Unfortunate Friends 2

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Chapter 9

Jake Nelson POV ~

I'd nearly finished reorganizing the vast collection of Country albums in the shop. It had taken me longer than I anticipated because once I'd started taking them out of the cardboard boxes they had been stored in, I realized none of them had been priced up. This then meant I had to sit in front of a the till for hours finding out much they retail for, and stickering them all up.

Mr McGee hadn't warmed up to me at all. Every time I came to work he sniffed me, not too obviously mind you, but I still copped him doing it every time. On the couple of times I'd smoked a blunt on my walk to work he made some comment about how it was going to be a 'lazy day today then'.

The exit door screeches open as some dumbass pushes it the wrong way. I look up and see the same dark haired pervert singer from the party walking through the anti-theft scanner, setting it beeping. She grins as Mr McGee emerges from his dark hovel of an office, the argument falling from his lips as he sees her.


"Hey Mr McGee." She smiles as he shuffles over and hugs her, patting her back with a chuckle. I frown. That was the first time I'd seen him act remotely civil toward anyone.

"Have you come to keep my new employee in check?" They both look over at me, and I pretend to be deeply engrossed in the Jimmie Rodgers LP in my hands.

"Something like that." She chuckles, her husky voice taking me back to when I found her lurking outside the bedroom while I fucked inside. I wonder if she had imagined it was herself inside with me while she listened to the screams of pleasure I'd eked from those two girls. "Is it still cool to work the same shifts as before?"

"Sort it out between yourselves. I don't care." The grumpy man waves at us dismissively, and shuffles out the back once again.

"So STD fuck boy works in an independent record shop. Could you be any more cliché."

I turn with a scowl to where she has made herself comfortable on the check out, smirking at me. Her bobbed hair was mostly hidden today under a deep pink colored beret, and she was wearing short shorts teamed with a loose fitting white wife-beater which you could see the sides of her black sports bra through the large arm holes. Army boots came half way up her shins, white socks poking out the tops.

"So alt-goth chick pervs on people fucking. Could you be any more pathetic." Her face falls into a scowl just like mine.

"Fuck you." She jumps off the counter and stalks into the office. Moments later I hear the two of them laughing.

I scowl deeply again. Fucking stupid girl.


Every day for the rest of the week, she's there. Taylor.

Every day she greets me with a scowl and her middle finger.

I think Mr McGee is enjoying the conflict. She seems to work from opening 'til about four thirty then, I gather from the bits of conversation I've overheard, she goes to a second job.

I've steadily continued with my slow progression through the shops stock, and although I know she's been watching what I've been doing, she never offers to help.

The stupid raspberry colored beret is constantly perched on her head. It clashes with the rest of her outfit most days, and definitely doesn't fit in with her general aesthetic; the tattoos and the piercings.

But whatever. I don't give a fuck.

I decide to take a break, and push open the fire door in back to go smoke in the alleyway. Sliding my trusty tin from my back pocket, I pull out a joint and spark up, the thick smoke drifting up towards the sky.

"Can I get in on that?"

Taylor's voice makes me jump, and I glance at her over my shoulder.

"Why the fuck would I give you any of my weed?"

"Because I don't think Mr McGee would be too happy finding out about his employee getting baked at work." She lifts one shoulder in a half shrug, flashing me a shit-eating grin and holding her fingers out for the joint.

I sigh, and hand it over, trying not to stare as her lips wrap around the end as she inhales deeply.

"That's some good shit."

"I've got a good hook up." I take the blunt back, tasting her lip balm on the paper as I put it back to my lips. Watermelon, nice.

"Thanks. Nice to know you approve." She smirks, and I realize I've just said that out loud. Serves me right for getting super high when I woke up this morning.

"Whatever." Nice come back, Jake. I shake my head in admonishment.


Since learning I had decent weed, Taylor greeting me every shift with a smile and her middle finger. Baby steps I guess.

We would sneak off together for smoking breaks, where we would silently pass a blunt back and forth. I'm sure Mr McGee knew exactly what we were doing in the alley, he had to it fucking reeked of weed out there. I don't know exactly the relationship between him and Taylor, but he never said a snarky word to her about being too leisurely after a break like he did to me.

It was finally Friday, and Drew and PJ had come home for the weekend, so we were going on a boys night out. Andy picks me up after my shift, his black Jeep still smelling freshly valeted after George's last party experience. I don't know how Andy had managed to drive it to the cleaners with all her puke in the footwell, it made me queasy just thinking about it. He also hadn't told George knowing she'd be mortified if she knew. It still warmed my heart to see how in love my best friends were.

"So, Drew's set on going to some strip club." Andy rolls his eyes.

"Yeah? I'm cool with whatever."

He drops me home so I can quickly change. George slips a wad of singles into Andy's pocket with a grin.

"Just remember not to ask for any champagne." She giggles, kissing Andy chastely on the mouth. He grabs her and pulls in back, deepening it.

"C'mon guys. I've told you about doing that shit in front of me." I complain good naturedly. George pulls away and rolls her eyes at me.

"Have fun guys. But not to much." She adds with a wink.

"My girlfriend is the fucking coolest." Andy smiles as we drive down to the club Drew had selected. "How many other girls would happily let their fella's go out to watch naked girls dance around?"

"It's only cuz she knows you'll be glued to your phone talking to her all fucking night as usual." He shoves my shoulder.

Drew and PJ are stood outside when we pull up, Drew practically bouncing with excitement.

"Dudes!" He hugs us both tightly, and PJ holds his hand out for a fist bump.

They had both gone to college's out of state, so we hadn't seen them since the end of summer, only meeting up online when we were playing Call of Duty. But seeing the two of them again it felt like we'd never been apart.

Drew leads the way into the club, under the neon snake sign, and we are met by a topless girl wearing a sparkly thong who shows us to our table.

Drew looks like a kid in candy store, his wide eyes trying to take in all the nudity around him. PJ, as usual, attracts most of the female attention, and soon disappears with a perky blonde for a private dance. Drew soon follows suit, a dark skinned girl leading him off by the hand with a grin.

Andy, as I predicted, was smiling down at his phone. I shake my head. He was a lost fucking cause.

The emcee announces the next girl to the main stage, and the lights dim, a spotlight on the red curtains at the back of the round stage.

The music starts up, and a long pale leg slowly pushes the heavy material aside, and a sexy girl seductively stalks out, walking towards the chrome pole in the center of the stage.

I frown as I take in the tattoos on her arms. They look really familiar. The waist length blonde hair moves away from her face, and I realize the half naked girl on stage is Taylor.

Her eyes meet mine, and they widen slightly. I see her gulp, before turning away from my table.

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