A Charmed Life

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Chapter fifteen

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The rest of the week seemed to go by quickly; my days were filled with spending time with my new friends at school and then spending the evenings with my new family at home.

It was during Friday lunch that the conversation about a party at some guy called Declan was brought up. I vaguely recalled Carla and Nathan arguing about this last weekend but I hadn't heard any more mention of it until now.

"You're going to come with us right Alex? Mom and Dad are at some function thing for work and are dragging Carla and Nath with them. Not that it would have made any difference, like we'd let those two come to a seniors party, and I'm pretty sure Kelly's home for the weekend so Aiden will be MIA for a few days." Jamie sat across from me looking expectantly.

I'd never been to a house party before, I'd never been invited to one for that matter; not having any friends usually kept you out of social gatherings, I wasn't sure what to expect or whether I should even bother going; I didn't like alcohol or the effects it had on people, I didn't like crowds... what were the pros to these events?

"Erm.. I m-might sit this one out. I c-could stay home alone." All they guys were staring at me.

Ollie snorted "This is your first party at a new school, you have to go, it's like the law... besides what else is there to do on a Friday night? We'll make sure you have a good time and that you're with us all night. Especially since that freak Martin keeps bothering you."

Martin hadn't spoken to me since our first meeting but he has been looking over at us on numerous occasions and smirking, he made me uncomfortable but I knew as long as I stayed away from him and stuck with the Spencer's I'd be alright.

"I guess I'll go then." Cheers from the table had me hiding a blush and a smile.

"It's going to be great. Declan's house is massive, it's the best house by far for parties...." and they continued telling me about previous parties they'd been to there and how fun they were.

While I was in my last lesson of Biology, both Kim and Anna also asked me if I was going to tonight's party, I could see Cameron at the side of me tilt his head to listen in subtly.

"Yeah, the guys persuaded me, Will you guys be there?" I mentally crossed my fingers.

"Yeah we always go to Declan's; he throws the best party's, what are you wearing?" Anna asked excitedly.

"I don't know... this?, or something similar?" I looked down at my jeans and hoodie combo... what else would I wear.

Both girls burst out laughing and I could even see Cameron's mouth lift up even though he wasn't apart of the conversation.

"You're hilarious babe, did you want to get ready with us? We can totally drive you to the party as well?" Kim asked nicely.

I wasn't sure if I was allowed to go to other people's houses without one of the Spencer's. Or whether I needed permission off Karl or Sandra first.

"Can I check in at home first and get back to you. I don't know what the plan is tonight yet."

"Sure thing. Text us when you get home and we can swing round and get you. Make sure you have a few options for outfits - no hoodies though" Anna smirked jokingly.

Sandra had gifted me with a phone a few days ago saying every teenager needed one, and that if I ever needed to get into contact with her or anyone else then I had a way to now. I'd spent hours on my new gadget barely able to stutter out my thanks of gratitude.

I had all the Spencer's numbers, Ollie and Matt had also put their numbers in. Kim, Anna, Kyle and Georgie too.

While we'd been discussing contact information the other day, Cameron had waited until everyone had gotten to work before nudging me;

"Aren't you going to ask for my number?" He grinned at my red face, I still couldn't see this badass guy that everyone was afraid of.

"So-sorry, I didn't th-think you'd want to g-give it me." I handed him my new phone and he entered his digits while making sure Rogers wasn't looking before giving it me back.

"You better use that as well. I don't just give my number out to anyone Nerdy, you should feel privileged."

"Oh I am, thank you." I state honestly causing him to start laughing.

"You're something else Alex." Shaking his head and chuckling, Kim and Anna look over in awe once again that I'm talking and even more, laughing with the unapproachable Cameron Fitzgerald.

I pull myself from memory lane and continue with my work before talks of parties interrupted me.

"Nerdys going to a house party huh?" Cameron had me looking up from my task, "I definitely need to see this."

"I'm not a nerd." I give him a small smile "so you're going tonight?"

"I am now." He didn't say anymore, just got back to his own workbook, and I followed suit.


"Oh I think getting ready with the girls is a wonderful idea honey," Sandra beamed "Are they picking you up? Do you need a ride to their house and then to the party? Oh your first party I'm so excited." She was practically jumping up and down with excitement.

"No they can ge-get me from here and take me with t-them, thanks Sandra."

I quickly text the girls that I'll get ready with them to which they reply they'd be round in an hour or so. Enough time for me to shower and get a bag ready... it was after I'd washed that I stood at my wardrobe wondering what I was supposed to wear if no hoodies were allowed.

I opened my bedroom door intent on finding Carla for help when she popped up as if by magic.

"I figured you might need a little help, stand back, professionals at work." She laughed light heartedly before walking towards my clothes, me trailing after her like a lost puppy.

I was packed and ready to go with a number of options by the time Kim and Anna text that they were outside. Saying goodbye to Sandra I got a few worried words of wisdom.

"You'll make sure to stay with the boys or your friends at all times won't you. Don't let anyone hold your drink, or make your drink unless you're with them the whole time - don't drink alcohol, but if you do - because I'm not stupid - don't drink a lot and go to the toilet in twos. Most of all... have a good time, you deserve it." She went to hug me but then hesitated upon remembering my aversion to being touched.

In an act that shocked us both I tentatively closed the gap between us and put my arms around her, allowing her to wrap her arms around me and pull me even closer. It was strange; I hadn't been touched by a mother figure for years.

Pulling back I gave her an awkward smile and said I'd text her as soon as I arrived at the girls house and when I got to the party and any other time she wanted a text from me.

"Have a good night as well." I said before leaving the house and jumping in the back of Kim's car.
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