A Charmed Life

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Chapter twelve

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I'm quiet during breakfast the next morning, after waking from my nightmare in the early hours it was too difficult for me to get back to sleep.

"You alright Alex? You look a little tired." Nathan asks me from across the table, we haven't spoken much and he seems to be as quiet as his brother Sam, so it's a nice gesture that he notices my silence and cares enough to ask about it.

"I'm fine." I say and force a tight smile that I know isn't convincing him at all, thankfully he doesn't press the issue and goes back to his food, but keeps glancing at me worriedly.

I pick at my plate until Aiden ushers us all out to the cars, looking out the window I know today's going to be a bad one. Sometimes the nightmares don't effect me as much; sometimes they ruin my entire day and I can barely find the strength to get out of bed.

Keeping up some kind of a pretence is the force I needed this morning but it seems to have zapped the only bit of energy I had.

It's mid morning and I've now been awarded with a migraine, I'm digging my fingers into my forehead to try to alleviate the sharpness, and I'm not even bothering to listen to my teacher.

I didn't know anyone in the class and when the bell rings for break I slowly trail out with the rest pinching the bridge of my nose as I leave through the door.

"Alex, what's wrong?" This time it's Jamie; he's standing on the other side of the corridor waiting for me.

"Headache." I mumble and start walking towards the canteen not even checking if he's following me.

"Well once you've eaten I've got painkillers you can take." He gently grabs onto my elbow but I quickly flinch out of his grip and hiss out a "don't"

"Sorry..." I take a quick peak at his expression to make sure he's not fuming "tired" I explain.

"No that's fine, how about we ditch the canteen and eat outside, just the two of us it'll be quieter, I'll quickly text Lucas so he knows." He doesn't wait for me to agree just leads the way typing on his phone.

We step outside and move towards a thick tree stump. There's a few students out here but not too many so I'm eternally grateful to Jamie.

He passes me an apple, a chocolate bar and some tablets.

"Eat first" he demands and does the same with his chips.

We don't talk as I eat and then take two tablets with the water he passes me, closing my eyes I lean back on the tree and let the heat of the sun soothe me until I start to feel the headache ebbing away slowly.

The next few lessons go by a lot smoother and I can talk to my new friends from yesterday with ease; I'm still tired but the food and painkillers helped and I knew at lunch I would be able to say thank you to Jamie.

"You're welcome, I can get pretty painful headaches and it makes me want to lock myself in a dark room and never come out so I know what they can be like" Jamie say kindly after I sincerely thank him during lunch; I'm once again sandwiched between the twins but they've made a conscious efforts not to touch me and I wonder if Jamie mentioned my outburst when he had my elbow earlier to Lucas.

"Well, thanks... again" I say quietly, my appetite is better than breakfast and we were able to eat a proper lunch today as I wasn't late to it. I hadn't seen Martin and his posse once today which can only be a good thing.

I had English with Aiden last period again and Cameron had saved me a seat; I don't actually think anyone would sit with him anyway so maybe save is the wrong word.

I'm listening to Aiden go through all the different texts we'll be discussing, his voice is soothing and beautiful for lack of a better word, it could easily put you to sleep...

"Alex!" I shoot up from my desk and look around wildly, my heart beating rapidly. The students chuckle at me and I realise I'd fallen asleep in Aidens class. My hands shake slightly from the adrenaline; Derek and Stephen used to wake me suddenly throughout the night for various torturous reasons.

I can see Cameron look to my hands then back to my face, his eyebrows furrow but I don't give him my attention; Aiden is in front of me.

"Sorry, did I startle you" He's trying not to smirk, I can see the struggle.

"I-I'm so- so sorry Mr Spe-spencer" I stutter out trying to even out my breathing. You're okay, you're not going to be hurt. They're not here, don't have a panic attack at school.

"Class, there's only five minutes left, don't get used to it but you can all get going now. You wait here though Alex. We'll go through the class again while you're awake."

Aiden walks back to his desk and leans on it saying goodbye to the students that walk out.

Cameron looks up at me as I'm still standing frozen "I must be rubbing off on you; I fall asleep in one class, you in another, we’re like two peas in a pod aren't we." He laughs, his smile is wide and makes little crinkles near his eyes, if I were braver I would suggest he smile more often, he has a gorgeous face, but it becomes even more lovely when he smiles.

I don't say that of course, I just breathe out and then give him a half smile. "See you tomorrow." I say in a low voice and watch him walk out of the classroom leaving just me and Aiden.

I watch him lean off the table and walk towards the door closing it. In my mind I hear the click of a lock.

"You're no-not allowed to-to lock doors." my heart rate jumps again and the shake in my hands returns. He is going to hurt me.

"I didn't lock anything, what are you talking about? Alex? Hey... hey calm down." He's right in front of me and I'm not listening to his words. I'm not looking at his worried face.

I'm looking into the face of Stephen on his first day when he gave me my first detention.

Like a bat out of hell I'm in the corner of the room and trying to push myself further into the wall. My hands go up to the sides of my face, covering my ears and I start repeating that I'm sorry.

Warm hands touch mine over my cheeks and I swiftly look up; Aiden looks shocked and speechless.

I look into his sea green eyes and start counting in my head. He doesn't say anything; just let's me stare at him until I've calmed down. Instead of fear creeping inside me, utter embarrassment has replaced it.

How am I supposed to explain this..?
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