A Charmed Life

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Chapter nine

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The squeak of my sneakers caught their attention and they immediately stopped to inspect me.

I moved at a quicker pace in a somewhat delirious hope that I would be able to get to the end of the corridor and away from them before they spoke up...

"Hey, you must be new" one started "I'd remember seeing your face around." I closed my eyes and muttered a curse under my breath.

Halting myself, I slowly turned my body half way towards them, giving them some of my attention but also making sure I was still able to walk onwards if needed.

I took a quick moment to sweep a gaze over them; I concluded that they were all probably on some form of sports team, football or rugby, due to their sizing, I also noted that they were all different levels of attractive.

The best looking of the group was the one who had spoken up first; probably the leader, he had black as night hair in an almost army regulated close shave. It made his jawline seem even sharper. He had dark eyes that made me uncomfortable, and his overwhelming height and stature made me want to fall on the floor and slope away undetected.

Nobody said anything for a few moments. The leader scrunched his face up a little at being ignored.

"I said you must be new. Am I correct, or have you just be evading me your whole school life?" He snipped.

I did a short and awkward nod, something he wasn't impressed with.

"Are you nodding that you're new, or that you've been able to hide from me?" He could clearly see I was uneasy and I noticed he took slight pleasure in it. Yep, definitely not someone I want to spend any time with.

"I.. I'm n-new." I finally stumbled out. I involuntarily grabbed a hold of the zipper on my jacket for mild comfort.

"Ah she speaks" He jibes and his friends chuckle behind him.

"Think you can tell me your name?" He asks slowly, and very patronisingly. A small burst of anger shoots through me but I contain it. I'm good at blocking my emotions by now.


He steps a little closer to me and I ease back in response. Its not unnoticed, thankfully he stops moving and just tilts his head, glancing at me up and down.

"Well Alex, my names Martin but you can call me Marty, and it's an absolute pleasure to meet you. I do hope we see a lot more of each other." He smiles at me. It's supposed to be genuine and comforting... it's not.

"Okay." I answer and turn to walk away. I get to three steps when I light grip is placed on my shoulder. I'm slowly turned around.

"Well you're a bit rude aren't you Alex" Martin smirks. "Why don't you hang with us and get to know us better. What's the rush?"

"I'm m-meeting peo-people...for, for lu-lunch."

"That's adorable. Am I making you nervous?" He's still got his hand on my shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze, I twitch under his grip. Please just let go of me I silently pray.

Instead of letting go, he sweeps his hand until his whole arm is swung over my shoulder and tries to steer me towards the lockers his friends are leaning on, watching us with gleeful interest.

They shuffle around so my back is against the locker door and I'm surrounded by them. Martins arm is still wrapped around my shoulder and he starts to twiddle a piece of lose hair near the nape of my neck.

My breath is short and I'm counting in my head to try to slow my heart rate. They haven't done anything Alex, they're just being friendly. Nothing bad has even happened. Relax.

"Guys. Introductions."

The remaining three take turns stating their names, but I'm not even listening. I can just hear the blood in my ears.

When no more mouths are moving. I take a deep breath.

"Nice to-to meet y-you."

"So fcking cute." Martin whispers. His hand is now slowly trailing up and down my neck. Its excruciating.

"Ca-can I go now?" I ask.

"Why would you want to, you're new. You don't know anyone. We can help you. Be your... guides if you will. We'll have lots of fun." The rest laugh again but I twitch more noticeably under martins hand.

Before anything else can be said, footsteps are heard coming down the corridor.

"She must have gotten lost, it doesn't take this long, and she's never been great with directions." Someone chuckles. I know that laugh. It's Jamie. The breath that leaves me is one of relief.

As they close in on the five of us I realise I probably won't be seen with all these bulking lads hiding me. Oh no, they're going to walk right past me.

Making a split decision I duck out of Martins hold and peek around one of the guys arms. Thankfully I catch Jamie and Lucas' attention. They look confused, which soon turns to anger when they see the company I'm in.

"What the hell, Alex... what are you doing. Come here" Lucas demands. He's angry but his eyes aren't directed at me. He's staring at Martin.

I go to move when a now familiar hand grips me again. A little tighter than before and pulls me back under his arm. The hair twirling starts up again.

"Why so nasty Spencer, we were just getting to know Alex... why don't you let her decide who she wants to hang with."

It's obvious I want to go with Lucas and Jamie. So I make a move to get out from under him again. He's ready for it this time though and I can't move. His other arm wraps around my stomach and I'm pulled onto his front.

"You dick. Get off her. You knew she was moving to us!" Lucas moves forward to get me and martins three stooges stand in the way. I'm once again blocked from the twins sight.

"It's alright guys. Let him through" they part and Lucas moves to me and take my hand.

"You're going to have to get your ape arms from around her Matineee." Lucas sneers. It's not a nice look on his face and I'm overcome with fear of going to him as well. But in between a rock and a hard place. I chose the least likely to hurt me and try to walk away from Martin again.

He tightens his grip for just a moment. Then releases me, he's taunting Lucas now.

"No worries, go have your lunch. I'll be seeing you around Alex, and I look forward to it." I didn't turn around.

"No. Dickwad. You'll be staying away from her." Jamie pipes up. He grabs my other hand and with a final glare at the four guys they turn me away and walk away.

"We'll see" Martin laughs as we turn the corner.

"What the hell Alex? Why were you even talking to that psycho?! You need to stay as far away as possible from him. He's major bad news." Lucas rants. His grip on me tightens with his growing anger and I try to shake them both from my hands.

They're in worlds of their own and don't notice my discomfort.

"Honestly Alex. He's a total loon. Sure he's a decent rugby player but that's where the positives about him stop. He's crazy. He's had smoke blown up his ass his whole life and it's filled his head with the notion that he owns this school and everyone in it." Jamie informs me.

We make it to the canteen and many heads turn when the three of us walk in, hand in hand... in hand. I'm super uncomfortable and once again try to tug out of their grip. This time they notice and let go simultaneously.

"Jay. Take her to the table I'll get some food. Although my appetite has completely gone" Lucas grumbles walking toward the queue for food.

I follow Jamie to a table that sits Sam looking at us inquiringly, and Matt and Ollie who are discussing something together. There weren't any other girls on the table and I wondered why they'd want me cramping their style while they ate dinner.

Jamie sits down and nodded to the seat at the side of him. As I sat down another body came to other side of me. I was sandwiched between the twins now as Lucas slid a plate a curly fries and a milkshake at me. He didn't have anything.

I moved the tray in-between us both, silently demanding he eat with me.

"Well we don't have much time left anyways. So I didn't think getting loads of food made any sense" He was still sulking.

"It wasn't my fault." I whispered to him. I didn't want him angry at me.

Lucas' eyes shot open in surprise "I'm not blaming you Alleycat, I just... I hate that guy."

"Will someone explain what's going on?" Sam finally asked.

Jamie explained what he knew and even Sams eyes scrunched in disgust at the mention of Martin.

"Guess that trouble came along after all" he said to me.
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