Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 29

Jake Nelson POV ~

I stare at Mr McGee as if he's just spoken to me in German.


"I said, Dominick is back in America. He just got arrested at the airport."

"Does...does Abi know?" I run a hand down my face. He shakes his head, no.

"I thought maybe it would be better for her lawyer to inform her. Keep it all above board."

The stress of the looming court case between Mr McGee's son and the woman he has loved as a daughter is showing on the old man's face.

"How are you doing?" I look round the bungalow I'd spent the last few weeks renovating for him. I'd changed all the lightbulbs to a brighter lux and I smiled as I watched the old guy walk around easier. The glaucoma he swore he didn't suffer from made his vision much worse in dim lighting.

He puts down the tea tray and sighs heavily as he sinks into the new recliner I'd just delivered for him. "I feel torn. I need Dominick to be punished for the things he's done, but he's still my son. I just want this all to be done and dealt with once and for all."


I pull on the suit I'd borrowed from Andy, George reaching up and tying the tie around my neck.

"Are you sure you want to go today? I mean you guys haven't spoken for nearly a month."

I nod, pulling my hair back and securing it into a ponytail. "Even after everything, I still want her to know I'm here for her." I really wanted to tell her I still loved her.

It was the day of the court hearing, and Abi had rung George to tell her she was coming back from tour to attend. Then she was flying out to join the rest of her band in England tomorrow. I nervously pace up and down as I wait for George to finish getting ready.

I really hope Abi isn't mad at me for going today. I was equal parts curious to see her ex, and excited to see her again. It had been a long two months. I'd spent this last month full of regrets for the stupid shit that had spewed from my mouth last time I spoke to her. I'd pulled up her number so many times to call her and apologize, to beg for her to take me back, but a little voice in the back of my head kept whispering that maybe it was better for her to go and get to experience everything that being on tour involved.

"Oh my lord, is that Dominick? Damn, Abi's got good taste." George bites her bottom lip as she looks the guy up and down. "Kinda a shame he's a fucking asshole."

In truth, I can't believe that the guy being led in to the court room was Mr McGee's son. The dude was huge, well over six foot five, dwarfing his father who shuffles in behind him. He has tanned skin all of the visible parts of which are covered in tattoos, contrasting against the sharp charcoal suit and white shirt he was dressed in.

"You fucker!"

A blur of turquoise pushes between me and George, launching itself at the guy. A slap resonates around the vestibule of the courthouse.

"Nice to see you again too, Abigail." Dominick smirks, wiping a smudge of blood from his lips with his thumb.

George quickly runs over and holds Abi back from hitting him again. I clench my fists as the dude looks squarely at George's chest and smirks again. Motherfucker is just asking for my fist to be introduced to his face.

The case is simple. Jay was a good fucking lawyer. Dominick is found guilty, even though he tried to pin some of his shit on Abi, and even his own dad!

Me and George hang around outside waiting for Abi to appear.

"Stop bouncing around, Jakey, you're making me feel motion sick." George slaps at my arm.

"Sorry Georgie, I'm just real fucking nervous. I don't want her to slap me too."

"Well hopefully you haven't done anything as bad to me as that dillhole." Abi smiles shyly at us.

She feels as good in my arms as I remember; I press my face against her neck and inhale her deeply.

"Hey Jakey." she says softly into my ear, her lips brushing against my sensitive skin making me shiver. "Thanks for coming today."

George yanks her out of my embrace and wraps her arms round her neck tightly instead. Abi reaches her arm back and grasps my hand, intertwining our fingers. I smile for the first time in weeks.


"Come with me." Abi whispers into my chest.

We'd spent the rest of the day naked in my bed, celebrating Abi's clean financial records. I'd started off by apologizing profusely for being a fucking idiot and she'd ended up jumping me. "What?"

"Come with me. To Europe. On tour." Abi sits up, the sheets pooling around her waist, her nipples hardening in the cold air.

"You want me there?" I reach up and twirl a piece of her hair round my finger. "I wouldn't be like, cramping your style or anything?"

"No!" she shakes her head vehemently, "I've really missed you Jake. I don't want to waste more time not being with you." She pulls my face closer to hers, resting her forehead against mine, "Please Jake. Please come with me."

I pull her back down to lie on my chest. "What about the shop? And George? And my dad?"

"Mr McGee. Andy. Jimmy." She grins up at me. "You know they'll all be okay. And it's only four weeks."

I lie awake listening to the soft breathes from the sleeping girl in my arms turning her offer over and over. Could I really leave everything behind me to follow her wherever she goes?

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