Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 8

Georgina Evans POV ~

Jake saunters downstairs, and I can’t help but stare at my best friend. He looked really fucking good tonight. Ripped jeans, white vest with a flannel shirt over top rolled up showing his strong forearms, silver chain round his neck with a little padlock hanging at his throat, his hair is swept back into a small ponytail, and beaten Vans on his feet. Jake catches me in the act and grins widely, making my cheek redden.

“Yes! My boy is gonna break some hearts and wet some panties tonight.” Andy stands up and gives him a high five, making me frown and I slap him on his stupidly toned stomach.

“Don’t encourage him to take up your old ways, AJ.”

“Oh Smidge,” Jake wraps his arms around me from behind, surrounding me in a cloud of his manly cologne, and presses a kiss to my temple, “I’m just ready to fully experience the life of a college student. Now stop checking me out and lets go get FUCKED UP!”

Jake had disappeared nearly as soon as we’d arrived at the party, and I drag AJ onto the make shift dance floor. The music is a little edgier than I was used to, my favorite genre still being what Jake calls ‘old man rock’. But I could still grind up on AJ’s crotch to whatever was playing so I was happy. After a couple of dances and a couple of cups of very strong punch, Jake reappears down from upstairs with a happy grin on his face.

Andy grins back at him, leaning in and making a show of sniffing at him, which makes me grimace.

“Jakey’s just got laid. Fuck yeah!” The two of them share a high five, and Jake chuckles, watching a pretty brunette girl walk past.

“Oh god, Jake. Please tell me you didn’t just hook up with a random?” I plead.

“Okay, I won’t tell you I just hooked up with a random.” He not so surreptitiously mouths over my head to Andy ′I so did just hook up with a random’. Andy cracks up and I sigh loudly rolling my eyes at the two of them acting like high school kids again.

“It’s times like this I regret being best friends with a boy.” I groan.

Jake just grins back at me, lifting a bottle of whiskey to his lips. AJ runs his hands up my sides, his finger tips brushing the sides of my boobs and making my skin break out into goosebumps. I feel his lips raise into a smile against the bare skin of my shoulder. I start swaying to the music again, rubbing my ass up against his semi-erect cock, drawing a little moan from him.

A blonde girl, that Jake has been eye fucking across the room, walks over to him. They talk quietly for a moment, her hand brushing against his chest, and he runs his thumb over his bottom lip like I've seen him do a hundred times before when he's feeling particularly turned on, before he nods.

The alcohol feels like it hits me all at once, and the room suddenly tilts and swirls. I grab tightly onto AJ's arm, causing him to look down at me in alarm.

"I...I don't feel so good."

"Yeah, you don't look too hot, to be honest."

I try to hit him, but there is suddenly too many AJ's to judge which one to aim for. I giggle at the idea of having many AJ's to play with. AJ rolls his eyes at me, putting his arm around me, effectively holding me up, and waves at Jake, who is walking back towards the stairs behind the blonde girl.

As soon as the cool night air hits me, my drunken state gets exponentially worse. I stumble down the path, only being saved from face planting onto the concrete by AJ's strong grip on me.

I feel the cold sloshing liquid of all the cups of punch I'd drunk, threatening to make themselves known again. AJ manages to jump out of the way as I empty the contents of my stomach onto the asphalt.


"I'm dying." My voice is croaky from all the throwing up I did last night.

AJ chuckles, placing a glass of water and a couple of aspirin down next to my bed. I hold my arms out for a hug, making grabby hands towards him, but he wrinkles his nose, backing away from me.

"Not 'til you shower. I love you George, but you fucking stink right now." I pout, crossing my arms, and he relents a little, pressing a quick kiss to my forehead.

"What's up muthafuckers!" Jake kicks open my door.

"Uurgh!! Jakey, it's too early for your kind of enthusiasm."

Jake and AJ share a look, before Jake smirks.

"Smidge, it's like midday." I pick up my phone with a frown, and sure enough I'd slept through most of the day. "And I'm allowed to be happy today, I got laid twice last night."

He flops down next to me with a stupid grin, which quickly disappears into a grimace as he clamps his hand over his mouth and nose. "Fuck! George you fucking stink! You smell like that homeless drunk guy who always had puke in his beard who slept outside the dog pound."

"Fuck you!" I shove him off the bed, and he lands on the floor with a thump and a groan.

"I did tell you, you need to shower." AJ laughs.

"Fuck you too." I take the painkillers and snuggle down into my stinky bed to sleep off some more of my hangover.


A couple of hours later, I am showered and feeling a little more human again. AJ had left to look after his sisters, so I wander downstairs to where Jake is sprawled on the sofa, playing CoD.

"Hey Georgie," he flashes me a lazy grin, "There's some left over pizza in the fridge if you want it."

"Thanks. Maybe in a bit." My stomach still felt delicate.

I lay down next to Jake, and he lifts his arms so I can rest my feet on his lap. I pick up my phone and realize I've got a load of notifications from WhatsApp.

Clicking on the icon, I'm met with a barrage of texts from Layla, each one more emotional than the last.

"Hey Jakey," I nudge him with my toe, "What the hell happened with Layla last night?"

He groans, glancing down at me. "Why?"

"Because she's spent the morning blowing my phone up with questions such as 'how could he do this to me?', and statements such as 'I should have known he was an asshole what with being best friends with you.' I'm not going to lie Jake, that one kinda cuts deep. Why is she dragging me into your relationship drama?"

He pauses his game, throwing the controller down, and rubs his hands up and down my shins.

"I'm sorry Smidge. But as far as I'm concerned there is no relationship, and she's the one making all the fucking drama." He purses his lips, frowning. "There was this girl who was perving outside the bedroom last night both times I was..." I shake my head, covering my ears with my hands, and he chuckles, "....making friends. I didn't even know Layla was there and this girl makes some snarky comment about my sexual activity in front of her getting Layla all upset, so I had to be a total fucking asshole to get the message through to her that we had broken up." He gestures to my phone. "Unfortunately it still doesn't seem to have worked. What the fuck am I supposed to do, George?"

He looks at me with sad eyes, and I sit up and wrap my arms round his neck.

"I don't know, Jakey. I really don't know."

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