey....don't do this. Please. I love you too. We can just carry on talking everyday like we have bee-"

"Abi." I cut her off. "It's been hard enough catching each other as it is and we're at least in the same country. Add in a huge fucking time difference and we'll never find the time. It's a lost fucking cause." Shut the fuck up you lunatic! "It's been fun but I think we should just call time instead of dragging it out further."

I sit and listen to her sniffles and sobs, inside screaming at her that I don't mean a fucking word I just said, passing the back of my hand over my eyes to wipe away my own tears. She quietly says bye to me and the phone goes dead.


"What the actual fuck Jake!" George slams open the door the store, making the glazing rattle in the metal frame. She storms over to me and pokes her finger into my chest. "What is fucking wrong with you?!"

Andy appears behind her, a worried look on his face.

"I take it you've spoken to Abi." I push her finger off me, rubbing the painful spot she'd left. She pushes me back more forcibly, and I stumble against a box of cd's and land with a thud on my backside. "What the fuck dude!"

"You finally found a girl who is freaking perfect for your dumb ass and you hit one little bump and you get scared and ruin the whole fucking thing!"

Andy offers me his hand and pulls me back to my feet. I rub my ass and frown at my angry red-headed friend.

"One little bump? I think my fucking girlfriend fucking off for three fucking months more than a little bump. That's a cavernous fucking hole."

"You're being fucking pathetic, Jake." George spins on her heel and stalks back out of the shop. The gangly teen I had working the checkout gawks at her as she walks past him.

"Timmy! Get back to work." I growl and he jumps a little, his cheeks turning puce.

I walk to my office, Andy trailing behind me. "Don't you have to go calm your girlfriend down or something?"

He shrugs, settling onto a chair. "Nope. I'm not going near her 'til her cheeks no longer match her hair." His smile fades as he studies my face, "So what's really going on, Jakey?"

I sigh, running my fingers through my hair, pulling it back off my face. "I don't even fucking know."

"Well I think you maybe do."

"I just...it's just....she's so far away, surrounded by all those fucking hot rocker guys." I groan at how pathetic I sound.

"Dude," Andy shakes his head, his lips twisting into a smile, "you sound just like a fucking chick."

"Fuck you."


George is ignoring me.

I've been sat outside her bedroom door knocking against the wood for the last two hours. In my lap is a plastic bag holding all of her favorite things.

Knock knock knock. My fucking knuckles hurt.

The door suddenly opens up behind me and I fall backwards, knocking the wind out of my lungs as I slam onto the floor.

George stands over me, trying to stop the smirk on her face.

"Truce?" I croak out, holding the bag up to her.

"Fine." She snatches the bag off me and makes her way back onto her bed, leaving the door open for me. "But I'm only doing this because of the goodies."

I crawl my way over and sit next to her. She nudges my arm to make me lift it, and positions herself on my lap waiting for me to stroke her back.

"So what are you going to do?"

"Hmmm?" I pause my movements up and down her back at George's question.

"What are you going to do about Abi?" George rolls onto her side and looks at me.

"I...I really don't know, Smidge. I think I fucked it up too much." I scratch my fingernails along the week old stubble which has grown on my chin.

"She still loves you, you know that right? She's hurt and confused, but she's still in love with you."

As I look into my best friend's shimmering eyes, a plan starts to glint in my minds eye.

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