Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 28

Abigail Taylor POV ~

I've been on tour for nearly a month. It's not really been the exciting experience I'd hoped for. It was mostly sitting on a smelly bus with my bandmates, who I love but being with them 24/7 was starting to drain me. I mean, there are only so many 'pull my finger' moments a girl can endure. Throw in the cramped bunks and weak-ass shower, then the handsy guys in the front rows of the gigs, and I was close to calling it quits. Maybe I was over this rockstar life.

Jake and I had indulged in several rounds of phone sex and facetime sex. Watching my man get off was a huge turn-on.

"Hey. Abi?"

The deep voice of Manny, the lead singer of the band we were supporting, cuts through my daydreams of my handsome boyfriend jerking off. I smile up at him, hoping my blush isn't as noticeable as I think it is.

"Hi! What's up? Is it our turn for soundcheck?"

"No. I just have some good news for you." He sits down on the bench next to me, throwing his one leg up onto the knee of the other one, his boot clad foot bouncing up and down. "Me and the guys are off to Europe after we finish the US tour, y'know."

"Yeah. That sounds amazing. You're doing all the big summer festivals over there, right?"

"Yeah, we did 'em a couple years ago too. I tell ya those European crowds are fucking crazy," he chuckles. "So how'd you like to come with?"

"What?!" I feel my eyes widen.

"Yeah. We love your band, you guys fucking rock. I've spoken to our management team and booking agent and they can get you in a couple of the smaller tents at the festivals, and of course you'd just continue on as our support act at our other venues. We'd only been gone about a month. At least to begin with."

"That would be amazing! Thank you so much for the opportunity...but I think I should talk to my boyfriend before I make a decision that big."

"I didn't peg you for that kinda girl." he shakes his head with a sly smile.

"What kind of girl?"

"The kind who can't make a decision without the say so of her boyfriend. Look," he stands up and looks down at me, "Just think about the offer, talk to your boy or whatever."

Manny's words still echo in my mind as my phone rings a little while later.

"Hi Jakey."

"Hey sexy lady." I can't help the big grin that spreads across my face at the sound of his voice.

“So,” I try to get myself comfortable on the bench, “How’re things? You still missing me?”

“Nah, got all my other bitches taking up my time.”

“How are George and AJ?” I can't help but chuckle.

“They’re fine. Annoyingly in love but fine. They need to learn not to fuck on the fucking couch though.”

“Well maybe stop confusing them by calling it the fucking couch,” I burst out laughing, and Jake joins in. The laughter catches in my throat as Manny's offer rises in my mind again. “Hey Jake, we need to talk.” He goes silent on the other end of the phone, and I have to check to make sure the call hasn't dropped out. “So....Ripping Hammer have a European leg booked for the end of this tour and they’ve kinda sorta asked us to stay on as opener for them.”

The guys start to get a little rowdy so I stand and walk further down the bus, shutting myself in the small bathroom. They'd spent the afternoon drinking in celebration of the offer to extend the tour, so they were all pretty fucked up now.

“Jake? You still there?”

“Uh...yeah. How long would you be over there for?”

“It would be a month, there or thereabouts.” I nervously tap my fingers against the molded plastic sink.

“That would mean you would’ve been gone for three months.” He sounds angry, and a little hurt.


“So that’s it? We’re just done?”

“What?! I never...I didn’t...” How the fuck did he get that from what I was saying?

“Look Abi, I fucking love you, but we’ve only just started this thing and I really don’t know if we can last another two months without seeing each other.”

“Jakey....don’t do this. Please. I love you too. We can just carry on talking everyday like we have bee-” A lump forms in my throat.

“Abi. It’s been hard enough catching each other as it is and we’re at least in the same country. Add in a huge fucking time difference and we’ll never find the time. It’s a lost fucking cause. It’s been fun but I think we should just call time instead of dragging it out further.”

The dam breaks and tears spill down my cheeks. I eventually choke out a goodbye, and end the call.


It's been a week since I last spoke to Jake. George had rung a couple of times and has obstinately refused to talk about him. I guess that's fair, she is his best friend after all and I feel like shit for having put her in the middle of our relationship drama. I did get a text of AJ telling me that Jake wasn't doing so good. I'm selfish enough to admit that made me a little happier, knowing he was suffering as much as me.

They guys in the band were treating me with kid gloves. I was taking my frustrations out on the stage every night. Every day my throat let me know I was pushing my luck.

"Here," Manny hands me a steaming mug with a smile. "Hot honey and lemon. It's good for the throat."

"Thanks." I croak, accepting the mug gratefully. The hot sweet liquid sooths my throat as I gulp it back.

"I take it the boyfriend didn't take the news of the tour too well?"

"What boyfriend." I mutter. He obviously catches it because his cheeks lift into a smirk.

"Hey, look. You win some, you loose some." He hooks his arm round my shoulders. "You're a hot girl in a fucking awesome metal band. You shouldn't be tied down with some kid back home." His eyes flick down to my lips, and his tongue traces its way along his bottom lip; his arm tightens around the top of my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. "You should get to experience everything the life on the road offers."

He moves his face closer to mine, I can smell the cigarettes and whiskey on his breath.

I close my eyes and hold my breath.

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